Of Hope and Action

Early writing, circa 1995, not originally titled

(found in a box of old papers and photos, 8/20/2015)

Scott's Cove, MD
Scott’s Cove, MD

Imagine an one-lush green world falling in around its inhabitants, an ecological payback on a grand scale, if you will. Some say that we have already lost the race, that we have raped the land and it cannot be undone. For those of us that believe that the future is something which must be planned for regardless of the present, no matter how apparently bleak and unyielding a picture has been painted, there is hope.

There must always be hope.

Without hope, we might as well crawl under rock and wait to die. The first step the only step, is to develop a long-range plan which encourages big business as well as the individual to do his or her part in following through with a master plan. Given the chance to make a difference, people will make the effort But the vision, the plan, is up to all to contribute to and implement as we are able.

Action is always better than inaction.

Better that we try something now, then wit until all the pieces fall into place and everything is know. As long as we are alive, we will never know everything. It is the delay of action that will invariably spell disaster.

Let’s find a way–and do it!


Daily Tarot Reading for 10 June 2014


Today, your love life is characterized by encounters and by relationships!

The Magician, The World, Dath
June 10, 2014 Tarot Spread

The World and the Magician will conjure up some new faces for you, and who knows, some of them might become new friends. Have lunch with old friends, go out to supper with new ones, dance away the night–you could have a full schedule today. Decide for yourself whether you want to be whisked away by this whirlwind.

In your career, the World and the card of Death are likely to breathe new life into you. It’s as if your wingspan was suddenly expanding. Concretely, you might go for a trip abroad. You may get an unexpected and very tempting proposal which will quench your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity for new things. If this happens, do not procrastinate, go for it and you won’t regret it.

Courtesy of astrocenter.com

My Interpretation

You’d think that when the Death card comes up in a reading, horrible things are about to happen, especially since it’s in the career slot…and you would usually be wrong. Key 1 The Magician in the relationship slot might mean any number of things, but can almost always portend a new outlook even on a current one. Now, put Key 21 The World in the midst of these two…heaven and earth are conspiring to make great things happen in both arenas!

Not sure if there is/will be a new relationship to highlight, but things have really started to heat up on the career front. Thursday I have an in-person interview…wish me well!

Sparkle – knowthesphere

Know the Sphere examines “Sparkle”

So the unwanting soul sees what’s hidden, and the ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants. ~ Lao Tzu

Some of us brave the world, others hide. Some get by with little effort, while their neighbors struggle to live. Despite this struggle…People affect the changes they wish to see in the world, yet they cannot affect a change within; in the delicate spaces where it should begin.. In the space where struggle may forever be abolished.

This sphere is bold. It is the desire of the mind, without consent from the heart. It is why the world is a place of material wealth instead of soul. It is born in the glimmer of a diamond, and rests in the hand of a thief.

These are the truths of living as imparted by social contract. We are born into these various contracts without consent, without knowledge of them. Yet we abide. And though we do abide them, we go along with them, we accept them… why do we allow struggle? Why do we shun the spirit in the face of the material world? Why do we live for the harvest, but have no time to learn of its planting?These questions beg an answer from all souls.. Shall we remain sheep, corralled in the fence by the shepherd of the world? Or shall we break the gate…

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Postponing 2012 Announcement (humor)

The End of the World…NOT…

It’s 12/12/2012 and 12/21 is just around the corner. Due to circumstances beyond our control…2012 has been delayed until 3012.

Delaying 2012 till 3012
Delaying 2012 till 3012

Please cooperate and continue living from Spirit…until then, KEEP SMILING…

Stay tuned for further developments!

Riding tigers on redrawn maps

NOTE: Reminds of a dark, but funny, skit on Monty Python where the stoic British officer wakes up to find one of his legs bitten off by a tiger…ROFL…you would have to know their humor to get it!?!

An electric journal of a castaway

My eyes are adapting to the darkness, or so I’ve been telling myself.  Out of my own peculiar placement of priorities only one of my four kaza lights is working.  I learned to walk from the lodge, open my door, make coffee, pee, brush my teeth and I’ve almost mastered shaving in pure black darkness.

Living rural is pretty much the same.  You adapt.  The process of adaption is not easy but the end result is.  You scalp yourself and grow sea legs, sun skin, dedication and a guard for loneliness.  I got so used to this style of living that it became normality, a real and pretty slice of life.  The sun is my light, the sea my grocery store and the lagoon my bath.

I managed to get a reason to travel three hundred kilometers to Pemba in working hours the end of the month, and I’ll be staying a few days.  It will…

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