May Day and Beltane – Return to Nature

German May Pole specifically calls to mind this heritage. The old teach the young about the strength of unity and the need to have customs. In our overly mechanized and increasingly sterile world, we have lost touch with the land, with the fertility engendered with springtime rituals of old, and ultimately our connection with nature itself.


Another Year, Another Anniversary!

Eight years...time does fly! Another year of blogging, a month went by so fast I forgot to post at all...same on me. I have a lot to say, so I guess I better get on it and start posting more often. Thanks to those of you who follow me for being patient!

Freedom…at the Beginning

In this year of elections, remember that over the last 240 years and counting, We the People of these United States must remain united in every sense of those words...regardless of what the Framers had meant by citizen in their time. They wrote a document that was designed to be embraced by all of its citizens, as an enduring message of hope, peace and tranquility for us to carry forth into all the generations to come.