Gratitude and Clarity

We must each take a moment to find something in our lives to be grateful for…the sun always shines behind the darkest of clouds.


We must each take a moment to find something in our lives to be grateful for…the sun always shines behind the darkest of clouds.

Gratitude-ClarityGratitude is a matter of Personal Clarity and Empowerment

Indeed, the sun is always shining, period. The illusion that the sun “sets” behind the earth is an old earth-centric myth that was long ago clarified when no one fell off of it when sailing to the horizon. No dragons lurk beyond the furthest reaches of our vision; we limit our imaginations by believing in these myths. The sun never sets; it is just from our point-of-view of the sun that ever-shines on this small world we call home. Even in the darkest nights, it illuminates the earth.

What do you choose to believe?

It is important to realize that you create your own reality based on the beliefs that you hold…good or “bad”…happy or sad. If you spend your time filling your thoughts with what other people believe, you will enter their reality and believe what they do. We are, each one of us, being called to be a more active participant in creating, co-creating, a better version of this collective reality.

Is it any wonder that what we believe is amplifying our experience of the world?

You must be clear about these beliefs, which are yours…and which are not yours. This is the meaning of “personal clarity”. You empower yourself to the degree that you can stay in gratitude, love and joy…about how the Universe is showing up for you.

So, empowerment…taking back your power to create your own reality and personal clarity about that reality…are the direct results of gratitude.

Guilty Pleasure – Online Games

No Apology Needed for Playing Games Online

Is it bad to play games? We did it as children without apologizing; in fact, we were not only encouraged, but it’s well-known that engaging in physical and mental activities as kids is a necessary part of increasing our ability to learn and grow.

So, why not as adults? Whether it’s Worlds of Warcraft (WoW) or simple “mindless” games on Facebook, I give you permission, as I take it for myself, to play online. I believe that, just like kids, are minds need diversions from the routine of work and duties to continue learning and growing.

Like everything else, we need to temper play with responsibility and not let it become the new routine that consumes endless hours. It’s all about balance; and, if I feel guilty about playing online games, it’s that. It is too easy to play a game rather than write, or organize my publishing business or even network with others in the field. Too easy to fall into the imbalance of not taking care of things that make up our “offline” life!

Guilty pleasure? Maybe…but I make no apologies for whatever I choose to do, nor do I ask permission. Chime in if you have your own “confession” to make.

No Apologies

The Daily Post

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

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Opportunities for Forward Progress –

Despite a fairly favorable 72-hour time-span — offering humanity a lot of opportunities for forward progress during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just past — the last 48 hours of this month seem more stormy than calm. The Moon in Libra square to Venus in Capricorn (3:15AM) equates with a rise in emotional turmoil, and this 90-degree face-off is given extra intensity as it starts a void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 8:04PM.

During this 16+ hour lunar limbo time-span, moody behavior may be more rampant than usual as Juno in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio (5:25AM) while Mars forms a contra-parallel with Chiron (7:34AM). The Juno-Saturn clash is hard to sugar coat as it suggests a rise in temporary rude behavior — possibly affecting lovers as well as business associates and partners. The Mars-Chiron interaction is another forceful challenge that can heighten dis-empowerment — especially emotionally and mentally — in key relationships across the board.

One saving grace — happening several hours later — is an inspirational, 72-degree tie from the Sun to Mars (1:26PM). However, this lone, favorable aspect doesn’t have the gravitas to counteract the three discordant aspects already spreading discontent like a virus. A type of panacea arrives tonight when the Moon ceases to be void as it enters intense Scorpio (8:04PM) for the next 2+ days.

Watch your dreams overnight for clues about the future as the Moon trines Neptune in water signs at 12:40AM tomorrow. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]
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Satellite likely incinerated as it returned to Earth

The satellite ran out of fuel Oct. 21 and had been steadily losing altitude since, tugged by Earth\’s gravity.

The 1.2-ton GOCE satellite is small in comparison to other spacecraft that recently crashed back into the atmosphere.

In January 2012, Russia\’s failed 14-ton Phobos-Grunt Mars probe returned. In 2011, NASA\’s 6.5-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite and Germany\’s 2.4-ton X-ray ROSAT telescope re-entered the atmosphere.

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Caught in the Act (of Reading): Edwin Turner, Master Book Thief

Luv the title and concept…to be a good writer, you need to read, a lot!

The Blog

Book lovers, lock your libraries: a voracious reader is among us. We recently chatted with Edwin Turner, the mastermind behind Biblioklept, a popular literary blog dedicated to books, art, and the ways in which the two shape our world. Join us for a conversation with Ed about blogging, literature, and finding a sense of community through the solitary act of writing.

Why did you start Biblioklept?

In September of 2006 two friends suggested I start a blog. I thought the idea of blogging was kind of silly, but I started Biblioklept as a blog after doing some basic research into the various platforms out there. Then I started writing. And then I became addicted.

How did you come up with the intriguing name?

I think it was just there, waiting for me. Like a lot of people who read, I keep lists of words — I mean…

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What Is Possible For You As A Healer?

Lies and deception will keep telling what is not possible for your life. Believing this separation energy holds you back.

As a healer, we have the responsibility to see through it all. Know that the Universal Truth is that whatever you truly desire, you can manifest.

“But it is impossible…” has been said in countless situations throughout history (and in our own lives) only to be disproved again and again.

Examples include:

A person who ran a mile in 4 minutes. Many people did it immediately after the first person cleared the collective belief for all.

The invention of the 8-cycle engine

The invention of the light bulb

The launch of the Internet

Going to the moon within 10 years

And other countless examples.

When there is CLEAR RESOLVE and TRUE DESIRE for something to manifest, you become invincible, allowing it to happen for you and bringing Infinite Blessings to others currently stuck with similar beliefs.

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Another quickie update to my life post!

I know…I’ve been REALLY slacking on the original post front and this one is not going to make up for all those missed opportunities to connect with my followers.

That said, here’s my quickie update:

1. Moving…yes, I’m moving soon. Lease here in Rockville runs out on June 15th and I’ll be moving about 20 miles east to Laurel. Coincidentally, it’s almost the same mileage to work (25-ish) and probably about the same time…though a more direct route that does not have me taking a scenic tour of our great nation’s monuments (I can see the Capitol dome from my desk).

2. Writing…always and in many forms. In addition to writing web content at work, I come home and write for my screenwriting class. Needless-to-say, I’m about a week behind in my homework, but moving is task #1.

3. Relationship…starting a new one. More about that as things (hopefully) develop further. So far, I’m liking it much better than any I’ve had in over a year!

4. Spiritual practice…the last class before our summer break is Saturday. Not ideal, as I need more time to pack…but…this is too important to skip.

I’m sure there is much more I could say about all the above, obviously time is a huge factor. Figured, if I made this a “quickie”, I’d thrash it out in a few paragraphs, hit PUBLISH, and pat myself on the back.

Special thanks to the couple of bloggers who I reblog…providing most of my regular content! Peace and more soon…promise!