Author Page: Debra E. Brady

I’ve been exploring metaphysics, spirituality and philosophy for most my adult life. I’ve also taken advantage of the myriad sources and availability of materials from many cultures and societies, made even simpler with the advent of the World Wide Web. I feel blessed to have been raised in a family where explorations into other religions and their practices were allowed.

My inspiration

Originally baptized a Roman Catholic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I moved with my family to upstate New York. By the tender age of 10, I was instrumental in leading them to leave the Catholic church to join a Lutheran Church. From early college  until my fortieth year, I considered myself to be agnostic. I continued to search for answers beyond my previous religious education and found several books that guided me toward investigation in the non-physical.

The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, as well as many other writers, intrigued me with what may lie beyond the realm of the five senses. They often created even more questions than answers. With the barriers to greater knowledge becoming ever more available, I learned about many things that provide a glimpse of things unseen and difficult to know.


In the summer of my fortieth year, I began studying energy work; by the end of that year, I’d accepted my ordination as a metaphysical minister in the Order of Melchizedek by Dan Chesbro. I enhanced my studies of spirituality and metaphysics through the United Metaphysical Churches of America in Roanoke, Virginia. I’ve also given messages and “sermons” at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel (Virginia), where I led adult study classes on a variety of esoteric topics.

Where I am now

As a mystic and intuitive reader, I provide insight to others seeking information that is often buried just beneath the surface of the psyche. As a “healer”, I assists myself and others in overcoming physical, emotional and spiritual points of resistance. I’m quick to point out that no one can truly heal another; one can only heal oneself, though it can help to have another to support us in the healing process.

Psychic portraits, consultations, writing, and my continuing spiritual education, including the Eastern mystical traditions of the Kabbalah, keep me busy and involved in metaphysics. I started an online group, One with Spirit Meta-Journal Forum, has been going strong since early 2002. As a professional writer, editor and technical trainer, my work bridges the scientific and analytical worlds of non-fiction with a mystical infusion of spirituality and metaphysics. Currently, I live and work in the Metropolitan DC area.

Projects and Publications

Published, “Lost & Found: Finding the Lost “I AM” within You, is now available in print or eBook formats through Amazon or CreateSpace. I’m working on a couple of fun project for myself and others, which I will be publishing under my own small press, MetaRead360…stay tuned for more information.

3 thoughts on “Author Page: Debra E. Brady

  1. Hi Debra~~ So, I had to stop by and read some articles… you have a really great array of information! I’ll “follow” and stay on top of your articles. Thanks!

    Blessings to you on your path! …M

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