About deWriter

Pic of blogger, Debi Brady

When I first started this blog a couple years ago, I realized with all those posting over the Web, but didn’t have a real ‘home’ for them that I could control. I’ve been an early-adopter of social media, first on LinkedIn (2005), then IT Toolbox, next was Facebook…which I joined in 2008, and THEN, I started with Twitter! Finally, putting the pieces together and establishing my own blog, here on WordPress.

Now, I’m publishing my own book under a new small press that I’m starting soon, MetaRead360. This blog will track my publishing and marketing stories…as well as those authors and other peers who will be¬†contributing.

After being an official ‘geek-gal’ involved with computers since high school…and that was WAY before PC’s, I’m here to tell you! So, I don’t just jump on any old passing bandwagon and resisted FB and the like for quite awhile before a friend convinced me to give it a try. Since then, I’ve acquired more friends…and not just virtual ones…than I had in the previous ten. In six-plus weeks on Twitter, my network and contacts…personal and professional…skyrocketed. It’s really amazing to me, but I can understand that there are still a few of my techie friends who poo-poo this as an annoyance and/or aberration. Of course, that’s possible, but…the numbers speak for themselves…

I’ll continue filling you in on my journey over the next few months, but for now…it just keeps getting more interesting!

2 thoughts on “About deWriter

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Your journey inspires and uplifts. look forward to knowing more. Howard

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