Life in Transition

In a word, balance!

It Started with a Quote

Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two. Octavio Paz

The child and parent.

The student and teacher.

The reader and writer.

Back and forth.

Within and without.

Moving from one to the other.

Life in transition.

And Paz said wisdom is in the dialectic between the two.

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No Small Parts – Just Small Minds

No Small Parts – Just Small Minds
No Small Parts – Just Small Minds
We all have our roles to play, parts in the drama of dualistic life on Earth. As children, we dream big, imaging anything and everything that we can think of—it’s all possible. Until, of course, we tell someone—some adult or older child about our dreams.

It’s not that they are “wrong” – they had the same dreams themselves; they also “grew up” and realized that the world put limitations on what was possible. And, to the extent we believe in those limitations they are true. In truth, it is our own minds that create our limitations, downsizing our dreams of what is possible.
In this way, smallness is perpetuated once formed, it’s hard to increase the size of our dreams. Baby elephants in a circus are trained to know their limitations of movement by being stalked to a fixed point. But the time they’re big enough to pull the puny stake from the ground and escape, they do not even try.
Our minds—or rather the thought that our minds have—hold us captive. Small-mindedness captivates humanity, keeping it from fully-embracing our greatness and divine potential. We are actually scared to admit—to ourselves—just how powerful we are.
But, there are no small parts in life to play. Each of us came here, to fulfill our divine purpose. We are the ones who assign smallness—lesser authority, power or prestige—to the parts. Whether your part is to literally pick after someone else, say as a housekeeper or garbage man, this is an important component to keeping our environment clean and livable. Or, perhaps you feel your part of this life puzzle is merely a cog in the wheel for a business and a seemingly pointless pursuit, be assured that this too is important. On this mundane level, it is often hard to see the point of the work you perform in exchange for money.
In the outer world of work…or doing, being can sometimes get lost. Being requires that you be awake, aware and alive to the greater possibilities that nothing…no thing…that you do could be done without your participation. This participation in life is more than the sum total of all that doing that occupies most of your physical existence. All the great spiritual masters have told you this, but few belief it as true for themselves.
So, the first step in truly being is in this belief, belief in yourself as a powerful being who is here in the physical to make a difference. Believe this and a whole new level of understanding will be yours. Doubt it, as most do, and you will remain asleep to your higher calling, your greatest potential!

Post #300 — Too Good to be True

Perfection is worth seeking, that said…

Seeking Perfection as a Guide

They also say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It’s not that perfection is a bad think, not at all, it’s just that in the wake of the idea of perfection, everything else seems…not quite as good. Whenever we have given ourselves permission to make perfection our goal, we…as human beings…have taken a giant step backwards into the abyss of complacency. It is during such times that we have not only failed ourselves, but all of the growth of the Oneness of consciousness that is our birthright.

Recently, I fell into that trap and quickly found myself hip-deep in the quagmire of illusion. For, it is an illusion to think that perfection is, or even should be, achieved. The fall from that illusion was a hard one, but entirely necessary. I am grateful that my path sees fit to loosen me from the temporary grip of this illusion, even as I look back and admire that trap for what it was. The trap of perfection can be difficult to get free from, since from within its embrace, all looks…perfect. Friends and confidants can try to free you, but one can only free oneself through the voluntary awakening that is always provided when one is on the spiritual path.

The Red Pill

The difficulty remains and a wise observer will need to stay vigilant, will always need to heed the voices of those one has placed faith in, and most importantly, learn the lessons that will always become apparent once freed. It is the red pill. It is the opening of ones eyes to the truth. It will be jarring and there may be a period of uncertainty, even self-doubt. But, that too shall pass.

So, use perfection as your guide in life…not as your goal for your life. It really is better to have an idea of perfection than to settle for imperfection. But, as a guide, this idea can have a sense of fluidity…expansiveness. As a goal, once you believe you have reached it, you will become complacent and stop the striving that is intrinsic to the human physical experience.

There is a delicate balance to be maintained here; one that will take every molecule of your being for the rest of your life. Rather, be bold and nothing can or will stand in your way of being the perfect you!

Caution: Foggy Days and Nights!

Winter…or not…can bring in the chills

A good friend reminded me that, although she enjoyed my reblogs plenty, she really would like to see more of my own writing! I’d have to agree with her, yes, I’ve been slacking of late. I can no longer blame a respite from my marathon of writing during November…it’s now January. And, another blogger pointed out, January was named for Janus, the two-faced god. Chills aplenty have greeted most of the northern hemisphere during this mid-winter season. Buckle in, there’s more…much more…where that came from and Groundhog’s Day is still weeks away!

Of fog and fogginess

Many of you may also be experiencing a different kind of “weather”…that is, the internal kind…which can blow with fierce winds on day, then fog over on others. Outside, the
“real” weather is truly foggy, but inside, it is too.

Mist over partial solar eclipse
Foggy day turned into night

Funny, but just a few days ago, that wasn’t true…I was flying high in the blue sky of someone else’s vision of me. As one friend warned, enjoy the fantasy. Yes, those blue skies are no more, the fog and mist has rolled in to surround not only my literal house, but my figurative one as well. Perhaps it’s a good thing, it gives you time to clean house and decide if those blue skies come with a price too high to pay. In my case, I believe the answer is yes.

Out of the fog and into clarity

The last three weeks have been wonderfully delicious and yet I still had the clarity of mind to ask questions, of myself and good friends. The answer to that probing wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, although nothing prepared me for the bank of fog that overcame me the last few days. The story is still unfolding as I write this, and for you, dear readers, I will expound upon that as the fog finally lifts and I become crystal clear inside.

Until then, just know this, I have always held to the notion that “too good to be true” is almost always the case. Perfection is a goal to be striven for and rarely attainable. I imagine that you’re sensing a mystery afoot, and that wouldn’t be far from the truth. But, as yet, too much is still in the midst of the murky fog for me to see it clearly myself. So, for now, I end this with the all-too-nebulous, stayed tuned for further developments.

Pay it Forward in 2013

I am participating in “Pay it Forward in 2013.” I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status.

Pay it forward in 2013 graphic
Pay it forward in 2013

***The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2013.

Water Clearing Meditation from Renee Baribeau

Free Download — The Water Clearing Meditation

Close your eyes

Visualize yourself at

your favorite beach

Listen to the soothing

guided meditation and relax

Meditation Cover

Thank you for taking 20 minutes out of your day to restore yourself to balance and harmony. With these ever changing tides, it is crucial to bring our presence, love and joy to everything we do.

“How we do anything, is how we do everything.”

Hope you enjoy this meditation, and I will look forward to sharing other simple tips soon.

Warmly, Renee Baribeau

The Practical Shaman

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Ocean Meditation from Tools for Awakening