Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost

We are each other's keepers. First a final conversation, in Spanish, between two beautiful souls. The English translation will follow... ¿Puedes sentir esto? "¿A dónde vamos, papá?" "¡A América, Niña!" "¿Y por qué, papá ?! ¿Por qué vamos a América? "Para una vida mejor, Baby Girl! ¡En un lugar mejor! ¡Donde te prometo que nunca volverás a … Continue reading Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost

Santorini and Ancient Memories

I use the term, past lives, as a kind of placeholder for a common experience that depends on our current interpretation of what it means to use in linear time. That is to say, there really is no past, nor do we die, but in the context of an individual human being's viewpoint, we can have experiences of living in times other that the current one.