How to See Your Aura in 4 Minutes

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To those who can see it, the human aura looks and feels like a glowing, egg-shaped light that surrounds the human body.

Cynthia's Aura Photo

It is most pronounced around the head and shoulders, but extends outward for several inches (and sometimes several feet) from our heads down to our toes. Even if you can’t see the waves of energy that are burning brightly all around us, enveloping and connecting us to everything on Earth and throughout this universe, you can certainly feel them. Good physical, mental, and emotional health appears in the form of large auras that are full of bright colors, clear tones, and active patterns. When you start viewing your aura, you will see how its size varies from hour to hour, and day to day. You’ll notice how your life feels more vibrant on days when your aura is brighter and more challenging on days when you aura si dimmer. You’ll get insights into any tendencies you might have toward depression, being accident-prone, or illness… or be able to see the locations of infection. Healthy auras are colorful and fre e of dark areas, tears, breaks, holes, asymmetries, and other similar problems.

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Cynthia Sue Larson Interviews Seán Ó Nualláin

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You can glean a sense of the excitement generated by continuing seminars and talks facilitated through Seán’s Foundations of Mind in this last sentence of it’s mission statement:

“We remain open to the idea that reality is an entangled nexus and that we cannot truly perceive without changing it. That has, of course, been accepted in physics since the 1930s; but the consequences may be quite different than you imagine. We invite you to our conferences and workshops to explore this.”

I’m deeply grateful to Seán for granting me this interview where he tells us about his NEW BOOK, One Magisterium, and new course on consciousness, Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind.

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SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Pt. 2

SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Part 2

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Part 1 of this article looked generally at the elements of search engine optimisation (SEO) and why it is so important for authors (or any web developer) to understand. In the second part of the article I will discuss some of the tools available to you that will improve your web page rankings.

Blog Themes

For the purpose of this article I will focus on the WordPress platform for blogging. This is the most commonly used and has an endless choice of themes and tools to improve the SEO of your website or blog.

Once you have installed WordPress you will begin by selecting a theme. The theme is essentially the format of your blog and is critical in defining how your web pages look to visitors as well as the choice of tools it provides behind the platform. Selecting the right theme by itself will not necessarily improve your SEO, but certain themes to have more SEO functions than others.

Some premium WordPress themes (these are the themes that you will have to pay for) have built in SEO capabilities and do much of the hard work for you. Most of these are available as plugin tools that can be activated behind the platform of any of the free themes. It may require some extra manual work on your part to make them efficient though. Spending a little additional time and money when setting up may reduce your time spent later managing your blog or web pages.


If the theme you choose doesn’t have any built in SEO capabilities such as access to the title tag or manual entry of the meta tags, you can always activate one of the hundreds of plugins available. Plugins are simple software programs that add functionality to your WordPress themes. There are several “all-in-one” SEO packs available that require a certain amount of manual work but they do work and are well worth the time you will spend optimising your pages.

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Another quickie update to my life post!

I know…I’ve been REALLY slacking on the original post front and this one is not going to make up for all those missed opportunities to connect with my followers.

That said, here’s my quickie update:

1. Moving…yes, I’m moving soon. Lease here in Rockville runs out on June 15th and I’ll be moving about 20 miles east to Laurel. Coincidentally, it’s almost the same mileage to work (25-ish) and probably about the same time…though a more direct route that does not have me taking a scenic tour of our great nation’s monuments (I can see the Capitol dome from my desk).

2. Writing…always and in many forms. In addition to writing web content at work, I come home and write for my screenwriting class. Needless-to-say, I’m about a week behind in my homework, but moving is task #1.

3. Relationship…starting a new one. More about that as things (hopefully) develop further. So far, I’m liking it much better than any I’ve had in over a year!

4. Spiritual practice…the last class before our summer break is Saturday. Not ideal, as I need more time to pack…but…this is too important to skip.

I’m sure there is much more I could say about all the above, obviously time is a huge factor. Figured, if I made this a “quickie”, I’d thrash it out in a few paragraphs, hit PUBLISH, and pat myself on the back.

Special thanks to the couple of bloggers who I reblog…providing most of my regular content! Peace and more soon…promise!

Host a WordCamp in Your Living Room with

I LOVE the idea…why leave the comfortable of your own office chair and computer?!?

The Blog

Do you find yourself looking for more resources on making the most of your blog? Maybe you’ve always thought about going to a WordCamp, but don’t have one in your area (have you checked?) or are worried that the topics will be over your head. Maybe you’re more of a visual or auditory learner, and our online tutorials and support documents aren’t the kind of help you need. Or maybe you blog in Spanish and are looking for WordPress resources in your native language.

Enter, a collection of presentations filmed at WordCamps and meetups all over the world. At WordCamps, WordPress community experts share their knowledge on everything from basic publishing to advanced customization and CSS. On you can search the recorded presentations, watch the videos, and even download the presentation slides.

Since WordCamps happen everywhere there are a range of languages available…

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