What Is Possible For You As A Healer?

Lies and deception will keep telling what is not possible for your life. Believing this separation energy holds you back.

As a healer, we have the responsibility to see through it all. Know that the Universal Truth is that whatever you truly desire, you can manifest.

“But it is impossible…” has been said in countless situations throughout history (and in our own lives) only to be disproved again and again.

Examples include:

A person who ran a mile in 4 minutes. Many people did it immediately after the first person cleared the collective belief for all.

The invention of the 8-cycle engine

The invention of the light bulb

The launch of the Internet

Going to the moon within 10 years

And other countless examples.

When there is CLEAR RESOLVE and TRUE DESIRE for something to manifest, you become invincible, allowing it to happen for you and bringing Infinite Blessings to others currently stuck with similar beliefs.

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Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

Prayers of the Cosmos

Meditations on the Aramaic words of Jesus

prayer over dove on chapel ceiling
Prayers of the Cosmos

The below translation of The Lord’s Prayer from Aramaic to English
is taken from the book, Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz.
There are several translations below each line of the prayer.

The Aramaic is in Bold letters and The King James V version is in parenthesis.

Excerpts from The Beatitudes follow The Lord’s Prayer.
There is so much more in this book than appears on this page.

…I took some of the lines and created my own, special prayer…

Prayers of the Cosmos

O Thou! The Breathing Life of all,
Creator of the Shimmering Sound that touches us.
Focus your light within us–make it useful:
as the rays of a beacon show the way.
Let your counsel rule our lives, clearing our intention for co-creation.
Create in me a divine cooperation–from many selves, one voice, one action.
Produce in us, for us, the possible: each only-human step toward home lit up.
Untangle the knots within so that we can mend our hearts’ simple ties to others.
Don’t let us enter forgetfulness, the temptation of false appearances.
Out of you, the astonishing fire, the birthing glory,
returning light and sound to the cosmos…
Again and again, from each universal gathering–of creatures,
nations, planets, time, and space–to the next.
Truly–power to these statements–may they be the ground from which all
my actions grow:
Sealed in trust and faith.

Get Out of the Way of People Traveling the “Highway to Hell”

Inspirational Article by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Whenever someone rushes or pushes his way by you, and you can see that he is on the “highway to hell,” don’t waste a single moment of your journey looking down the road that he is on, or wondering what he will find there.

Prayer...it's what you need!

The Lost Secrets of Prayer

Lights to Help Brighten Your Journey Home

Dare to put aside all relationships other than those which serve to reveal what is essential to your real desire. Then, and only then, will what you want from this world be the same as wanting that essential relationship for which you have been created and to which you are called…

  • Moment by moment, every human being on earth is creating what every other human being is inheriting.
  • If you’ll just remember that Real Intelligence cannot get anxious, then when you’re anxiously looking around for an intelligent action, you’ll know the wise thing to do is to drop that stupidity.
  • The compulsion to teach someone else his or her lesson in life is the same as having refused your own.
  • See that there is no pleasure in compulsion, only the promise of release from the dark desire that drives it along… and that state is hell itself.
  • Anger cannot thrive without an object or person to blame for its presence, but if you begin to understand that your anger towards others can’t take place without you first having misperceived either that person’s nature — or the nature of your relationship with them — then you would stop looking in the direction your anger says is its cause, and start seeing that the problem really lies in the shallowness of your present self-understanding. This reversal of where you place your attention is the seed of a new struggle whose gradually ripening fruit is freedom from all negative states.
  • If you’ve never felt quietly ashamed of yourself in a moment of knowing that you’ve just made the world a worse place, then you’ve not yet begun your spiritual work.
  • It isn’t that you need to expand the world you live in: you need to be released from the one you’re in!
  • What very few see is that life lives itself — and you must be more than life if you want to Live.

Denying the day-to-day evidence of your existence doesn’t change its fact: emptiness speaks louder than insistence. So based upon your discoveries, re-establish your priorities. Nothing is more valuable than the personal inner work you do to realize that one great relationship called God.

This article is excerpted from The Lost Secrets of Prayer (pages 171-206).

Take the Interior Path to the Fearless Life

Excerpt from an article by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: The moment you see that the only thing you really fear in this life is what you’ve mistaken yourself to be, you’ll also see the interior path that leads to a fearless life. Take this path and you will find a greatness that is the source of fearlessness itself.
Secret of Letting Go coverThis article is excerpted from The Secret of Letting Go (pages 22-24). For a limited time, receive 15% off the price of this item.

Let Go of Your Mistaken Identity

Whenever we picture ourselves, there is one image that rarely, if ever, enters into our mental movie: that of being someone who is ready to fall apart. But truthfully, few of us see ourselves in any self-comprising light at all. We feel safe within the dimly lit theatre of our own circle-of-self-pictures and we return to it often — especially when the harsh light of reality starts to break through and show us we may not be as together as we’d like to think. This is why we need the truth in our lives. The truth is what allows us to see reality without being frightened about what we see. Part of the Truth’s rescuing action is to reveal to us that we are not apart from what we see. From this unique, inner-vantage point, the light of reality isn’t harsh — it’s Home. The more of this light we can welcome into our circle-of-self and its cast of 1,001 self-images, the easier it becomes to let go. Why? Because we aren’t losing anything except for what has been keeping us in the darkness.

“What makes you angry or anxious?”

“When things don’t go the way I want them to.”

“In other words, you’ve pictured how things should be, and when life doesn’t confirm these pictures, you get negative in one way or another.”

“Yes, that about describes it. What are you getting at?”

“Let’s work together at this. You said that when life doesn’t confirm your self-pictures — your hope of future security, love in relationships, or whatever it is — then some kind of stress or unhappiness comes up as these pictures of yours begin to fall apart. This shows us that within your present way of thinking, you believe your future happiness actually depends upon these pictures. This is why, as your pictures begin to crumble, so do you!”

“Yes, but why do I get angry or anxious?”

“Because these punishing emotions are part of a subtle system of self-subterfuge that accomplishes two dark things at once: it keeps the problem alive, and at the same time, it keeps the real solution out of sight.”

“What is the problem?”

“Essentially, it is a lack of understanding about your true nature. You are about to discover that you are not who you think you are. No matter how attractive or repulsive, you are not any picture you may be holding of yourself.”

“And what is the real solution?”

“Go ahead and let yourself fall apart!”

A Soul in Crisis by Dr. Bren

The Soul Journey

The Way of Individuation

You were born with a unique constellation of archetypes; this is what I call your soul. Your soul, created at birth by the harmonic patterns vibrating through the universe (involution), has a unique purpose in the evolution of consciousness. However, the development of your ego has clouded your relationship with soul and its purpose.

The origin and growth of your ego is created out of an imprint of your parental ego(s) in relationship to your environment. Like cell division around the age of 3 or so, your ego separated from your soul and began to run your life by tossing things that threatened its survival in your environment into your shadow. I call this the Mythic Journey because your ego develops along ancient mythic patterns.

The full article is found on Dr. Bren’s website at http://www.drbren.com/the-soul-journey/

The Power to Release Any Painful Regret — Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Nothing in the universe can make you relive some painful moment from your past as long as you choose to live from the higher understanding that no old dark thought has the power to define you, let alone drag you down.

Any Limitation Can Be Transcended

Most of us at least sense that whenever we fall into despair, lose our temper, or relive some past painful regret, we have lost possession of ourselves. To some extent we know that negative states limit our freedom because, in their dark presence, even our natural power of making proper choices is put to the test. And if our choices in such moments are (at least) in part produced by these self-limiting states, then how can what limits us help to free us of anything? It’s obvious: it cannot. What are we to do?

Essentials Fearless Living

We need a whole new and true understanding of what “living without limits” really means. It does not mean the power to manifest endless possessions, or to access instant pleasures on demand. Even if one could achieve such ends, his or her life would still be fearfully empty for having to continually refill it with what must pass in time. What is limitless in life — that which is without end within us — is our God-given potential to transcend limitations.

When we reach the point where parts of us start to feel some kind of pain, some discomfort, it’s not that there isn’t more we could do; no, what limits us here is what we are afraid to go through in that moment.

What is it about this kind of fear that makes it so powerful? The answer may be hard to believe: fear’s power over us is nothing more than the way it causes us to forget the truth of ourselves, which is this: we are created to eternally transcend the limits of our present nature, to transform who and what we have been in the very moment it ceases to serve the good of us. But, because we have forgotten this or — more accurately speaking — because we are asleep to its power in us, we are compelled to search for, find, and then believe in “powers” outside of ourselves that always betray us in our hour of need.

Actualizing our spiritual right to live without the frustration of fearful limitations is not a question of achieving something new; it begins with choosing to end a relationship with that which has never been true. So, it isn’t a question of “What do I do?” but “What must I bring an end to?” Hence, the Christ’s saying: “Whoever shall lose his life shall gain it.”

Reality itself is on our side in this struggle; truth is our ally, and its light empowers us to succeed, which means we can’t lose. For instance, in any moment that some fear appears in our mind, and we remember that what we’re seeing there is simply the dark spawn of negative imagination, then where is its power to push us around? That’s right: the light of our realization in the moment needed is the same as dismissing that fear.

Here is one last encouraging, fear-busting fact and the bright action it helps to inspire. The source of our True Self is love-in-action. And since love transforms whatever it touches, any limitation can be transcended given our willingness to test this last truth: our True Self is created to neither serve, nor believe in anything other than the living Light that is fearlessness itself. Prove this truth to yourself, and you will know its powers.

This article is excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living (pages 42-45).

No Small Parts – Just Small Minds

No Small Parts – Just Small Minds
No Small Parts – Just Small Minds
We all have our roles to play, parts in the drama of dualistic life on Earth. As children, we dream big, imaging anything and everything that we can think of—it’s all possible. Until, of course, we tell someone—some adult or older child about our dreams.

It’s not that they are “wrong” – they had the same dreams themselves; they also “grew up” and realized that the world put limitations on what was possible. And, to the extent we believe in those limitations they are true. In truth, it is our own minds that create our limitations, downsizing our dreams of what is possible.
In this way, smallness is perpetuated once formed, it’s hard to increase the size of our dreams. Baby elephants in a circus are trained to know their limitations of movement by being stalked to a fixed point. But the time they’re big enough to pull the puny stake from the ground and escape, they do not even try.
Our minds—or rather the thought that our minds have—hold us captive. Small-mindedness captivates humanity, keeping it from fully-embracing our greatness and divine potential. We are actually scared to admit—to ourselves—just how powerful we are.
But, there are no small parts in life to play. Each of us came here, to fulfill our divine purpose. We are the ones who assign smallness—lesser authority, power or prestige—to the parts. Whether your part is to literally pick after someone else, say as a housekeeper or garbage man, this is an important component to keeping our environment clean and livable. Or, perhaps you feel your part of this life puzzle is merely a cog in the wheel for a business and a seemingly pointless pursuit, be assured that this too is important. On this mundane level, it is often hard to see the point of the work you perform in exchange for money.
In the outer world of work…or doing, being can sometimes get lost. Being requires that you be awake, aware and alive to the greater possibilities that nothing…no thing…that you do could be done without your participation. This participation in life is more than the sum total of all that doing that occupies most of your physical existence. All the great spiritual masters have told you this, but few belief it as true for themselves.
So, the first step in truly being is in this belief, belief in yourself as a powerful being who is here in the physical to make a difference. Believe this and a whole new level of understanding will be yours. Doubt it, as most do, and you will remain asleep to your higher calling, your greatest potential!