Of War and the Cry for Peace


Unless we change our minds about these deeply held beliefs, Shakespeare’s words of 500 years ago will surely be as true tomorrow as it was when the ink was drying on his quill. Or, that it was an old truth when those words were penned about a time of Roman rule. All things end, but as to that end we are the ones who choose what its portents may hold for us.

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A Different Kind of Light


Adonai, my God, Source of healing and hope, we dedicate this night of Hanukkah to those who are experiencing pain or symptoms. Give them and those who care for them rich blessings of strength and support, solace and determination. Illumine their lives with insight and guidance, and shine peace and serenity on their path.

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Dying to Transform

This card tells us that we must shed our attachments to the appearances of this physical world in order to gain access to what lies beyond our senses. Letting go of the ego-based ideas we have of reality can and will free us to become our Risen Self…this is the key to resurrection.

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Seeing into the Mirror Darkly


There is a core misunderstanding among the people of this world, that we are somehow different…not from the Original Source of All Things. This is a huge error and one that is being highlighted…again…for us in these closing days before the end of 2016.

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Kailley Quote: Caught in the Sea of Collective Thought


The pervasive seas of collective thought that we constantly find ourselves trying to swim in, but often end up drowning out our own self-knowingness.

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OM – the Universal Symbol


Combined, this symbol is a microcosm of who and what we are on all levels of existence. Om, Shakti, Ommmm…peace to you!

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Kailley Quote: Expectations and Expansion


Once you free yourself…that world view will expand accordingly.

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