Kailley Quote: Caught in the Sea of Collective Thought


The pervasive seas of collective thought that we constantly find ourselves trying to swim in, but often end up drowning out our own self-knowingness.

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OM – the Universal Symbol


Combined, this symbol is a microcosm of who and what we are on all levels of existence. Om, Shakti, Ommmm…peace to you!

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Kailley Quote: Expectations and Expansion


Once you free yourself…that world view will expand accordingly.

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Just Do You

Originally posted on walkinginbothworlds:
So much is releasing right now, both personally and collectively. The darkness needs to come to the surface to be released. As we release old patterns, it creates space for new energy, new thoughts. If you…

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Kailley Quote: Universal Truth


Do not mistake that which you call truth for universal truth…

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Fear and Suffering


He who fears to suffer, suffers in fear.

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Liberty vs. Security


Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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