Earth Changes and Human Choices


Making Necessary Adjustments Earth changes, the environment and ecology, in general, are coming to the forefront of your collective awareness. In the “past,” you had the concept that you were making minor, if any, impacts on the world you live in; however, you have gotten “warnings” and other crises that should have provided the motivation … Continue reading Earth Changes and Human Choices

Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost

We are each other's keepers. First a final conversation, in Spanish, between two beautiful souls. The English translation will follow... ¿Puedes sentir esto? "¿A dónde vamos, papá?" "¡A América, Niña!" "¿Y por qué, papá ?! ¿Por qué vamos a América? "Para una vida mejor, Baby Girl! ¡En un lugar mejor! ¡Donde te prometo que nunca volverás a … Continue reading Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost

The Body of Love

I love this…Body of Love is very evocative and has a calming affect on my heart and soul! Thanks, I’m passing the love along via my blog 🙂

Peace With My Life

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I was surprised recently to be “nominated” by Anita Bowden for The Three-Day Lyrical Challenge. I enjoy the spiritual but not religious bent to her blog. Thank you for thinking of me, Anita! This is my second lyrical post. I chose The Body of Love by Ben Lee, from his album Love is the great rebellion because it sounds like a beautiful meditation or prayer, with the bonus of a catchy tune.

The Body of Love

By Ben Lee

Where there is fear, let there be an opening

Where there is hunger, let the road ahead be full of grace

Where there is judgement, let there be empathy

Where we have forgotten how to love

Let us know the ache


The ache being one, one with the body of love

One with the body of love

We’re being one, one with the body of love

One with the…

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