Guilty Pleasure – Online Games

No Apology Needed for Playing Games Online

Is it bad to play games? We did it as children without apologizing; in fact, we were not only encouraged, but it’s well-known that engaging in physical and mental activities as kids is a necessary part of increasing our ability to learn and grow.

So, why not as adults? Whether it’s Worlds of Warcraft (WoW) or simple “mindless” games on Facebook, I give you permission, as I take it for myself, to play online. I believe that, just like kids, are minds need diversions from the routine of work and duties to continue learning and growing.

Like everything else, we need to temper play with responsibility and not let it become the new routine that consumes endless hours. It’s all about balance; and, if I feel guilty about playing online games, it’s that. It is too easy to play a game rather than write, or organize my publishing business or even network with others in the field. Too easy to fall into the imbalance of not taking care of things that make up our “offline” life!

Guilty pleasure? Maybe…but I make no apologies for whatever I choose to do, nor do I ask permission. Chime in if you have your own “confession” to make.

No Apologies

The Daily Post

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

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Super quick screenwriting update

In just a few words…Wow! I didn’t really know what to expect after writing all these years, but it wasn’t this!

Just 8 days and two teleclasses into this process and I feel my creative juices springing into action…six months, I can only imagine.

What class or classes have you taken that really lit you up?

Starting screenwriting class today!

I’ve been waiting…semi-patiently…for the start of my six-month class in screenwriting that begins today!

Now that the waiting part is over, time to get down to brass tacks and actually begin writing a screenplay. After talking over my concept with a friend recently, I may make this a pilot for a TV series, rather than a movie…but time will tell, don’t need to pigeon-hole myself into one format or another at this junction.

I’ll keep my reader (you) informed as to my progress and post some of my work as I progress. So, stay tuned for more!

Here’s a teaser as a poster.

detail of painting entitled Expulsion
Did they leave voluntarily or where they expulsed?

Host a WordCamp in Your Living Room with

I LOVE the idea…why leave the comfortable of your own office chair and computer?!?

The Blog

Do you find yourself looking for more resources on making the most of your blog? Maybe you’ve always thought about going to a WordCamp, but don’t have one in your area (have you checked?) or are worried that the topics will be over your head. Maybe you’re more of a visual or auditory learner, and our online tutorials and support documents aren’t the kind of help you need. Or maybe you blog in Spanish and are looking for WordPress resources in your native language.

Enter, a collection of presentations filmed at WordCamps and meetups all over the world. At WordCamps, WordPress community experts share their knowledge on everything from basic publishing to advanced customization and CSS. On you can search the recorded presentations, watch the videos, and even download the presentation slides.

Since WordCamps happen everywhere there are a range of languages available…

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Go Ahead…Split that Infinitive, guilt-free!

A Facebook friend was fretting over a dangling modifier and decided to go search for exceptions to this and other English grammar rules we were taught as children. She posted this article, which I highly recommend for my writing friends:

7 bogus grammar ‘errors’ you don’t need to worry about

Dangle that modifier…and more…

You can start a sentence with a conjunction!

Here’s the Seven:

  1. Don’t split infinitives
  2. Don’t end a sentence with a preposition
  3. Don’t use “which” as a relative pronoun
  4. Don’t start a sentence with a conjunction
  5. Don’t use the passive voice
  6. Don’t neglect to use singular verbs
  7. Don’t use words to mean what they’ve been widely used to mean for 50 years or more

NOTE: for the complete article, you’ll want to read the referenced link above. Thanks to Ben Yagoda, who is the author of How to Not Write Bad: The Most Common Writing Errors and the Best Ways to Avoid Them (published last month by Riverhead) and nine other books. He is a Professor of English and Journalism at the University of Delaware. His website is

Wild Mind

Blog writing is one of the ways I keep myself active too!

It Started with a Quote

How does one successfully blog while participating fully in the life around them?

I pick up Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind. Now I have read and worked through this book several times, but not recently. I want to take my writing deeper. Blogging has been a writing practice for me, like morning pages, a discipline to keep my hand moving. But it’s not enough.

I also teach, both children and teachers. I want to write a book of my experiences, but the forty years of my experiences are more than “cute” stories. I want authenticity, honesty. I want to be able to say the uncomfortable things, in a way that can be heard.

So I will continue my writing practice, my teaching commitments, and working through Wild Mind again. And if I don’t self-destruct (although that might be a book for someone) I’m trusting that what I want will unfold.

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