The Key to Strength

Meditations on Tarot Key 8, Strength

Strength BOTA Key 8
Strength BOTA Key 8

Tarot key 8 features a red lion, an ancient and alchemical symbol of our ripened and bridled instincts. There is a form of strength that is a positive balance between destructive and creative forces, both under our conscious control. Yet, this is not about passivity.

Some traditions hold that the height of spirituality to remain passive; this cannot be further from the truth. In fact, by remaining passive in the face of change, you could be seduced into believing that your inaction is synonymous with taking the higher ground. Gandhi used what he called first called passive resistance (then, satyagraha) to protest, in a nonviolent way, the unfair laws and policies that were keeping his people trapped by the British government. True passivity is merely a form of inaction and complacency.

The true key to strength is in balancing the seemingly opposing forces represented by the spheres of Chesed, Mercy, and Geburah, Severity. To err on the side of severity without the mitigating energy of mercy is just as dangerous as to practice mercy without the equilibrating forces of severity. We have grown up in a society that has trouble seeing the difference. Either you make (literal or figurative) war on your enemy without being merciful or you are asked to forgive everything without standing up for what is fair to both sides.

To possess true strength of will and character is to fight in the right way, tempering aggression with an appropriate level of softness and compassion. Love is the unwavering commitment to your connection and guidance from the higher realms, from the Divine from which Unconditional Love flows to us constantly. We are the ones blocking that Divine Love with ego-base conditions of our own making. On the Tarot card, this is represented by the garland of roses that is being used to subdue the lion. The garland bridles and informs the baser instincts with willingness to use our love and higher intellect to discern right from wrong in the dualistic sense. This is the love that surpasses human understanding; we are asked to find the strength within to not react with aggression.

We are wired to imagine things we love, but often fall back on the instinctual nature when hostility meets with its like. To react differently is true wisdom, true strength. The “green lion” is ever lurking in the back of our instinctive mind, ready to react with its full force to what it perceives as attack. By reacting in this way, we “feed the green lion.”

As spiritual aspirants, we are tasked to tame the carnal desires that are holding us back. It is by achieving balance that we embody these opposing forces as a form of the Divine tension. Once accomplished, the yellow lion, which represents the total realization of conscious awareness that allows Divine Will to descend into our active forces, informing our every thought and action.


5 things not to feel guilty about on your spiritual journey | The Reluctant Lightworker

As people shed religion and walk in freedom, they can feel guilt about the changes they are going through. Thinking about this I identified 5 things not to feel guilty about on your spiritual journey.

5 things that may happen on your spiritual journey that you don’t need to feel guilty about:

1. You may discontinue your active involvement in a church or religious organization. This doesn’t necessarily have to be some sort of judgment orcondemnation against the church or organization you were part of, but a choice you make because your involvement no longer relates to or supports where you are on the journey, or may be an obstacle and hindrance to it.

via 5 things not to feel guilty about on your spiritual journey | The Reluctant Lightworker.

The Heart of the Matter

Love yourself like you did as a child
The Heart of the Matter

Love is the answer, but what is the question? Is there a heart so open that it is always breaking? Yes…but the point is that if your heart isn’t open, why else would you keep it closed?

We all live in fear…mostly fear of the truth that we ARE love. When you say, I love you to another person, do you expect that phrase to be parroted back to you? If you do, then consider this, you are making your love dependent on the other person’s response…whether you know it or not.

Before you close your heart, once again, to the possibility of loving someone after a big breakup with that special person you were sure was “The One,” consider a couple things.

First, if there was a split, no matter how wonderfully-delicious s/he seemed to be during the honeymoon phase, most likely the reality of that person being more than just your fantasy surely popped the bubble.

Second, the thing we all tend to mistake for love is really need-fulfillment in the form of another person due to the feeling that we ourselves lack something critical to our happiness. If you don’t see anything wrong with that, you can look forward to a lifetime of short, turbulent…if not occasionally fun, relationships. If you’re longing for someone to be more than that, consider changing your perspective.

Finally, and most likely, you will continue failing at the “love game” if you have not done one, very important thing first. What, you may ask, is that secret? You probably will balk at the answer…it’s falling in love with yourself first. Before we can recognize love in another, we must love ourselves. And, in my experience, very few people can look in the mirror without flinching and say to yourself, “I love you.”

This may, at first glance, seem highly egotistical, but it is not. Most of us were taught to have a sense of self-modesty and that we are imperfect, therefore, we have come to reason, we must be unlovable. How sad! Watch little kids before they’ve lost the feeling that they are adorable and lovable. They prance around, singing, laughing, engaging with others freely; no modesty there!

Fast forward to what we call adulthood and it’s no wonder that most of us suffer from feeling that we do not deserve love…even from ourselves! To get to the heart of the matter, there is no better place to start over than to emulative an innocent child. Try it. See what happens. But, most importantly, be gentle and patient with yourself, because it has been a long time since you showed YOU love!

Another quickie update to my life post!

I know…I’ve been REALLY slacking on the original post front and this one is not going to make up for all those missed opportunities to connect with my followers.

That said, here’s my quickie update:

1. Moving…yes, I’m moving soon. Lease here in Rockville runs out on June 15th and I’ll be moving about 20 miles east to Laurel. Coincidentally, it’s almost the same mileage to work (25-ish) and probably about the same time…though a more direct route that does not have me taking a scenic tour of our great nation’s monuments (I can see the Capitol dome from my desk).

2. Writing…always and in many forms. In addition to writing web content at work, I come home and write for my screenwriting class. Needless-to-say, I’m about a week behind in my homework, but moving is task #1.

3. Relationship…starting a new one. More about that as things (hopefully) develop further. So far, I’m liking it much better than any I’ve had in over a year!

4. Spiritual practice…the last class before our summer break is Saturday. Not ideal, as I need more time to pack…but…this is too important to skip.

I’m sure there is much more I could say about all the above, obviously time is a huge factor. Figured, if I made this a “quickie”, I’d thrash it out in a few paragraphs, hit PUBLISH, and pat myself on the back.

Special thanks to the couple of bloggers who I reblog…providing most of my regular content! Peace and more soon…promise!

Lose Your Fears and Win Real Life by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: In the end, nothing we seek to win in this life can enrich us half as much as what we’re willing to lose for the sake of living without fear.

Guy Finley's Weekly Key Lesson
Secrets to Fearless Living

Secrets to Fearless Living

There is a way past this part of yourself that would rather hold on than get out. However, to really let go of these fears, we must first go through them.

The only thing you lose when you let go of something you are afraid to live without is the fear itself.

Real freedom is the absence of the self that feels trapped, not the trappings that self acquires to make it feel free.

We each have — right here, right now — everything we need to succeed with finding the lasting wholeness and happiness for which our heart of hearts seeks.

The divine intelligence that seeded within you the wish to realize a free, holy, fearless life will see to its flowering, providing you nourish this same wish with all your heart, mind, and soul.

This article is excerpted from Letting Go. For a limited time, receive 15% off the price of this item. Click for details.

Judging and Others Changing…NOT

The Real Reason Judging Others Doesn’t Change a Thing About You

by Guy Finley (3/4/2013)

Key Lesson

One way to prevent yourself from going through a considerable amount of useless pain is to see the truth of the following, and then to act upon your discovery accordingly: judging others doesn’t change how much they disturb you; it serves only to distract you from seeing just how little it actually takes to set you off.

Stop Singing the Notes of Discord

We are all notes. We are all the notes of the kingdom. Each of us is able to resonate with things we would never dream could produce either such a soothing or scary resonance in us. What should be evident in this fact is that when the “sound,” or manifestation, of someone else sets us off and sends us into a fit, it is not their vibration that vexes us and makes us a “victim.” What really disturbs us is the internal vibrations of a few of our own unknown strings as they sound off (within us) in a natural sympathetic response to the dominating tones of the moment.

Book cover
Truths for Living

Our recurring resistance to these undesired moments, to such people and conditions as create in us this discord we mistakenly blame on them, keeps us from learning how to utilize these relationships in order to realize their true purpose for us. For instance, say there is someone at work who tends to irritate us. Our usual approach is to avoid this person, as our errant thinking tells us that being out of sight is out of mind. The only thing is, as we have all come to experience, we cannot escape the sound of our self; so if it isn’t that person we dodge at work, surely someone else will come along and strike a similar chord, “making” us hear those same sorry sounds of self again.

What is the answer? To realize deeply, personally, that we cannot outrun any one of these sounds of ourselves anymore than a piano can move out from under the strings by which it plays; and, as an integral part of this new self-understanding, that we need not, must not, resist some unpleasant note of our own, or that of someone else. These notes, whatever their tone, do not define us unless we make the mistake of identifying with their sounding. The false sense of self that each such sound produces within us is just that: a temporary self that is, itself, little more than a passing effect of the blending of these sounding notes.

To change our relationship with life, to realize its unlimited song, we must bravely learn what it means to hear all of ourselves. Here is the key to this new relationship: Our quiet awareness of any one sound of ourselves, regardless of its bright or dark tone, is the field of relationship and not its sole content. What does this mean? When we see a spring pasture, our pleasure is derived from seeing the whole of it — all of it colors, each of its shapes. Imagine judging a field of flowers by picking out one weed.

As we learn how to listen to the sounds of life within ourselves, as we open up to life’s endless relationships by becoming aware of them within ourselves without limiting their sounds simply because they don’t agree with our present five-note self, then we begin to realize our real life. We hear at last within ourselves the lost chord that has always been our true self.

This article is excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom (pages 149-151).

Happy Heart Day!

Happy HEART Day to you too!

A Loving Pair to Blaze the Heart and Soul
A Loving Pair to Blaze the Heart and Soul

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