Book Mktg Challenge Day 2

Book Mktg Challenge Day 2

Day Two of the Book Marketing Challenge


A Four-Word Practice that Leads to True Personal Wholeness by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Honesty heals; lies hurt.

In these four words lives all one needs to know and practice, that is, assuming one wishes to be whole, harmless, true and loving.

This article is excerpted from The Secret of Letting Go (pages xx-xxii).

Let Go and Rise Above What Holds You Down

Each time we see the need to let go of something — a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career choice that can’t complete us in the way we dreamed it would, or maybe unrealistic expectations of ours about others that eventually spoil our partnerships with them — whatever it may be: what is it that’s actually happened in these moments of honest self-examination? See if this simple answer doesn’t describe our situation.

Aren’t we being “asked” to give up an existing relationship in order to make room in our lives for something higher? Of course we are. Then why is it so hard to act on our intuition? After all, who doesn’t want a life that’s better, brighter, and truer? Here’s why we hesitate to make this exchange, as so many of us do: the real challenge in such moments is that what we must choose in favor of can’t be seen by our physical eyes!

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I Wish I Was – Weekly Challenge reblog

Note: There’s a theme running through my head…nothing as everything and that’s okay!


I wish I were

nowhere else, but here. My home is where my traveling heart is.

I’m a woman, a wife, a mother, with a restless spirit and an endless thirst for life, for knowledge, for passion. I need passion in my days, and passion has always been given to me.

Gradually, and consistently…

I wish I were no wiser than I’m now, nor I wish I were more innocent than my current acts may appear.

Wisdom and innocence are two parallel states of mind. I’m grateful for the ongoing ability to recognize the difference.

I wish I were no younger than I’m today,                                                                                            …

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Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I Were

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Last week, our grammar guru, Daryl, talked about the oft-mysterious subjunctive mood in If Hairs Be Wires, Black Wires Grow on Her Head. Use of the subjunctive mood isn’t as common in English as it is in other languages. I, for one, hadn’t even heard of the subjunctive tense until my first French class in middle school. (I blame the ’90′s hit song, I Wish, what with its improper use of the subjunctive and all. “I wish I was a little bit taller”? Tsk, tsk.)

As Daryl mentioned in his post, the most common uses of the subjunctive mood in English are conditions, suppositions, wishes, demands, suggestions, and statements of necessity. At least once in our lives, we’ve all muttered, “I just wish I were…” or “If I were more like…”, knowingly or unknowingly invoking the subjunctive mood.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different | The Daily Post at

So this week, we challenge you to step outside your blogging box and try something totally different:

  • If you normally write non-fiction, try fiction.
  • If you normally write fiction, try poetry.
  • If you normally post photos, try writing.
  • If you normally just write, try including photos.

Need a little more guidance? Check out these post types, and pick one. Don’t opt for something that seems immediately doable; go with something you’ll have to work at a bit:

  • Stream-of-consciousness
  • Short fiction
  • A day in the life
  • Instructions on doing/making something
  • Top ten lists

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