Keeping an Eye Out Between the Eclipses

In these times, we are given some stark choices. Do you support the light? Or darkness? This is the point of freewill. In this dualistic world that we live in, your choice is your expression of that freewill. Though we like to divide the world into good and bad, the Universe does not judge us on that basis. However, here in the physical, 3D world, others will.


It’s no coincidence that we are here, now.

The doorway

We stand in a doorway between eclipse and worlds. Energy streams in from all sides and everyone is feeling it. There is no doubt that everything that is happening is upsetting on many levels. We must realize that it is all part of the Divine Plan.

There is another thing to keep in your mind…as well as your heart…darkness flees in the face of light. Light as dim as from the total eclipse of the sun, or even a single candle, is enough to drive out that which opposes light.

Freewill and choices

In these times, we are given some stark choices. Do you support the light? Or darkness? This is the point of freewill. In this dualistic world that we live in, your choice is your expression of that freewill. Though we like to divide the world into good and bad, the Universe does not judge us on that basis. However, here in the physical, 3D world, others will.

In light of the dawning 5D reality, the world of the 3D will begin to fade. But, we live, work, and act in the now. Regardless of what the future will bring, it all starts in the present.

Illustration of the Moon’s Shadow during Total Eclipse

Peaceful Coexistence

We are family. All are one, one for all. That is not a fantasy or cute song; it is the truth. Peace, love, mercy and hope; these are the foundations of oneness, prosperity and unity.

Recognize the Divinity within each and every person, even those who may appear to be “the enemy”. The reason for the quotes around “the enemy” is to denote that only those of us in the physical realm have enemies, or for that matter, friends. These are points of identification, most pointedly, personal or self-identification.

Gateway to the future

Like any doorway, you are being asked to leave behind the past. Leave behind all that has been keeping you from progressing into your best self and into the future you that you were always meant to be.

There is a saying that it’s darkest before the dawn. We are standing at the doorway to a new reality and that is affecting each and every person in their own way. It’s hard to watch, but watch we must for things to eventually get better.

Focus on beaming positive love and light to all involved, asking for their higher good to shine through. Sometimes that’s the only thing we can do and it is doing something. A lot of things are being brought “to light” these days for us to see.

Seeking Heavenly Guidance

What is it that you see in the present? How is the Great Eclipse of 2017 affecting you? Curious minds want to know!

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Vision, Hope, and Leadership

Part of a chapter in my book, Lost & Found


Planning Change

Many groups lack the foresight or level of planning required to take an organization beyond the early stages of development. For some, that’s fine; they may not need to have long-range planning. However, if an organization wants to make a real impact on its little portion of the world (a.k.a. mission and vision statements), they have to get past the initial push of enthusiasm and break out of the limitations implicit in working without a plan. But even with a plan, organizations require far more than goals.

Sometimes this can happen through fortunate circumstances or enormous effort on the part of the whole organization to keep things growing organically. I’ve seen this and it is wondrous and rare turn of events. For the rest, it means either the organization will hobble along, perhaps doing OK and sustaining itself on generous donations of time and effort, or they begin the other natural result, dissolution. This can happen slowly, even imperceptibly, over a long period of time; usually, the money or volunteers or both dry up. The stalwart few hold on to the remnants as long as is humanly possible, but unfortunately this rarely works in the long run.

Hope as an Intangible Asset

Hope is one of those intangible assets that can never be measured, bought, or borrowed. It must be present and sustained by those in the position to provide leadership and vision. Hope is like water; it can easily run through the metaphorical fingers of an organization if it’s not contained with some degree of effort on the part of those whose mission and therefore job it is. Equally unfortunate, for leadership of almost every kind, two common issues arise. One is to take the job too seriously; the other is to take oneself too seriously. For me, this has been truly been a life lesson.

A new nonprofit is being created to assist Native Americans in dealing with the aftermath of integration into American society and cultures, often without any real help from the agencies that supposedly were designed to fill this role. The main problem with any governmental agency is that it becomes a victim of its own ideas of rules and efficiencies and of course, the bureaucracy inherent in their very structure. So this nonprofit will step up to the proverbial plate.

A Leader’s Heart

Though this leader’s heart can sometimes be burdened by doubt, it is never without an unflagging sense of hope. This has been my lesson and gift from my participation in this process. There was a TV episode where one character was warned of false hope. The quick and heated retort was that there is no such thing as false hope; there is only hope or no hope; it can never be anything in between.

Envisioning Hope

May I offer that hope is at the heart of our outlook on life? If we have no hope that things are or will soon be better, we will find ourselves in a downward spiral of depression and ultimately failure. However, by focusing—in the mind’s eye—on what may seem to be a false hope to the more pragmatic of us, especially in those of us in a leadership position, we successfully keep success an illusion. In other words, it truly is folly. Vision keeps the eye focused on the true goal of the mission’s success, but, it’s the recognition that in keeping hope alive and well, our success is assured. That’s as true in business as it is in life.

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Excerpted from Lost & Found: Finding the Lost “I AM” Within You, Chapter 17, Guidance for Living in the New 5D World

I Didn’t Dream This, Did I? | Richard Bach

“Of course you can follow,” they said, “you will when you learn to do it. You’re a young culture, and if you don’t blow your beautiful planet into tiny little pieces, you’ll learn to do a lot more than fifth dimension travel.

So before I went to sleep, I relaxed my body, relaxed my mind, felt free of the chains of this world. Body asleep, mind alert, I imagined moving to where she had said to be.

There they were. I don’t remember their faces, just the same as a Near Death Experience – we see others, but most often not clearly.   Instead of thinking that they would be doing something with me, I asked them a few questions: “Why are you all here on our planet? What do you want from us?”

They didn’t use words, which is common through all the books about them I’ve read, and about spirits. They use telepathy which I hear as ideas in good English. “We’re here because we’re your family!”

I have a small recognition of family, as we’re a kind of family, here on this website. But the family includes angels and guides and ETs from light-years away? That was a startlement, and it made perfect sense the second I heard it. It still makes sense to me now. I love the idea of an exoplanetary family.

“If you’re spiritual beings, though,” I said, “why do the ETs use spaceships and UFOs, to reach us? Why do you appear and disappear in some fifth dimension, where we can’t follow?”

“Of course you can follow,” they said, “you will when you learn to do it. You’re a young culture, and if you don’t blow your beautiful planet into tiny little pieces, you’ll learn to do a lot more than fifth dimension travel.

Source: I Didn’t Dream This, Did I? | Richard Bach

Lifemates in the New 5D Reality

Life is full of surprises, make them happy surprises!

What is the “ideal” lifemate” for a Fifth Dimension (5D) relationship?

The short answer: Lifetime is relative, focus on the now.

The somewhat longer answer is that for a relationship itself to be 5D, both partners must be firmly committed within themselves to living in the new reality with a 5D focus.

If one or both are still transfixed by 3D realties, it’s not possible to have a long-term, mutually productive relationship in the 5D–even if both “want” it. Perplexing as it may be, it’s not a “punishment”–with the suffering that will surely be commensurate. It’s just the additional “weight” (or wait) that the 3D world has, keeping it separate from that of the 5D one. Too many of the underlying motivations to let go of for each individual to do before a 5D relationship is possible.

This is not to say that it is impossible, just improbable for both to do in the short time that you have to establish a meaningful couplehood. So, look first for another 5D person, then begin the dance of intimacy, which is necessary for a satisfying and lasting relationship to emerge with the potential to last a lifetime.

Remember that in the 5D reality, it’s difficult to focus on a lifetime commitment when each of you is focused in the moment. The duality inherent in this 3D reality that each of you continues to inhabit which that still exists, will exerts “pressure” to value the past and the future–not so much in the 5D, the new reality.

This may be complicated, and often heart-wrenching, for you. So much of this world is still rooted in the physical (3D), The more spiritually-based 5D world requires a different viewpoint and yet you will remain physical as you continue to grow and evolve. Finding a lifemate maybe a goal, but try not to compromise in finding one who will be by your side, as you will on theirs. Do this with love, faith and joy, for that is what and who you really are.

Note: Lifemates in the New 5D Reality was started 9/8/09 and continued 8/12/12, almost 3 years in the making!

No Exceptions, Just Choices (excerpt)

Cloudy skyline with quote: Fear not and peace will naturally be yours

Often you arrive at a destination where the sign says “no exceptions”. In life, you will find many places and conditions that either explicitly—such as, this kind of sign—or implicitly—customs of a particular society or area, for instance, which would seem to leave little or no room for personal accommodations. However, this is only true of your now-existing, 3D world.

In the new 5D world—which is knocking at your “door”—these “signs” will become increasingly scarce. As societies and restrictions placed on individuals, on behalf of the “greater good” are relaxed, there will simultaneously be less need for the laws, mores and other codes of justice which you are currently used to living under. This transitory time may be difficult for everyone, but with it there will be the expected clinging to fear and concerns around how to deal with those who have less personal control. This is to be expected and you who came to this wisdom naturally will take the lead in showing others how to temper their actions—and anger.

In prior dimensional shifts, your planet—and those who were living on it at that time—experienced a great deal of turmoil. Although there will be conflict in this shift, there is already schisms forming, which will cause those still holding onto the “old” 3D world, and the reality they associate with it, to rebel against these inevitable changes. It was not that they liked or were even comfortable with the conditions of their 3D world, they knew what to expect—or what to do—when conflicts arose. Increasingly, even to the most “dense” 3DHb’s [3d Human beings], they are finding that these “old” solutions are not working as they once did so reliably.

…Fear not and peace will naturally be yours…

Addicted to the 3D World (excerpt)

Astrological sign and pic for Aquarius
"Now is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..."

You came to this world—in this particular lifetime—because there is an ongoing shift from the third [3D] to the fifth-dimensional [5D]. However, for the most part, the world still is held to the 3D side—it is held due to a form of addiction. Human beings have a propensity toward addiction of all kinds; some deemed to be “good”, some “bad”.

We have spoken before about love addiction; this may seem to be good—at first—but when examined more closely, it is not. Addictions are desires that are out of your control. At the root of all addiction is the perception that more is better—will make you happier, more fulfilled on at least less unhappy. Even happiness has been corrupted by these overwhelming drives excess.

In the 5D world, addictions can hold no sway over you anymore. But, as long as any portion of your energy bodies are still with the 3D world, addiction is to be carefully monitored. The flip side of this coin is that the 3D world itself is a potent addiction for the majority of human beings. You have grown and experienced yourself—and those around you in it—it will not be easy to make this transition. In fact, it is the primary why your world is still occupying 3D space time.

We have told you before, but it warrants repeating again—here—you and your perception is reality. This truth is simple enough to state—much more difficult—and complex, for you to fully comprehend. There are two sides to this issue, they personal reality you create and the reality which is co-created by a complex forming of mutual “agreement” by all who occupy your world at this time.

The “Age of Aquarius” has dawned and with it comes an avalanche of consciousness-changing influences. As individuals begin to open their awareness to other possibilities beyond the ones that have been collectively acknowledged. It is not that the Universe is changing; it remains as it always had been and always will be—unchanging and constant. Your consciousness is changing, or to be more correct, evolving.

NOTE: See my explanation of these shorthand terms, 3D versus 5D, at: