APOD: 2012 October 4 – NGC 7293: The Helix Nebula

NGC 7293: The Helix Nebula — Astronomy POD for 10/4/2012

A mere seven hundred light years from Earth, in the constellation Aquarius, a sun-like star is dying. Its last few thousand years have produced the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293), a well studied and nearby example of a Planetary Nebula, typical of this final phase of stellar evolution. A total of 58 hours of exposure time have gone in to creating this deep view of the nebula. Accumulating narrow band data from emission lines of hydrogen atoms in red and oxygen atoms in blue-green hues, it shows remarkable details of the Helix’s brighter inner region, about 3 light-years across, but also follows fainter outer halo features that give the nebula a span of well over six light-years. The white dot at the Helix’s center is this Planetary Nebula’s hot, central star. A simple looking nebula at first glance, the Helix is now understood to have a surprisingly complex geometry.

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APOD: 2012 October 6 – At the Heart of Orion

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) for 10/6/2012

Near the center of this sharp cosmic portrait, at the heart of the Orion Nebula, are four hot, massive stars known as the Trapezium. Gathered within a region about 1.5 light-years in radius, they dominate the core of the dense Orion Nebula Star Cluster. Ultraviolet ionizing radiation from the Trapezium stars, mostly from the brightest star Theta-1 Orionis C powers the complex star forming region’s entire visible glow.

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Love Wisdom from “Elena Undone”

10 day old dolphin says hi to a baby penguin
Young love is forever.

After watching a small independent movie recently, Elena Undone, I was struck by the underlying theme that spoke to me on a very intimate level and I felt moved to copy down some of the “love wisdom” it contained.  Starting with, “In love, one and one are one!” It’s this all-encompassing love that we all hope and pray to appear in our lives…but are rarely prepared for it when it happens, and, it does happen.

I’ve written about the concept of Twin Flames; this movie languaged it in a way that was profound and dead-on…

Here are the Ten Signs to look for in what the movie calls the “Ultimate Love Connection”:

  1. It may come in an unusual, unexpected package –not what we think we’re looking for or even believe we want.
  2. These people may meet “randomly”.
  3. Everything seems brand new, but absolutely familiar.
  4. While your worlds seem utterly disconnected, the paths that you’ve individually taken bring you together at freakish randomness.
  5. This person makes you see the world through a different filter.
  6. As hard as you try, this person is living in  every corner of your mind.
  7. When you kiss, it’s like you live inside that kiss forever, but yet it feel brand new.
  8. You are desperate to be with them and you will move heaven and earth to do so.
  9.  Even with challenges seemingly insurmountable, true love will find a way.
  10. This connection has changed you, significantly altered you–to the core!

Another great quote: “The definition of a miracle is when God gives you a choice and you make the right one.”

There’s much more to be gained from watching this movie and I really hope you’ll give it a chance. More importantly, give yourself a chance, take off the old filters and open yourself up to the possibility of find love!


Water and Health

Chesapeake Bay beach and single gull
Water is life…without it, we would be like grains of sand.

On the subject of health, you either devote too much or too little time in the actual doing of something which leads to its ambivalence. Among the top considerations in securing a balanced state of physical beingness—which you call “good health”—is more what you are not doing than it is your understanding of your body’s equilibrium. Water is the fundamental molecule which comprises your physicality.

Although there is truth in the statement that too much of anything is a “bad thing,” most of you are not consuming enough of this basic resource. There are many way in which you can determine if you are ingesting enough of this substance; one of these is the dryness of your eyes at the time of awakening. The crustiness that many of you have at the corners of your eyes when you arise is a clear indication of the net deficit in your body of the previous day’s consumption of water. Fluids are often consumed which you consider “drinking” and therefore you assume that this is an adequate substitute or replacement for consuming water.

Alchemically, any addition of a substance to basic, pure water, changes it to something that is other than water. Some of these “other” water-like substances will be sufficient to replace water itself; however, any substitute of a substance is not—by definition—that substance, and, as such, not as “good” or even preferable. The exact quantity of this substance, water, is less important than attuning yourself to the core needs of your physical body, which has long been neglected.

Be as clear as you can, in each moment, about the purpose of your intentions; the rest—the balance which can be achieved, is a direct result of your applying the fundamental aspects of this conscious intent. This is at the core of your shift from unconscious—autonomic—functioning in a present-moment, now, and the beingness of who you were always meant to be.

When considering whether you are acting or reacting to your present circumstances, consider whether you are “happy” with the basic state of beingness that you now find yourself. If there are “things” about yourself that you would “prefer” to be different, this is a recognition of the need to change. There is no need to admonish yourself for reaching this unsatisfactory state; it is far more important that your new-found awareness about yourself provide you the core motivation to enhance your current state toward the recognized, preferred state of “health.” The thought behind the thought is this recognition of your beingness. There is only this knowingness which can serve to focus your intent in the never-ending, present moment of “now.”

The New Earth and Easter (excerpt)

purple flowers in bloom
The time of year to bloom...take nature's lead

Several years ago, a friend of mine who was way into the Unity mindset, taught a class based on Eckhart Tolle’s first best-seller, “The Power of Now.” Now, he has another book. It’s not a particularly “new” book…nor concept…really; much like “The Secret”…it’s no secret either. What Eckhart has done is provide a kind of instruction manual, in layman’s (or laywoman’s) term, of self-ascension.

Eckhart tells us:

“A new heaven” is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and “a new earth” is its reflection in the physical realm.

So, here is the connection to this particular time, that of Easter. The metaphysical meaning of the risen Christ is NOT about whether or not there was/is a historical Jesus—even if the story is true—or just a retelling of a resurrection myth (of countless religions). The point here is transfiguration…transformation of self from what is dualistic/physical to oneness/awareness. We are at this crossroad in human growth where ascension is eminent…it’s palpable and pervasive. Is there fear surrounding what this all means? Sure, of course, we’re biologically programmed to be change-adverse. But, have we reached the tipping point in collective human awareness to push us to the next level as a species? I suspect it’s much like putting a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turning up the heat. The frog has time to get use to the change in temperature…right up to the point it’s being cooked!

I’d like to think that human beings are at least slightly more evolved than the average frog. Most of us have felt the need to change and grow, and, for the most part, we are doing that. Is it fast enough? Will it matter whether we’re ready when the pot starts to boil and it’s either do-or-die. Some people are already leaving this wheel of life. They are choosing to not change in the most dramatic way possible; they’re dying. This is not a judgment from “up high”, but rather, a decision made at their soul’s level to not continue to be subjected to the onslaught of current events…and the pressing need to evolve.

Perhaps we’re in time; learning to release the attachments that I’ve held on to from the “past” which no longer serve me. I have found the people I planned to find in this lifetime—blessings upon blessings—and they continue to be instruments of this greater plan; the plan to evolve ourselves while assisting, by example, others who cross our paths. Thank you for making this an exciting journey—and this is just one more step down the road—a road we are making up as we go…

Divine Capacitors (excerpt)

Abstract image against black background
The Divine Spark divides and multiplies within all

By design, human beings are living conduits of the Divine. It matters not if you believe that; your belief does not alter its underlying truth. As capacitors for the Divine, the corporeal form provides a filter of the love, compassion and energy inherent in the Universe. To the degree that your body provides the least resistance to this Cosmic Flow, you will be the clear channel for these things.

To the extent that you have prepared your vehicle, i.e., your physical form and all its many layers, this Cosmic Flow will be allowed to flow…or “glow.” It is essential that you understand that love and energy are synonymous and constants. The Universe does not choose one being or object to flow through and not another. Like an electrical/mechanical capacitor, your energy system, which was established before you entered the physical and will exist afterward, allows or constrains the flow of these constants. When there is no resistance, which is truly rare in the physical, then energy/love can flow through you as the conduit and into other beings more readily (which is to say, to the degree that they allow or disallow). The more resistance you create and filter, the less energy/love can flow through you and the more you will “glow”.

As this “human capacitor,” your body and personal energy-system has an unlimited potential to channel to every other person or object that enters your field…whether or not you do so intentionally. Although it’s true that the Universe can and does provide an unending stream of energy to draw from, it’s just as true that we are the limiting factor, in terms of this concept of acting as a capacitor. It’s a complex dynamic—providing enough resistance to allow energy to build up and “energize” us. A little glow is actually a good thing, but, as the saying goes, too much of anything is never good for us. However, we must not have so much resistance that it becomes “stuck”. Too little, or no, resistance, then the energy simply goes through us without enlivening us as it was designed to do.

Twin Flames (excerpt)

Detail from artist rendering of 'twin flames' or cosmic twins
The universe has plans for us all; twins will always be reunited on the cosmic level.

The idea of a twin flame or soulmate has been a recurring theme in your culture. It’s only been a short time, historically, that you, as human beings, have had the luxury of free time to consider romantic love and ideal relationship. In prior eras, life was hard and required intense and arduous labors; this left little time or energy left for selecting and nurturing a love interest without related considerations, such as genetic and cultural compatibility and the influence of prior generations. There are many parts of your world, even at this time, where couples still do not have this luxury.

In these cultures, the daily routine is still fixed, requiring specific sets of criteria for forming unions. Freedom from these restrictions and expectations has arisen with your current awareness of choices and focus on the rights of individuals, apart from the society in which they exist. With these freedoms come greater responsibilities, as the individual becomes more self-directed, rather than regulated by external precepts and rules designed by historical and governmental bodies to prevent collisions in the activities of those who did not have this level of self-control. A few of you have become aware enough to feel the connection that has been inherent since your birth—a connection which may defy traditional boundaries and even rationalizations.

When in doubt of this connection, be still; breathe into the essence of this other which is really just part of this twin flame energy you have come here to experience for yourself. The actualization may be far different than your expectations; do not fear, do not give too much thought about how this should, or even will, appear to others. Some things cannot and really should not be explained. The spheres you now inhabit are in other dimensional realities and do not have precedence in your past experience of relationship—especially at this level of intimacy.