Distant Horizons

It’s far more likely that, if you lift your head up, you will see that although the path may be long and the goal seems to be far away, with every step you will get closer. It is when you stop realizing that the ultimate destination is still possible that you will fall back into despair and fear-based thinking.

Set your sights on distant horizons and never give up!

We can often be pulled down to stare at the ground in front of us and lose perspective. When your focus is so narrow, it’s hard not to get depressed by what seems to be insurmountable obstacles. This is rarely the truth of your circumstances.

It’s far more likely that, if you lift your head up, you will see that although the path may be long and the goal seems to be far away, with every step you will get closer. It is when you stop realizing that the ultimate destination is still possible that you will fall back into despair and fear-based thinking.

The Law of Attraction

All too often, this kind of thinking becomes your reality. The Law of Attraction is not about obtaining great wealth, though that is possible. It’s also not about fooling yourself into thinking something is possible when every fiber of your being belies that to your current reality. The key is focusing not on what you don’t have or even what you think you want to have, since both only acknowledge that which is clearly what is. Attracting something new into your life requires that you move toward your goals with resolve and positive action.

Manifesting a new reality is not difficult, but it does take changing your state of mind. The mind likes things to stay the same; changing your mind is difficult since it requires embracing more than is known and stepping into the less-known.

Embracing the Coming Storm

You may look out to the horizon and see a storm forming. Storms can be scary. They may bring strong winds and rain, tornadoes and blizzards. What will happen when it reaches us cannot be completely known, that is what makes us fearful.

There are two distinct responses to an approaching storm; one is to do nothing, either over-confident of your level of preparation or resolved to fear; the other is to spring into action. With action, you may still experience the results of the storm, but you will know that you have done everything you could have done to prepare. This is embracing the storm. You acknowledge the potential threats, do what you can and then live with the results. Anything else is just pride, arrogance or fear.

Fear and Never Giving Up

There is an all-too-human reaction to seemingly great odds when things appear to be against us; fear. Fear is our animal instinct to the unknown. The reaction is usually fight-or-flight. Fear itself is not wrong, but it is the default position when we don’t understand what is happening. The answer is to convert the instinct to fear into the more productive action of breathing into that which we don’t yet understand and find a way to make sense of it in a non-reactive way.

By never giving up, you increase the likelihood of that becoming your reality. When you look up from the few steps directly in front of you, the known, and start focusing on that distant horizon, you begin the journey toward your ultimate goal. The path will continue to stretch out before you, but with resolve, it will get easier without succumbing to fear.

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A Different Kind of Light

Adonai, my God, Source of healing and hope, we dedicate this night of Hanukkah to those who are experiencing pain or symptoms. Give them and those who care for them rich blessings of strength and support, solace and determination. Illumine their lives with insight and guidance, and shine peace and serenity on their path.

Written and Presented by Rev. Debi Brady
(Originally given as Hanukkah-A Different Kind of Light on 12/7/2001 and posted on The Spiritual Spa in the early 2000s)


The Bible passage is taken from the Living Bible, Psalm 67:

O God, in mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us.

Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.

How everyone throughout the earth will praise the Lord!

How glad the nations will be, singing for joy because you are their King and will give true justice to their people!

Praise God, O world! May all the peoples of the earth give thanks to you.

For the earth has yielded abundant harvests. God, even our own God, will bless us. And peoples from remotest lands will worship him.

I’m taking my topic from a book entitled “A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration.” Hanukkah for the Jewish year of 5762 begins this evening [2001]. For those of you who are unfamiliar with how this Jewish tradition began and its deeper spiritual significance-let me illuminate you.

Hanukkah is the mid-winter holiday preceding Christmas. And, although, most Jews do not celebrate the birth of Jewish mystic and Christian savior we call Jesus of Nazareth, these two holidays do share some other common elements. For eight days, Hanukkah, which is the Hebrew term for rededication, is celebrated with ritual gift-giving and candle-lighting. Religious significance and reflection upon personal and family awareness are also integral to both holidays. And, there can be a deeper, healing significance as well.

During Hanukkah, a Menorah with its special arrangement of nine candles is lit. Eight of the candles are for each night of Hanukkah, and the highest candle, known as the Shamash or “servant”, is used to light the other candles. These eight special candles are blessed and then lit each evening, and a gift is then exchanged between family members. Eight days and eight candles are symbolic-they commemorate the miracle that a flask holding only enough oil for one night’s work burned for eight.

Noam Sachs Zion, who edited the book entitled, “A Different Light,” refers to Hanukkah in terms of his forthcoming book, “Soul Print-Our Personal Essence,” as our hidden light, which he calls the DNA of the soul. He uses the metaphor of the whirling dreidel as the dance of life which transforms our occasional lows into meaningful experiences. For those of you who are not familiar with this, a dreidel is a four-sided spinning top with Hebrew letters printed on its sides. In Israel, these letters mean “A Miracle Happened Here.” I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood where I learned to spin a dreidel as a game played during recess. At the time, I didn’t draw any special meaning from this game, but remember being fascinated with the Hebrew characters. I knew what each letter represented along with the rules of the game. Now, many years later, I’ve become fascinated by the deeper spiritual meaning.

As children, we learn things of the physical realm through games, instruction and experience. We generally take things at face value. But, as we mature, we become increasingly aware…and often distressed…about how many familiar things seem to have changed meanings. The comfortable definitions that we learned as children take on a different significance. The holidays are just one example of this. It’s important to keep in mind that we are a combination of physical and spiritual dimensions as we explore the various meanings to be found in this Jewish celebration.

In an article, Rabbi Shaya Karlisky noted that there are still a number of questions which frequently arise when discussing Hanukkah, such as, why is it important to distinguish between the Written and Oral Torahs and why is it celebrated for eight days. The answers provide a deeper understanding of how Hanukkah has shaped modern Judaism and can enhance our lives as metaphysicians.

As the story goes, after capturing the region, which included Jerusalem, the Greeks placed many restrictions on the Jewish people, referred to as “decrees.” One of these decrees was that the written Torah would be translated into Greek and thereafter the oral Torah would be banned. You should understand that Greeks actually appreciated the wisdom of the Torah. They believed in nature, and they worshipped it. They placed primary importance externals, such as the physical body and the survival of the fittest, which still have a great influence on our culture even today.

In contrast to this, the Jewish philosophy is that we are the outward revelation of God, the Divine in every aspect of creation. Rabbi Karlisky points to how modern discoveries in quantum mechanics has shown us that the physical world works on an atomic level similar to the metaphysical world of the Kabalists. It is by exploring this duality between these two ancient cultures that we can better understand our own spirituality.

The fundamental conflict between Israel and Greece is illustrated in the two dimensions of our reality: the inner dimension, or what appears obvious on the surface; and the hidden essence of “what you see is what you get.” The exterior dimension of the Written Torah is found in the Old Testament of the Bible and is the basis of three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is the Oral Torah’s inner hidden dimension, which hides its Divine aspects. When studied by a scholar, the Written Torah has no real impact without its inner dimension which is found in the oral tradition. The Greeks believed that the essence of the person was not altered by external wisdom and therefore has no inner affect. They thought that by keeping the Written Torah to themselves they could eliminate the Oral Torah. It is the Torah’s inner, hidden dimensions, which Jews view as life itself.

Jews also believe in an ongoing relationship between God and man, and that the natural laws are related to our spiritual reality. As Rabbi Karlisky put so eloquently, “Without man’s input, there are holidays with no holiness. Man can actually create hidden spiritual reality.” Judaism maintains that we have the ability to transcend our natural instincts and that we are the unification of the external shell that we call our physical body and our internal dimension often called our soul.

We turn now to the significance of the use of the number eight in the celebration of Hanukkah. An important aspect of the number eight can be seen by understanding the very common use of seven found in scripture and throughout the natural world around us. Picture the six directions, north, south, east, west, above and below, of our three-dimensional world with ourselves in the center, representing seven points. We are this seventh point that represents the spiritual dimension existing within nature. It is man’s ability to transcend his nature which is represented by the number eight and celebrated by the eight days of Hanukkah.

The number eight transcends the order of nature. Our culture reflects an existence, which is limited to the dimensions of nature, and based on “seven.” All things can have a deeper meaning, if they based on this eighth dimension. It is within our ability as humans to transcend nature, to rise above those things which we can easily relate to with our five senses, and become one with the Universe. We are, in essence, God expressed in physical and spiritual forms. It is this aspect that we see embodied in the Christ. This is not a matter of being saved in the classical sense taught in most Christian churches, but rather, we are “saving” ourselves from the trap of living solely in the physical form. We can be “saved” by transcending these seven dimensions of nature in which we’ve come to put our trust.

There is another aspect of this holiday season that is inherent in both the Christian celebration of Christmas and the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. It is the great potential for physical and spiritual healing.

Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, the Director of the National Center for Jewish Healing, said in her article called “Blessing And Extending The Light,” that beneath usual meanings of the holiday, a deep universal and personal significance may be discovered. The Temple represents the “house of God” within our bodies. If we recognize our bodies’ sacredness and offer thanks for all their inherent miracles, we can then rededicate ourselves to God and humankind.

Since this holiday takes place during the winter solstice, it is literally the darkest time of the year. By the lighting of candles, we can draw a little light into the world and appreciate it as a blessing.

We are also reminded that it is during this time that we should keep all those who are in need of healing in our thoughts and prayers. When we think of praying, we should consider any expression of sympathy or concern an act of prayer. Prayer is not only a structured verse found in religious texts, it can be as simple as a couple of words of thanks for that which we enjoy or even meditation, if our intention is one of thankfulness. Healing starts at home, with ourselves at the center of our thoughts and prayer…radiating this awareness out from the center of our being into the Universe. By meditating upon the light in a darkened room with clear intentions for healing, we can find comfort, inspiration, and perspective in this simple and personal ritual.

The Rabbi notes that greatest “Hanukkah gift” is that of light. Our prayers and deeds of loving kindness can spark hope and illuminate our lives with renewed meaning and direction. Isaiah 58:8 says, “Then shall Your light burst through like dawn, and Your healing spring up quickly.”

Let me leave you with Rabbi Weintraub’s Ritual of Healing for the First Night of Hanukkah.

After reciting or chanting the appropriate verse from Psalms, a candle is lit. And, since this is first night of Hanukkah, the following verse from Psalms 27:1 would be used:

Adonai is my Light and my Salvation – whom will I fear? Adonai is the Strength of my life – who can make me afraid?”

Let me close with the prayer blessing this night’s intentions:

Adonai, my God, Source of healing and hope, we dedicate this night of Hanukkah to those who are experiencing pain or symptoms.

Give them and those who care for them rich blessings of strength and support, solace and determination.

Illumine their lives with insight and guidance, and shine peace and serenity on their path.

The Door to the Fifth Dimension

We are standing in the doorway to the fifth dimension. Humankind is being given a rare opportunity to choose, as a species, which “door” we will go through. We must choose wisely and we must choose it together. Even if we don’t know what is on the other side of this transition between third and fifth dimensions, it will lead us inevitably to the next “chapter” of who we will become.

Some doors that you open, Can never be closed. Choose wisely
Choose wisely

Some doors that you open
Can never be closed
Choose wisely


Endless possibilities…the doors that appear before you seem endless.

When considering what to do first, remember this: Every door leads you to another possibility. The choice is always yours, even if it may not seem to be that way at the time. Sometimes it may seem that you can go back through the door if you don’t like what you find on the other side. More often than not, you will try to return through that door and find that it is either locked or not where you thought it was.

There was a long-running TV game show where the guest would be asked to choose one of three doors. Sometimes they would be given the option of giving up what they won for a chance to pick again and get what was behind the new door. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes they found out what was behind the other doors and were glad they kept what they won. Other times, they gave away the better prize only to find out they got a dud in its place.

Life is not a game show. We don’t often get to choose again, nor do we have the opportunity to find out what wasn’t chosen. We have options, but they are linear in nature. The timeline of our human existence runs one way; all the other choices lead off into alternative realities that we will probably never know about. This is how it is, like it or not, this is the nature of choice in the third dimension.

We are standing in the doorway to the fifth dimension. Humankind is being given a rare opportunity to choose, as a species, which “door” we will go through. We must choose wisely and we must choose it together. Even if we don’t know what is on the other side of this transition between third and fifth dimensions, it will lead us inevitably to the next “chapter” of who we will become.

You are here for a reason. You are awakening for that reason. What lies beyond this particular doorway is a path that has never been taken before and, understandably, that can be a bit frightening. So, know that it is also a time of choosing…make sure that you are choosing wisely for there will be no going back. Fear is just the human mind not being able to know that its choice will bring something good…or at least better…than this time, this reality, that it think it knows.

Regardless of whether you, personally, find fear and trepidation in these words, you will be asked to choose. In the end, the door must be opened and we will all have to step through. Be bold, relinquish the fear of the unknown. The Universe is ever on our side.


Happy Summer Solstice

Time to Go to the Beach!

Summer's here, time to relax at the beach...Happy Solstice!
Summer’s here, time to relax at the beach…Happy Solstice!

I don’t know about you, but I live in the Northern (well, northeastern) part of the US and summer is really the only time you can do anything but walk next to the open water. Such a shame that we must wait for “warmer weather” here to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes.

The background for the picture I included here is from a beach front at Chesapeake Bay while spending a weekend with a friend of mine. It’s a quaint beach house that isn’t heated or plumbed, but it’s a great place to hang out in the warmer seasons. There’s nothing quite like waking up and stepping into the cool sand just a few paces from the waterline. The downside is that the house is barely above “sea-level” and has almost been washed away on a number of occasions over the many years.

Solstice is traditionally the beginning of summer and, around here at least, the official start of enjoying venturing into the never-too-warm waters. I have swam off the coast of Maine over Labor Day (early September) when there might’ve been three other people in the water (it was about 70 degrees with air temp near 80). I have also swam off the coast of Florida on two occasions during the “winter”. One was off of Daytona Beach after flying there from an icestorm in Virginia. The other was just before Christmas at the tip of South Beach (Miami) on the same morning that an ice dam broke through a large water main in Maryland. I know since it made national news showing a couple of cars with occupants who needed an airlift to remove them from the icy waters. What a contrast!

Summer may seem particularly short if you consider that most of us have to manage our love a sun and surf with earning a living or going to school. I’ve always been “afraid” of actually living too close to the ocean…afraid that I’d never get any work done. Perhaps that’s just another fear to free myself of, but so far, my mettle hasn’t been tested on that front.

Wishing all of you a wonderful time on this the official start of beach season, Happy Solstice!

Lose Your Fears and Win Real Life by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: In the end, nothing we seek to win in this life can enrich us half as much as what we’re willing to lose for the sake of living without fear.

Guy Finley's Weekly Key Lesson
Secrets to Fearless Living

Secrets to Fearless Living

There is a way past this part of yourself that would rather hold on than get out. However, to really let go of these fears, we must first go through them.

The only thing you lose when you let go of something you are afraid to live without is the fear itself.

Real freedom is the absence of the self that feels trapped, not the trappings that self acquires to make it feel free.

We each have — right here, right now — everything we need to succeed with finding the lasting wholeness and happiness for which our heart of hearts seeks.

The divine intelligence that seeded within you the wish to realize a free, holy, fearless life will see to its flowering, providing you nourish this same wish with all your heart, mind, and soul.

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