Amazon Author Insights—The three versions of your book By Honorée (article repost)

I know it’s tempting to just put out eBooks. In fact, I initially put out a few of the books in The Successful Single Mom series only as eBooks. Eventually I realized the read-through rate was low for those who purchased the paperback because they simply didn’t know any more books in the series existed. … Continue reading Amazon Author Insights—The three versions of your book By Honorée (article repost)


Pricing Your Work on Amazon

How to Price Your Work on Amazon Writer's Circle Think about your motive. This is a great tip from Publishers Weekly, which advises writers to think about the purpose of their book: readership or revenue? Ideally, of course, you could get both, but a lower price will likely earn more readers (e.g. people will be … Continue reading Pricing Your Work on Amazon

Google Book Project And “Fair Use”

The Google Library Project allows users to search and read books online. Google display 20 percent of the text in a search and allows consumers to purchase the entire book through its online storefront, Google Play. Authors, publishers and artists allege that the project amounts to massive copyright infringement, while Google maintains that its efforts … Continue reading Google Book Project And “Fair Use”

Free Ebook: Photography 101

EBOOK: PHOTOGRAPHY 101DOWNLOAD THIS EBOOK: PDF Kindle iBooks (.epub)THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOBLOGGINGDo you want to learn the nuts and bolts of using a camera? Are you interested in honing your visual eye to help improve the way you take photographs and display images on your blog? In this guide that compiles our popular Photography … Continue reading Free Ebook: Photography 101