Mind Full of Poverty

We can never hope to have enough humility to truly understand what it is like “in another man’s shoes.” We can only endeavor to appreciate what we ourselves have achieved without putting down another person’s circumstances and apparent choices that may have led to that lifestyle.


Recently, one of the current administration’s secretaries, Ben Carson, was quoted as saying this:

Poverty is a state of mind.

No wonder he’s been getting a huge backlash from saying this; but, it made me think. What is the reverse? So, I posted a response:

Mindlessness is a state of poverty.

We have choices in life; it’s true. Perhaps, as adults, we have chosen to say or do things that have kept us in some form of impoverished state of living. However, we can never look over the proverbial fence and point a finger at anyone else who seems to be living in poverty and tell them that it is all a state of mind. To do so is not only cruel and heartless, but misses the point of choice and mindfulness.

What is the opposite of mindfulness? Mindlessness. We are living in a unique time where we are all being forced to wake up to our collective condition. To say everyone is waking up at the same time or in the same way is ridiculous. Each human has their own unique path and will spend their life in a perpetual cycle of waking up and falling back to sleep again; no exceptions.

When someone asked the Dalai Lama whether he was enlightened, he laughed and replied that if he were, he would no longer be in physical form. On suffering and ignorance, he said:

“All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction.”  ~Dalai Lama

There is poverty that goes beyond the simple fact of not having enough money to afford food or housing. It is the poverty of an ignorant mind, what I call mindlessness. If you cannot appreciate that each person is always doing the very best that they know how to do, in that moment with what they have to work with, then you cannot judge them.

A 16th century martyr, John Bradford, who was burned at the state for the crime of “stirring up the crowd” with rebellious words against Queen Mary the First (the Tutor queen), is attributed with the well-worn expression of humility:

There but for the Grace of God go I.

To be humble and understanding of the suffering and condition of others is one of the underpinnings of most religions. We can never hope to have enough humility to truly understand what it is like “in another man’s shoes.” We can only endeavor to appreciate what we ourselves have achieved without putting down another person’s circumstances and apparent choices that may have led to that lifestyle.

There is another axiom that comes to mind, so to speak, pun intended…A mind is a terrible thing to waste! If we are mind-FULL, rather than mind-LESS, then we can realize that our own path is unique and never-MIND what it is that others are or have done on theirs.

I welcome your thoughts on this thoughtful topic.

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Cynthia Sue Larson Interviews Seán Ó Nualláin

RealityShifters Blog

You can glean a sense of the excitement generated by continuing seminars and talks facilitated through Seán’s Foundations of Mind in this last sentence of it’s mission statement:

“We remain open to the idea that reality is an entangled nexus and that we cannot truly perceive without changing it. That has, of course, been accepted in physics since the 1930s; but the consequences may be quite different than you imagine. We invite you to our conferences and workshops to explore this.”

I’m deeply grateful to Seán for granting me this interview where he tells us about his NEW BOOK, One Magisterium, and new course on consciousness, Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind.

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Sparkle – knowthesphere

Know the Sphere examines “Sparkle”

So the unwanting soul sees what’s hidden, and the ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants. ~ Lao Tzu

Some of us brave the world, others hide. Some get by with little effort, while their neighbors struggle to live. Despite this struggle…People affect the changes they wish to see in the world, yet they cannot affect a change within; in the delicate spaces where it should begin.. In the space where struggle may forever be abolished.

This sphere is bold. It is the desire of the mind, without consent from the heart. It is why the world is a place of material wealth instead of soul. It is born in the glimmer of a diamond, and rests in the hand of a thief.

These are the truths of living as imparted by social contract. We are born into these various contracts without consent, without knowledge of them. Yet we abide. And though we do abide them, we go along with them, we accept them… why do we allow struggle? Why do we shun the spirit in the face of the material world? Why do we live for the harvest, but have no time to learn of its planting?These questions beg an answer from all souls.. Shall we remain sheep, corralled in the fence by the shepherd of the world? Or shall we break the gate…

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Psychic Medium Answers to Your Questions! – Vincent Genna

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As an Internationally renowned and beloved Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Teacher, Vincent has over 29 years of experience in the fields of metaphysics, psychology, and spirituality. A master psychic and medium, Vincent obtains intuitive messages from your soul, angels, deceased loved ones, past lives, and God that provide complete healing for issues of your body, mind, and spirit.  Not only is Vincent a gifted spiritual leader, he has the remarkable ability to instill incredible self-belief and to empower you to use all your Divine gifts to fulfill your dreams and create the life you want!

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No Small Parts…Just Small Minds

We all have our parts to play

No Small Parts, Just Small Minds

We all have our roles our play–parts in the drama of dualistic life on Earth. As children, we dream big, imaging anything and everything that we can this of–it’s all possible. Until, of course, we tell someone–some adult or older child about our dreams.

It’s not that they are “wrong”–they had the same dreams themselves; they also “grew Up” and realized that the world put limitations on what was possible. And, to the extent we believe in those limitations ,they are true. In truth, it is our own minds that create our limitations, downsizing our dreams of what is possible.

In this way, smallness is perpetuated. Once formed, it’s hard to increase the size of our dreams. Baby elephants in a circus are trained to know their limitation of movement by being staked to a fixed point. By the time they’re big enough to pull the puny stake from the ground and escape, they do not even try.

Our minds–or rather the thought that our minds have–hold us captive. Small mindedness captivates humanity, keeping it from fully embracing our greatness and divine potential. We are actually scared to admit it–to ourselves–just how powerful we are.

But, there are no small parts in life to play. Each of us came here to fulfill our divine purpose. we are the ones who assign smallness–lesser authority, power or prestige to these parts. It is your “job”–if you chose to do it–to not accept that you have a small part to play. It is also your responsibility to lift up all those children–of any age–to their personal greatest dream of themselves! Leave smallmindness to others who do not know any better and be the greatest you that you know how to be.

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Discovery of gatekeeper nerve cells explains the effect of nicotine on learning and memory

ScienceDaily (Oct. 7, 2012) — Researchers at Uppsala University have, together with Brazilian collaborators, discovered a new group of nerve cells that regulate processes of learning and memory. These cells act as gatekeepers and carry a receptor for nicotine, which can explain our ability to remember and sort information. The discovery of the gatekeeper cells, which are part of a memory network together with several other nerve cells in the hippocampus, reveal new fundamental knowledge about learning and memory.

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