Santorini and Ancient Memories

I use the term, past lives, as a kind of placeholder for a common experience that depends on our current interpretation of what it means to use in linear time. That is to say, there really is no past, nor do we die, but in the context of an individual human being's viewpoint, we can have experiences of living in times other that the current one.

Remembering Lives—Past and Future

From your earliest memories of yourselves, the story has grown and become oh-so elaborate, often weaving together bits and pieces of other people’s stories as you make up the grander story of who you think you are. Pause, then, and consider how simple you really are without all these stories, dramas, and conjectures. How much more time you would have if you could slow down all these thoughts and just be you. But you are making all this stuff up to protect that innermost you from discovering the very simplicity and awesomeness of the divine being that you are.

Quantum Jumping

NOTE: Amazing stuff…scifi made real?!?

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I’m delighted to announce that the Mind Control episode in which I talk about quantum jumping on  William Shatner’s Weird or What aired on Canada’s History channel August 14th, 2012. You may be able to view this episode now, if you live in Canada, through the History channel web site.

The synopsis for Weird or What: Mind Control reads: Three spine-tingling stories about mind-control: a man with a mysterious implant believes aliens have been monitoring his every move; a séance turns a housewife into a literary genius; and, a California woman suspects she is the target of a sinister government experiment.

All three segments on the Mind Control episode are fascinating, as they raise pertinent questions regarding how we interpret unusual situations and experiences. I love William Shatner’s playful sense of humor that provides just the right comic interlude between serious investigations into mysterious phenomena.

I was interviewed for the…

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