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Almost there (NaNoWriMo 2012)

NOTE: No time like the present…you just have to double up on the word count!?! Good luck…:)

Cristian Mihai

A couple of days ago I remembered that I’m a writer. Or at least, I’m supposed to be. I haven’t written a word of fiction in about three weeks. Yeah, with NaNoWriMo and my plan to participate, and I still didn’t manage to get a single word down until a few days ago.


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Guiding Kids with Psychic Gifts

NOTE: Attending the World Visionary Summit…great stuff, thanx!

The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath

Please join us for this inspiring, unique, and FREE event!

Your Loved Ones in Spirit Have a Special Message for You. Say YES to this Exclusive Invitation.

Join the CALL…

• Do you want to learn how to reunite with your loved ones and actually communicate with them?

• Is there unresolved healing with a loved one in spirit that you’d like to receive guidance on?

• Would you like to discover specific ways to awaken your psychic gifts and receive messages of love from your loved ones, guides and angels every day?

• Does your child see fairies, orbs, and angels? Do you?

• Do you have dreams about people who have passed into spirit?

* Learn from 26 Psychic Mediums, Experts in their field who know the SECRETS to Communicating With the Other Side *

If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re going to LOVE…

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Visionary Leadership Skills: SKUNK Medicine – Be Aware of What you Put Out There! | The Empowered Messenger

When it comes to cultivating some Visionary Leadership Skills I love love love skunk medicine and want to share some amazing insights that I’ve received about being a messenger, the importance of being clear on your message, attracting, repelling and discerning that I have learned in the last several months as a result of a foray into the world of online internet dating.

First I want to say that it’s been 3.5 years since my divorce from my 2nd husband – I have been alone raising my teenager and building my online Message based business – creating over $500,000 in revenue mostly in my Pajamas or yoga pants.  It’s been a wonderful period of learning, growth, creativity and service to the world AND in one of the masterminds that I am personally enrolled in last year in August my “Growth Edge” was “FALL IN LOVE”.

I avoided doing anything about this ‘cash commandment’ for 6 months and then finally in January decided I better take some inspired action and get moving on this.  So I set myself up in Eharmony – because let’s face it as a home based business owner who works primarily with women (although a few very wise men have also come through my work – it’s rare) the likelihood of meeting “The One” at my front door is pretty slim.  The postman is already hitched and the fed ex guys only come by once in a blue moon.

The thing about this online dating stuff is you have to be pretty clear with yourself about who you are and what you  have to offer – and you have to also put yourself out there and set some criteria for what you are willing to receive (or not) in terms of potential dates/partners/lovers/soulmates.    This is exactly what you want to be doing as an Empowered Messenger too!   Clarity is Divinity!!

This is going to be a long story so I’m breaking it up into a six part series – look next week for more……believe me you are gonna LOVE the insights that are immediately applicable to you and your business as a messenger!

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Eye of the Storm: Sandy and Social Media

NOTE: Read the value of physical versus digital neighbors…

Psyche's Circuitry

As a resident of downtown Manhattan, my family and I were affected by Hurricane Sandy. But the worst that happened to us was losing power and water, and having to walk up and down 28 flights of stairs to get ourselves and our stuff out of our apartment so we could move to our dear friend’s apartment on the Upper East Side (where we are now totally safe and comfortable). Our kids feel displaced and are missing their routines and friends, and my husband and I are inconvenienced and feel, strangely, like tourists in our own city. But that’s the worst of it. This is obviously NOT a poor me story.

But this experience has opened my eyes to a few things. In addition to teaching me about the enduring kindness of strangers in this supposedly rude and impersonal digital age, this experience has taught me a few new things…

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Three Things Publishers Should Be Doing Online (But Aren’t)

To succeed in the online publishing space, publishers need to think about what they offer from their readers’ perspective. What are their customers’ online and offline reading habits? How can they connect with readers where they are online?

New platforms make online publishing quick and easy today, but to truly make the most of the opportunity, publishers need to do more than just upload a PDF version of their print publication to a website. If they want to use the digital publishing medium to connect with readers and expand readership worldwide, publishers need to put some thought into the process and develop an effective online publishing strategy.

Online publishing offers exciting new opportunities to grow readership and generate customer loyalty. Here are three techniques that can help publishers hit the ground running in the digital publishing space or improve their existing online publishing strategy:

    1. Assess the opportunity and make the necessary investments
    2. Ensure that readers can access content across multiple devices and platforms
    3. Promote the digital edition

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