Where Can You See the Northern (or Southern) Lights?

I’ve always wanted to see these…the farthest north I’ve been in the US is in Minnesota and I’ve been (briefly) to Iceland, but no such luck! One of these days, I’d like to take a cruise up to Alaska.

Astronomy and Law

Beautiful and magical, the both the Aurora Borealis (Northern) and the Aurora Australis

File:Aurore australe - Aurora australis.jpg

Aurora australis image by Samuel Blanc.

Where can you see the lights of the aurora?  How can you plan to take an image?

The first place you would want to star is here, at Space Weather.  You can see how the local weather caused by the Sun is going to affect the Earth’s atmosphere and when it is going to send enough charged particles at us to light up the day and night.

I live pretty far south in Pasadena, but about three time a year on average, the Northern lights are visible this far south.  Granted you have to go to a dark sky sight, but it can still be done.

For the more adventurous, you can book a trip with my friend Dennis Mammana on one of his many journeys up to the…

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