Dying to Transform

This card tells us that we must shed our attachments to the appearances of this physical world in order to gain access to what lies beyond our senses. Letting go of the ego-based ideas we have of reality can and will free us to become our Risen Self…this is the key to resurrection.


Death is not the only way to transform, just the most profound.

Today, I drew Key 13. Ironically, it was also today’s card on my phone app. There are no coincidences. The deck I keep next to my office desk is Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot, it’s called Release.

Release in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot

Traditionally this is the Death card…one of the most feared and misunderstood of all cards. Associated with Scorpio, it represents the three stages of transformation:

  1. The scorpion – letting go of pain and protection
  2. The snake – shedding our old skin and moving on
  3. The Eagle or Phoenix – representing immortality and regeneration

On the Tree of Life, it’s the path of Nun. Connecting Tiphareth and Netzach, is about shedding the personality in pursuit of transforming ourselves into the Higher Self.

In short, this card tells us that we must shed our attachments to the appearances of this physical world in order to gain access to what lies beyond our senses. Letting go of the ego-based ideas we have of reality can and will free us to become our Risen Self…this is the key to resurrection.

After taking a photo of this card on my laptop keyboard, I trimmed and adjusted it…and noticed that two keys were at the top of the card, the question mark “?” and Shift key! Again, there are no coincidences. We’re all being asked to question who we think we are and then prepare for the inevitable shift away from what we think of as reality to become our Higher Self.

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The Key to Strength

Meditations on Tarot Key 8, Strength

Strength BOTA Key 8
Strength BOTA Key 8

Tarot key 8 features a red lion, an ancient and alchemical symbol of our ripened and bridled instincts. There is a form of strength that is a positive balance between destructive and creative forces, both under our conscious control. Yet, this is not about passivity.

Some traditions hold that the height of spirituality to remain passive; this cannot be further from the truth. In fact, by remaining passive in the face of change, you could be seduced into believing that your inaction is synonymous with taking the higher ground. Gandhi used what he called first called passive resistance (then, satyagraha) to protest, in a nonviolent way, the unfair laws and policies that were keeping his people trapped by the British government. True passivity is merely a form of inaction and complacency.

The true key to strength is in balancing the seemingly opposing forces represented by the spheres of Chesed, Mercy, and Geburah, Severity. To err on the side of severity without the mitigating energy of mercy is just as dangerous as to practice mercy without the equilibrating forces of severity. We have grown up in a society that has trouble seeing the difference. Either you make (literal or figurative) war on your enemy without being merciful or you are asked to forgive everything without standing up for what is fair to both sides.

To possess true strength of will and character is to fight in the right way, tempering aggression with an appropriate level of softness and compassion. Love is the unwavering commitment to your connection and guidance from the higher realms, from the Divine from which Unconditional Love flows to us constantly. We are the ones blocking that Divine Love with ego-base conditions of our own making. On the Tarot card, this is represented by the garland of roses that is being used to subdue the lion. The garland bridles and informs the baser instincts with willingness to use our love and higher intellect to discern right from wrong in the dualistic sense. This is the love that surpasses human understanding; we are asked to find the strength within to not react with aggression.

We are wired to imagine things we love, but often fall back on the instinctual nature when hostility meets with its like. To react differently is true wisdom, true strength. The “green lion” is ever lurking in the back of our instinctive mind, ready to react with its full force to what it perceives as attack. By reacting in this way, we “feed the green lion.”

As spiritual aspirants, we are tasked to tame the carnal desires that are holding us back. It is by achieving balance that we embody these opposing forces as a form of the Divine tension. Once accomplished, the yellow lion, which represents the total realization of conscious awareness that allows Divine Will to descend into our active forces, informing our every thought and action.

Easter and The Lovers

Every day I get a new card drawn from the Tarot as part of an app on my phone; today’s card is The Lovers.

The Lovers, Key 6
The Lovers, Key 6

Traditionally, this card is seen as about the surface value of love and relationships, but that is only “skin deep”. It’s about delving into our ideas about love and loving, lovers and other loving relationships which enliven our existence. It’s about peering into our own hearts to make a decision that may be weighing heavily upon it or to question the desires that may be stirring there.

It is said that when we choose a path…or a door, we also choose to sacrifice that which we have not chosen. We are then asked to take responsibility for that choosing and celebrate all the passion, spiritual devotion and, yes, even ownership for loving oneself.

As we are in the midst of several religious and spiritual traditions, known as Easter, Passover (Pesach), and celebrations surrounding the Spring Equinox and May Day, this time of year is about the renewal of our spirit. We are asked to review our choices about many things, plant the seeds that we will nurture and look forward to the greening of the Earth.

The first step of any journey is one of choice; which direction to begin and our dedication to that path to the exclusion of other, maybe equally desirable choices. As you sit down to your meal today, whether it be one of special celebration of this holiday with family or by yourself, consider the choices that have lead you to this point. Everything that you do, say, thing and eat, are results of a long and complex chain of decisions made and executed. Take responsibility for the simple acts and accept that there will be challenges along the way.

Easter celebrates the resurrection and triumph over death, that which was sacrificed was not done in vain. There is a purpose, but only you can own that purpose and manifest it in your own life. That is where the magic happens; that is when you are utterly transformed by the suffering that may have seemed to be unbearable. To accept the ultimate sacrifice represented by the risen Lord is to understand the meaning in your own life.

Celebrate the love that is all-too-often beyond understanding, the love that resides within.

Daily Tarot Reading for 10 June 2014


Today, your love life is characterized by encounters and by relationships!

The Magician, The World, Dath
June 10, 2014 Tarot Spread

The World and the Magician will conjure up some new faces for you, and who knows, some of them might become new friends. Have lunch with old friends, go out to supper with new ones, dance away the night–you could have a full schedule today. Decide for yourself whether you want to be whisked away by this whirlwind.

In your career, the World and the card of Death are likely to breathe new life into you. It’s as if your wingspan was suddenly expanding. Concretely, you might go for a trip abroad. You may get an unexpected and very tempting proposal which will quench your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity for new things. If this happens, do not procrastinate, go for it and you won’t regret it.

Courtesy of astrocenter.com

My Interpretation

You’d think that when the Death card comes up in a reading, horrible things are about to happen, especially since it’s in the career slot…and you would usually be wrong. Key 1 The Magician in the relationship slot might mean any number of things, but can almost always portend a new outlook even on a current one. Now, put Key 21 The World in the midst of these two…heaven and earth are conspiring to make great things happen in both arenas!

Not sure if there is/will be a new relationship to highlight, but things have really started to heat up on the career front. Thursday I have an in-person interview…wish me well!

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Seven of Swords Tarot Card

Meanings Keywords from Biddy Tarot

Rider Waite deck (Swords) vs. Angel Tarot (Air)

closeup of Sevens of Swords vs. Air
Sevens of Swords vs. Air

Upright: Betrayal, deception, getting away with something, stealth

Reversed: Mental challenges, breaking free

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings and Description

The Seven of Swords shows a man sneaking away from a military camp with a bundle of five swords in his arms. Two other swords remain planted in the ground just behind him. His expression exhibits a sense of over-confidence and mocking, as though he felt absolutely sure of his success of getting away with the theft. However, in the distance a small group of soldiers can be seen to the left of the thief, and one of them holds a sword upraised. The thief has been found out!

via Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot

The Eight of Wands shows eight blossoming wands hurtling through the air at a great pace. The flight of the wands suggests change, movement and travel. The background is clear, indicating that there is now little that stands in your way, and there is a beautiful river flowing freely and giving life to the landscape around it.

via Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot.

Blessed Change, or Tarot me a Reading

A major life change brings you great blessings

This is showing up more and more in my life…I suspect in many people’s lives. Tarot has been a wonderful tool in pulling out the underlying causes; I’ve been doing Tarot readings for awhile now and the results are astonishing…even to me.

I wanted to create a new graphic to illustrate the nature of sacred change. I’m calling this series of graphics, Sacred GeoMancy, an example is below.

Sacred GeoMancy
Sacred GeoMancy

More about this to come!

Comments encouraged…:)