Lose Your Fears and Win Real Life by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: In the end, nothing we seek to win in this life can enrich us half as much as what we’re willing to lose for the sake of living without fear.

Guy Finley's Weekly Key Lesson
Secrets to Fearless Living

Secrets to Fearless Living

There is a way past this part of yourself that would rather hold on than get out. However, to really let go of these fears, we must first go through them.

The only thing you lose when you let go of something you are afraid to live without is the fear itself.

Real freedom is the absence of the self that feels trapped, not the trappings that self acquires to make it feel free.

We each have — right here, right now — everything we need to succeed with finding the lasting wholeness and happiness for which our heart of hearts seeks.

The divine intelligence that seeded within you the wish to realize a free, holy, fearless life will see to its flowering, providing you nourish this same wish with all your heart, mind, and soul.

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Happy Heart Day!

Happy HEART Day to you too!

A Loving Pair to Blaze the Heart and Soul
A Loving Pair to Blaze the Heart and Soul

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I Appreciate You

Just a quick post, simply to thank you for your support and taking the time to read my posts…

Since today’s the day of celebrating love and friendship, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank YOU, for taking the time to read my posts..and perhaps even re-posting my posts, if you have. I have a huge passion for social media and think it’s incredible. As you may have figured, I’m fairly new to the whole blogging thing, and yet to get my head around how to properly set up a professional WordPress site, although for now I am quite comfortable and happy with the look and feel of my site, but I am more than happy though, if you could possibly give me some advice on setting out a more professional looking site.

I’ve made some great friends and followers, through my posts and on Twitter (if you don’t…

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113 Days ’til 40: Discarded Junk or Abstract Art???

NOTE: Art…as well as beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Fortuitous Forty!!!


A picture is worth a thousand words. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. ~ Oscar Wilde

I’m afraid that if you look at a think long enough, it loses all of its meaning. ~ Andy Warhol

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Extreme Gratefulness, part 2 of a series

Extreme Gratefulness – A Perfect Life Lived in the Supreme State of Thanks

Part 2 of a series on gratitude

by DeBrady (started 2/26/05, edited for blogpost 10/15/12)

Experience Life with Gratitude

Remember that rude driver? Remember your reaction. Multiply that “minor” irritation by a million or more individuals and you can start to see how it is that countries start wars–from within and from without. As long as we see ourselves as different from anyone else on the face of the planet, we will continue making war with each other. From that disagreement with your spouse over your morning coffee to the inconsiderate waiter at your favorite restaurant that night, there seems to be an almost endless stream of frustrations and unmet needs which clutter our lives. Or is it?

It stands repeating: Our experience of life “happening” to us (external) is a learned perception. In all the major religions, if not all, we are taught the seemingly conflicted concepts of duality and oneness. How can both states co-exist? How is it that god created all people–after all, if “he” didn’t, who did? Yes, we rally around our respective flags or religions and another “evil”? Perceptions are everything. As I’ve pointed out before, as soon as we’re born we experience unmet needs and frustrations. The big difference between that infant and you, as an adult, is the level of externalization of our worlds.

To the infant, life doesn’t happen on the outside. It’s hungry, it cries, someone meets that need, it’s happy. The “other” is not yet perceived–the mother is more of an extension of itself. But, as the infant grows, it also learns of this concept of “other”–of “not me.” And, depending on the particular infant’s personality, it can quickly make huge distinctions between friendly/accepted others and the rest. By nursery school (3-4 years old), most children have learned to fear “others” as someone to avoid–usually at all costs. The classic first day at school jitters, ranging from reluctance to go to amazing scenes of fitful behavior (like throwing themselves on the ground and fighting like banshees while you attempt to make them go).

When this kind of behavior extends into adulthood, we label it phobic. We like labels. We have labels for everything–and everyone. Christian, Jewish, Arabs, heterosexual, beautiful, fat, old, sick–the labels are endless. You can–most likely–string together a number of the adjectives we have learned to differentiate ourselves from each other. Even within a family of very similar individuals–even “identical” twins–we seem to be able to find labels which achieve this very human need to differentiate.

This is how we determine friend or foe at first meeting. However, this does not help us to see how very alike we are at a core level–the only TRUE level. At that level, we are all children of the divine–one with Source. And, this is the level of realization necessary to find true peace in our world–both at the personal level and at the global level.

This brings us back to the concept of a perfect life. It is not that all of the problems of daily existence will disappear. It is that we can choose for ourselves to experience life as we can, at every moment, choose to be grateful. This is extreme gratefulness.

Check back tomorrow for my next installment

Love Wisdom from “Elena Undone”

10 day old dolphin says hi to a baby penguin
Young love is forever.

After watching a small independent movie recently, Elena Undone, I was struck by the underlying theme that spoke to me on a very intimate level and I felt moved to copy down some of the “love wisdom” it contained.  Starting with, “In love, one and one are one!” It’s this all-encompassing love that we all hope and pray to appear in our lives…but are rarely prepared for it when it happens, and, it does happen.

I’ve written about the concept of Twin Flames; this movie languaged it in a way that was profound and dead-on…

Here are the Ten Signs to look for in what the movie calls the “Ultimate Love Connection”:

  1. It may come in an unusual, unexpected package –not what we think we’re looking for or even believe we want.
  2. These people may meet “randomly”.
  3. Everything seems brand new, but absolutely familiar.
  4. While your worlds seem utterly disconnected, the paths that you’ve individually taken bring you together at freakish randomness.
  5. This person makes you see the world through a different filter.
  6. As hard as you try, this person is living in  every corner of your mind.
  7. When you kiss, it’s like you live inside that kiss forever, but yet it feel brand new.
  8. You are desperate to be with them and you will move heaven and earth to do so.
  9.  Even with challenges seemingly insurmountable, true love will find a way.
  10. This connection has changed you, significantly altered you–to the core!

Another great quote: “The definition of a miracle is when God gives you a choice and you make the right one.”

There’s much more to be gained from watching this movie and I really hope you’ll give it a chance. More importantly, give yourself a chance, take off the old filters and open yourself up to the possibility of find love!


Lifemates in the New 5D Reality

Life is full of surprises, make them happy surprises!

What is the “ideal” lifemate” for a Fifth Dimension (5D) relationship?

The short answer: Lifetime is relative, focus on the now.

The somewhat longer answer is that for a relationship itself to be 5D, both partners must be firmly committed within themselves to living in the new reality with a 5D focus.

If one or both are still transfixed by 3D realties, it’s not possible to have a long-term, mutually productive relationship in the 5D–even if both “want” it. Perplexing as it may be, it’s not a “punishment”–with the suffering that will surely be commensurate. It’s just the additional “weight” (or wait) that the 3D world has, keeping it separate from that of the 5D one. Too many of the underlying motivations to let go of for each individual to do before a 5D relationship is possible.

This is not to say that it is impossible, just improbable for both to do in the short time that you have to establish a meaningful couplehood. So, look first for another 5D person, then begin the dance of intimacy, which is necessary for a satisfying and lasting relationship to emerge with the potential to last a lifetime.

Remember that in the 5D reality, it’s difficult to focus on a lifetime commitment when each of you is focused in the moment. The duality inherent in this 3D reality that each of you continues to inhabit which that still exists, will exerts “pressure” to value the past and the future–not so much in the 5D, the new reality.

This may be complicated, and often heart-wrenching, for you. So much of this world is still rooted in the physical (3D), The more spiritually-based 5D world requires a different viewpoint and yet you will remain physical as you continue to grow and evolve. Finding a lifemate maybe a goal, but try not to compromise in finding one who will be by your side, as you will on theirs. Do this with love, faith and joy, for that is what and who you really are.

Note: Lifemates in the New 5D Reality was started 9/8/09 and continued 8/12/12, almost 3 years in the making!

Addicted to the 3D World (excerpt)

Astrological sign and pic for Aquarius
"Now is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..."

You came to this world—in this particular lifetime—because there is an ongoing shift from the third [3D] to the fifth-dimensional [5D]. However, for the most part, the world still is held to the 3D side—it is held due to a form of addiction. Human beings have a propensity toward addiction of all kinds; some deemed to be “good”, some “bad”.

We have spoken before about love addiction; this may seem to be good—at first—but when examined more closely, it is not. Addictions are desires that are out of your control. At the root of all addiction is the perception that more is better—will make you happier, more fulfilled on at least less unhappy. Even happiness has been corrupted by these overwhelming drives excess.

In the 5D world, addictions can hold no sway over you anymore. But, as long as any portion of your energy bodies are still with the 3D world, addiction is to be carefully monitored. The flip side of this coin is that the 3D world itself is a potent addiction for the majority of human beings. You have grown and experienced yourself—and those around you in it—it will not be easy to make this transition. In fact, it is the primary why your world is still occupying 3D space time.

We have told you before, but it warrants repeating again—here—you and your perception is reality. This truth is simple enough to state—much more difficult—and complex, for you to fully comprehend. There are two sides to this issue, they personal reality you create and the reality which is co-created by a complex forming of mutual “agreement” by all who occupy your world at this time.

The “Age of Aquarius” has dawned and with it comes an avalanche of consciousness-changing influences. As individuals begin to open their awareness to other possibilities beyond the ones that have been collectively acknowledged. It is not that the Universe is changing; it remains as it always had been and always will be—unchanging and constant. Your consciousness is changing, or to be more correct, evolving.

NOTE: See my explanation of these shorthand terms, 3D versus 5D, at: https://dewritermd.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/what-is-4d-and-what-about-5d