Pick Your Door: Wish, Want, Need

The Universe is yours for the asking. The secret is to let the Universe provide in its own time and in its own way. You are a co-creator with the Universe; there is no wish, want, or need which goes unanswered which comes from the level of positive intentions.


How has Pope Francis changed so far?

A comparison Skilled Empath Merge Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity Pope Francis Newly Installed 4 inches. Even amid the marriage-style sacramental bliss he’s experiencing in  some of his other chakra databanks, Pope Francis remains a deeply secretive man, expertly guarded as a communicator. Cunning, watchful, he feels no connection to “Telling … Continue reading How has Pope Francis changed so far?

What Is Possible For You As A Healer?

Lies and deception will keep telling what is not possible for your life. Believing this separation energy holds you back.As a healer, we have the responsibility to see through it all. Know that the Universal Truth is that whatever you truly desire, you can manifest.“But it is impossible…” has been said in countless situations throughout … Continue reading What Is Possible For You As A Healer?