Open Source Education project started

I have established a hashtag for this pursuit, so if you add #OpenED to your post on almost any of the social media sites, including WordPress, you will associate that content with this community project.


There comes a time when you are drawn to starting a new project and the next thing you know is that you’re transported to calling. That’s how this feels.

Open ED - Learning just wants to be free
Open ED – Learning just wants to be free

Tweet it out loud

First, it was just an idea for a new Facebook community page to share educational resources that are open sourced (no copyright) and mostly free. Then I started feeling inspired to use my skills and background in social media to grow a movement.

Twitter is the second social media site (that it still in existence at least) that I joined, the first and longest-running is LinkedIn. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, but have a LinkedIn, Google or Facebook one, reach out and connect with me. They are tied together to share most of my content.


Regardless of your account status, you can always cross-connect using what is known as a “hashtag”. I have established a hashtag for this pursuit, so if you add #OpenED to your post on almost any of the social media sites, including WordPress, you will associate that content with this community project. Easy? Yup!

Making a motto

Learning just want to be free

Free to you and me, and anyone who can access a plethora of free or nearly free, content for self-education, general learning and all educational levels; that’s the way I roll.

After a brief brainstorming sessions…with myself…I came up with the group name, motto, community rules and started up the Facebook community page. The page needs a cover and profile pic, so I created them in Adobe Illustrator using some of the free clip art files I found about a week ago hanging out on my OneDrive. Funny how things comes together that are meant to be.

Great things to come…soon

This is just one day, not even a whole day, and ideas are congealing into a viable project that I feel excited to get into the world. Expect a crowdfunding request to go out, as well as an online storefront (haven’t decided which platform yet for either).

As I like to say, stay tuned for upcoming developments…but no need to wait, just jump in on one of the many social media sites that I have already started. More, so much more, to come!

Another quickie update to my life post!

I know…I’ve been REALLY slacking on the original post front and this one is not going to make up for all those missed opportunities to connect with my followers.

That said, here’s my quickie update:

1. Moving…yes, I’m moving soon. Lease here in Rockville runs out on June 15th and I’ll be moving about 20 miles east to Laurel. Coincidentally, it’s almost the same mileage to work (25-ish) and probably about the same time…though a more direct route that does not have me taking a scenic tour of our great nation’s monuments (I can see the Capitol dome from my desk).

2. Writing…always and in many forms. In addition to writing web content at work, I come home and write for my screenwriting class. Needless-to-say, I’m about a week behind in my homework, but moving is task #1.

3. Relationship…starting a new one. More about that as things (hopefully) develop further. So far, I’m liking it much better than any I’ve had in over a year!

4. Spiritual practice…the last class before our summer break is Saturday. Not ideal, as I need more time to pack…but…this is too important to skip.

I’m sure there is much more I could say about all the above, obviously time is a huge factor. Figured, if I made this a “quickie”, I’d thrash it out in a few paragraphs, hit PUBLISH, and pat myself on the back.

Special thanks to the couple of bloggers who I reblog…providing most of my regular content! Peace and more soon…promise!

4 bald eagles found shot at Washington state lake

Officials and a Native American tribe in Washington state are offering $13,750 for information leading to the conviction of whoever killed four bald eagles near a lake last week, according to local media.

Authorities tell The Seattle Times they suspect the bald eagles were shot from the trees and dropped into a Snohomish County lake, where their bodies were found floating. The incident occurred east of Granite Falls, the Herald newspaper of Everett reported.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in 11 years…it’s egregious,” Sgt. Jennifer Maurstad of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, told NBC station KING of Seattle.

E-book customers will get refunds [News]

via MSN Money

If you purchased e-books from Amazon or other vendors in the past few years, you may see a little extra money in your store account — thanks to a $69 million settlement of a price-fixing case brought against major book publishers by state attorneys general.

Amazon has emailed customers about the refunds, which will likely be 30 cents to $1.32 for each e-book purchased between April 1, 2010, and May 21, 2012.

Take note: Customers of other companies that sell e-books will also get refunds.

E-book customers will get refunds- MSN Money.

Related eBook News: Amazon CEO: Kindle Sold ‘At Cost’

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed analysts suspicion that the company sells its Kindle at cost, saying “we want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.” RJ Hottovy, Morningstar analyst, and Todd Haselton,, weigh in on Amazon’s strategy.

Discovery of gatekeeper nerve cells explains the effect of nicotine on learning and memory

ScienceDaily (Oct. 7, 2012) — Researchers at Uppsala University have, together with Brazilian collaborators, discovered a new group of nerve cells that regulate processes of learning and memory. These cells act as gatekeepers and carry a receptor for nicotine, which can explain our ability to remember and sort information. The discovery of the gatekeeper cells, which are part of a memory network together with several other nerve cells in the hippocampus, reveal new fundamental knowledge about learning and memory.

via Discovery of gatekeeper nerve cells explains the effect of nicotine on learning and memory.

Time flies…and Time is Overdue for More Posts!

A quick note to say that I was shocked to find that so many months have flown by so quickly without posting. It’s easy to get caught up with the day-to-day events of ones life, but that is an all-too-easy excuse!

Bridge over the marsh going to the Chesapeake Bay with a blue sky
Bridging our way to a new reality

Finally, I have penned a brand new post, a new article, which will become part of the next book. The Lost and Found book is still being polished; stay tuned for upcoming events and news as to its upcoming publication.