OM – the Universal Symbol

Combined, this symbol is a microcosm of who and what we are on all levels of existence. Om, Shakti, Ommmm…peace to you!




The Source


Consciousness of the  Whole Universe

At the top, there’s a single dot…the origin of the Universe, undifferentiated, universal Consciousness. It’s call Infinite or Absolute Consciousness that no sound can express.

Just below it is an arch that is called Maya, which is the illusion preventing us from embracing the infinite state.

The part of the symbol that looks like a fancy number 3 is actually two separate parts; the upper part represents the Unconscious State that is really like a deep (undreaming) sleep. The lower part is the Conscious State, which is all about being truly awake, experiencing life through the five senses.

The final part is the Dream State. This is your experience of the world without being either fully awake or deeply asleep. This is where we ingest the experiences of the waking world and create our inner identity.

Combined, this symbol is a microcosm of who and what we are on all levels of existence. Om, Shakti, Ommmm…peace to you!

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Gratitude and Clarity

We must each take a moment to find something in our lives to be grateful for…the sun always shines behind the darkest of clouds.

We must each take a moment to find something in our lives to be grateful for…the sun always shines behind the darkest of clouds.

Gratitude-ClarityGratitude is a matter of Personal Clarity and Empowerment

Indeed, the sun is always shining, period. The illusion that the sun “sets” behind the earth is an old earth-centric myth that was long ago clarified when no one fell off of it when sailing to the horizon. No dragons lurk beyond the furthest reaches of our vision; we limit our imaginations by believing in these myths. The sun never sets; it is just from our point-of-view of the sun that ever-shines on this small world we call home. Even in the darkest nights, it illuminates the earth.

What do you choose to believe?

It is important to realize that you create your own reality based on the beliefs that you hold…good or “bad”…happy or sad. If you spend your time filling your thoughts with what other people believe, you will enter their reality and believe what they do. We are, each one of us, being called to be a more active participant in creating, co-creating, a better version of this collective reality.

Is it any wonder that what we believe is amplifying our experience of the world?

You must be clear about these beliefs, which are yours…and which are not yours. This is the meaning of “personal clarity”. You empower yourself to the degree that you can stay in gratitude, love and joy…about how the Universe is showing up for you.

So, empowerment…taking back your power to create your own reality and personal clarity about that reality…are the direct results of gratitude.

Nexus of 3D and 5D Relationships

There is no easy answer. Those in the fifth dimension are self-directed with their own moral compass. We answer to a higher purpose, a higher calling, our divine selves.

Chapter Seventeen: Guidance for Living in the New 5d World

Excerpt from “Lost & Found” by Debra E. Brady

Forget everything you thought you know
Forget everything you thought you know

Forget everything you thought you know—then a void will be opened into which the universe will fill to provide you more than you could ever dream of for yourself. ~Kailley

We have entered a time in human evolutionary history when two types of humans now exist side by side. The human being that has walked the face of the earth for millennia is now a dying breed. Now they are sharing their space with the new human being in an uneasy alliance between old and new. This new entry is those who have or are fast becoming part of the fifth dimension.

For the purpose of this article, I will distinguish between the two by calling the old human 3DHb and the new one 5DhB—perhaps an inelegant label, and I’m sure that we’ll need to figure out a new term eventually. In this code you may notice that “3D/5D” represents third and fifth dimension; the “h/H” stands for human; the “b/B” stands for being. The reason I choose to use small letters and capitals is to represent the primary focus; third-dimensional humans focus on the human/physical aspects, while fifth-dimensional humans focus on the beingness/metaphysical aspects.

Never before in recorded history has such a thing happened though I’m certain that it has to some degree. It’s possible that small, relatively isolated groups of 5DhBs have emerged. It’s very likely that these beings were not able to survive due to the dimensionally hostile environment they would have been in through no fault of their own; they just couldn’t exist to perpetuate more 5DhBs. In many cases, I suspect that 3DHbs came along and because of their differences, have felt that these other humans—the emergent 5DhBs—were a threat and therefore, had to be eliminated.

Now we coexist together though it continues to be an uneasy alliance. Certainly, there is enough of the 3D world that remains physically here in the 5D one to maintain both in familiar ways; however, this is quickly changing. Although these physical structures will not vanish or become unusable, even the vibratory rates of these structures are being modified by the influx of 5D energy. So while the world around us does not appear to be substantially changed, the underlying structural matrix is being rewritten. There will come a time that these structures will become hostile to those 3DHbs who still cling to the fantasy that they can continue to survive these changes. And it is a fantasy. We all know how good humans are at maintaining their personal reality through fantasy; this is no different.

When considering how you personally fit into this new 5D reality, you should examine your personal comfort level and emotional state. Those still clinging to the fantasy of the old 3D world are confused, angry, resentful, or just plain scared. From the 5D perspective, this is to be expected and sympathized, but the difficulty arises mostly out of the intersection between the two. Simply put, there are still far more 3DHbs than 5DhBs on this planet and the majority has a lot of collective weight to throw around. The majority rules are changing faster than the majority can deal with the new dimensional reality. There are no rules, per se, to follow. This is the most disorienting of all—what do we do, how do we behave, how do we expect others to obey, when there are no rules to follow to provide guidance?

There is no easy answer. Those in the fifth dimension are self-directed with their own moral compass. We answer to a higher purpose, a higher calling, our divine selves. The “little me” that Eckhart Tolle spoke of is about ego; the “I Am,” which is our divine self, is not. Justice in the 5D world will not look anything like that in the 3D world, and that makes many people on both sides feel somewhat uncomfortable. This is fully understandable for many reasons. Traditional criminals will not disappear overnight; those in jail will eventually get out. What do we do with these individuals who are clearly still part of the 3D world? The larger question is how to reintegrate these crumbs back into society; a question long overdue for an answer.

Many of these and other societal questions will continue to come up for examination in the coming years. The important thing to remember is that we have no precedents for this shift, and therefore, historical experience and remedies will not be substantive or, in some cases, relevant. It’s like entering our infancy again, only this time with a whole set of adult expectations and preconceived notions about how things should look and function. But these are erroneous or at least lack the power to affect the results we have come to expect.

In the new 5D world, personal responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions is the hallmark of the newly formed society. Once individuals start seeing that there is a much closer relationship between their behavior and the resulting feedback, they will no longer feel that they can get away with things as they had in the past. This will not be overnight and much distress will be apparent from forays into this new territory over the coming years. Filling the already overcrowded jails with criminals is no longer a viable option for keeping us safe and secure. Programs may need to be instituted in its place to help to retrain these criminals to better understand the direct effects of their thoughts and behaviors to themselves and to that of society as a whole.

However, we need not focus on these negatives—what issues can and probably will arise due to these changes. It’s more productive, and therefore serves us better, to focus our energies on self-improvement and adjustments to our personal environments. We must let go of the need of wanting to make these for anyone other than ourselves. This is the impossible task that many of us have been attempting and, of course, getting us more frustrated in the process.

The Door to the Fifth Dimension

We are standing in the doorway to the fifth dimension. Humankind is being given a rare opportunity to choose, as a species, which “door” we will go through. We must choose wisely and we must choose it together. Even if we don’t know what is on the other side of this transition between third and fifth dimensions, it will lead us inevitably to the next “chapter” of who we will become.

Some doors that you open, Can never be closed. Choose wisely
Choose wisely

Some doors that you open
Can never be closed
Choose wisely

Endless possibilities…the doors that appear before you seem endless.

When considering what to do first, remember this: Every door leads you to another possibility. The choice is always yours, even if it may not seem to be that way at the time. Sometimes it may seem that you can go back through the door if you don’t like what you find on the other side. More often than not, you will try to return through that door and find that it is either locked or not where you thought it was.

There was a long-running TV game show where the guest would be asked to choose one of three doors. Sometimes they would be given the option of giving up what they won for a chance to pick again and get what was behind the new door. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes they found out what was behind the other doors and were glad they kept what they won. Other times, they gave away the better prize only to find out they got a dud in its place.

Life is not a game show. We don’t often get to choose again, nor do we have the opportunity to find out what wasn’t chosen. We have options, but they are linear in nature. The timeline of our human existence runs one way; all the other choices lead off into alternative realities that we will probably never know about. This is how it is, like it or not, this is the nature of choice in the third dimension.

We are standing in the doorway to the fifth dimension. Humankind is being given a rare opportunity to choose, as a species, which “door” we will go through. We must choose wisely and we must choose it together. Even if we don’t know what is on the other side of this transition between third and fifth dimensions, it will lead us inevitably to the next “chapter” of who we will become.

You are here for a reason. You are awakening for that reason. What lies beyond this particular doorway is a path that has never been taken before and, understandably, that can be a bit frightening. So, know that it is also a time of choosing…make sure that you are choosing wisely for there will be no going back. Fear is just the human mind not being able to know that its choice will bring something good…or at least better…than this time, this reality, that it think it knows.

Regardless of whether you, personally, find fear and trepidation in these words, you will be asked to choose. In the end, the door must be opened and we will all have to step through. Be bold, relinquish the fear of the unknown. The Universe is ever on our side.

No question goes unanswered – Kailley Quote

No question goes unanswered
No question goes unanswered – Kailley

Listen not to the noise created by stray thoughts;

rather, pay attention to the universe

when a question is asked.

No question goes unanswered.


From Lost and Found: Finding the Lost “I AM” Within You

Paperback and ebook available from Amazon

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Trusitng Yourself, Trusting the Universe

Five Ingredients to Trusting Yourself and Trusting the Universe

You must learn how to trust yourself first so you can know how to trust others. To trust yourself, consider the following five ingredients.

1. Become self determined.

Realize you can make choices for yourself. Determine that learning how to be trustworthy is for you.

2. Look to others who are trustworthy

Consider well-known people like Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela. What are the qualities that make so many people trust them? Honesty, transparency, courage and other aspects. Find or develop those qualities in yourself.

3. Listen to yourself.

Listen deeply to what you want, need and aspire to. Find out what truly matters to you. These can become important, and sometimes sacred, areas to respect in yourself.

As you find out what you value, you become sensitized to other’s needs. You are then more able to deeply listen to them as well.

4. Become reliable.

Phillip wondered why people don’t do what they say. Until he remembered a time he forgot an appointment and didn’t show up. He wasn’t trustworthy at that point. Oops.

Keep your word to the best of your ability. Be able to count on yourself and be a person that others can count on too.

5. Forgive yourself.

No one is perfect. Mistakes happen, things get forgotten, you were unaware/unconscious. All can be used as part of your self-education, including what to trust and what not to trust.

Phillip went back to apologize to the person for the missed appointment. Although sometimes hard to genuinely apologize and admit your mistakes, it ultimately feels good to take responsibility for yourself.

Trusting yourself includes acknowledging what happened and learning from it and letting go and moving forward.

Start using the above 5 ingredients (especially the ones that need attention) and watch your life grow and the aliveness you experience.

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Mistakes that are Blessings in Disguise

Daily Prompt: Favorite Mistake

Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.

How many times in your life have you, at first, regretted a decision you had made…only to realize it was really a blessing in disguise?

The Universe is our compass
The Universe is our compass

For me, they are a regular occurrence and simply a way for the Universe to let me know that I’m not always in charge. To be honest, we’re rarely in charge. Usually, when we listen to our inner guidance, we make our choices based on the concerted effect of that knowingness. However, there are times when we have not listened close enough and choose to go down a “wrong” street or engaged in a behavior that does not suit us.

I sometimes have to remind myself that there is no wrong path; I’m always on my path. The path may be diverging from the quickest way to my goal, but eventually everything I do, everyone and everything I encounter along the way, is in perfect order. That doesn’t mean that every decision I make is in my own best interest, but it does mean that when I feel something like regret, that is usually due to not listening to the small, still voice that is me…in everyone. We…I…just let the world’s noise overwhelm me and provide diversions.

If first you don’t succeed…

Really difficult life lessons can only be had when we need to wake up to the reality that we have ventured far from our most direct route. I can get pretty far down that side path before realizing that I might want to find help, directions, council from someone who presents themselves at that moment. For it is the Universe that will always keep me on track, if I let it…in all of its forms and ways.

The biggest mistake I can ever make is to continue down a path until I hit what seems like a dead in and then become depressed about the choices that lead me there in the first place. Eventually, I’ll see that the blind alley does have an exit and I will pick myself up again. When I have seen the “error of my way”, then I can choose differently and, hopefully, not go that way again.

For the very definition of insanity is to continue doing something the same way and expecting different results. So, I choose to learn from the Universe’s myriad lessons in that form of deception and choose to a different way toward my life’s purpose.

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