Time after Time – Post Magic?

It’s been almost a month since I’ve had this much interest in my blog…Daily Prompt: Time after Time has pulled into many more new visitors and views.

Stats on my WordPress Best Blog Day Feb 11, 2014 with 70 views
Stats on my WordPress Best Blog Day Feb 11, 2014 with 70 views

My stats show that February 11th was my all-time best day for views. Almost all of those were from a cross-post I made in a group I belong to in Facebook on Free Ebook: Photography 101. Obviously, the nexus of “free” and a Facebook group that is interested in the topic was the magic-sauce, but that doesn’t happen often.

This was not the first time I’ve responded to a Daily Prompt, but I think that the combination here was the connection between time, family and traditions that was the “post magic” recipe. Filing under lessons learned and hopefully, I’ll be able to “cook up” more magical recipes for viewership!

Free Ebook: Photography 101

Photography 101 - Basics of photography and the power of storytelling
Free eBook: Photography 101 – Basics of photography and the power of storytelling


DOWNLOAD THIS EBOOK: PDF Kindle iBooks (.epub)


Do you want to learn the nuts and bolts of using a camera? Are you interested in honing your visual eye to help improve the way you take photographs and display images on your blog? In this guide that compiles our popular Photography 101 series, some of our favorite WordPress.com photographers introduce the basics of photography — from composition to focus to light — and their own tips and techniques for taking better images. Download and get clickin’.

Note that because the book features dozens of stunning photos taken by our experts, the file sizes are large and downloading them might take a few minutes.

via Ebook: Photography 101 | The Daily Post.

Caught in the Act (of Reading): Edwin Turner, Master Book Thief

Luv the title and concept…to be a good writer, you need to read, a lot!

The WordPress.com Blog

Book lovers, lock your libraries: a voracious reader is among us. We recently chatted with Edwin Turner, the mastermind behind Biblioklept, a popular literary blog dedicated to books, art, and the ways in which the two shape our world. Join us for a conversation with Ed about blogging, literature, and finding a sense of community through the solitary act of writing.

Why did you start Biblioklept?

In September of 2006 two friends suggested I start a blog. I thought the idea of blogging was kind of silly, but I started Biblioklept as a WordPress.com blog after doing some basic research into the various platforms out there. Then I started writing. And then I became addicted.

How did you come up with the intriguing name?

I think it was just there, waiting for me. Like a lot of people who read, I keep lists of words — I mean…

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Super quick screenwriting update

In just a few words…Wow! I didn’t really know what to expect after writing all these years, but it wasn’t this!

Just 8 days and two teleclasses into this process and I feel my creative juices springing into action…six months, I can only imagine.

What class or classes have you taken that really lit you up?