Your books, your way—with Blurb

Blurb's publishing platform gives anybody the ability to create, publish, distribute, and sell in both print and digital formats. Photo books, trade books, magazines—we do them all. Fixed-layout books for the iPad? Check. Reflowable ebooks for iPad or Kindle? No problem. At the heart of the platform is BookWright, our powerful new layout tool that enables … Continue reading Your books, your way—with Blurb

Debra E. Brady, Publisher of MetaRead360 Small Press

Debra E. Brady, Publisher of MetaRead360 Small PressMetaRead360 Small Press is looking for new authors to publishWhether you have an idea for a new book or searching for a way to complete and publish one you already have, we are actively seeking both promising and already-published authors and multimedia producers. "MetaRead360" is all about delivering … Continue reading Debra E. Brady, Publisher of MetaRead360 Small Press

Three Steps to Discoverability Webcast

Webcast: Three Steps to Discoverability How to Boost Online Sales | Digital Book World Discoverability. It’s the holy grail of digital publishing and a very real business challenge. There are lots of opinions and approaches, but no concrete solutions. And the problem is the same whether you have ten titles or 10,000. Join Pavan Arora, … Continue reading Three Steps to Discoverability Webcast