Life as a Perfect Mess

Choose the Mess that is Free Will


Life is a Perfect Mess
Choose to Discover
Each Twist and Turn
With Joy not Fear
Enthusiasm not Trepidation
Choose the Mess that is Free Will

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On Pain, Remembering and Living Courageously in 2015

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The doctors said she mustn’t go to the wedding on the weekend. Her platelet count had dropped for the third time and they couldn’t explain why.

This time she had to stay in hospital, they said, for her own and her baby’s safety.

It was a Wednesday when Maria told me all this: how serious things were, and how disappointed she was about missing her cousin’s wedding. She said she felt mostly fine, although her back was aching. She thought she’d get her husband to buy her a swiss ball, hoping that might help, but I told her to send him round to my place and borrow mine instead.

She admitted she was scared.

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Speaking of Values, Susan Cheever

Speaking of Values, Susan Cheever on how modern preppies got the style but forgot the values.

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American aristocrats were raised to ski hard and tie a mean Royal Coachman, but they were also often raised in a tradition of service—noblesse oblige it was called—that led them to give away lots of their money and to behave in ways that helped those who had less. John D. Rockefeller famously spent more time at the end of his life giving away money than earning it. It wasn’t because he was so rich. At the beginning of his life, he gave away 10 percent of the $200 a year he earned as an Ohio bookkeeper’s assistant. He was not alone: the Carnegies, the Vanderbilts, and more recently the Roosevelts all established foundations that made the world an extraordinarily better place.

Mistakes that are Blessings in Disguise

Daily Prompt: Favorite Mistake

Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.

How many times in your life have you, at first, regretted a decision you had made…only to realize it was really a blessing in disguise?

The Universe is our compass
The Universe is our compass

For me, they are a regular occurrence and simply a way for the Universe to let me know that I’m not always in charge. To be honest, we’re rarely in charge. Usually, when we listen to our inner guidance, we make our choices based on the concerted effect of that knowingness. However, there are times when we have not listened close enough and choose to go down a “wrong” street or engaged in a behavior that does not suit us.

I sometimes have to remind myself that there is no wrong path; I’m always on my path. The path may be diverging from the quickest way to my goal, but eventually everything I do, everyone and everything I encounter along the way, is in perfect order. That doesn’t mean that every decision I make is in my own best interest, but it does mean that when I feel something like regret, that is usually due to not listening to the small, still voice that is me…in everyone. We…I…just let the world’s noise overwhelm me and provide diversions.

If first you don’t succeed…

Really difficult life lessons can only be had when we need to wake up to the reality that we have ventured far from our most direct route. I can get pretty far down that side path before realizing that I might want to find help, directions, council from someone who presents themselves at that moment. For it is the Universe that will always keep me on track, if I let it…in all of its forms and ways.

The biggest mistake I can ever make is to continue down a path until I hit what seems like a dead in and then become depressed about the choices that lead me there in the first place. Eventually, I’ll see that the blind alley does have an exit and I will pick myself up again. When I have seen the “error of my way”, then I can choose differently and, hopefully, not go that way again.

For the very definition of insanity is to continue doing something the same way and expecting different results. So, I choose to learn from the Universe’s myriad lessons in that form of deception and choose to a different way toward my life’s purpose.

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How Does Ho’oponopono Rewire Your Brain?

When our mind is at zero, divinity will give us what we need to manifest a perfect life. This is a work in progress. The work never ends and we are constantly reinventing our lives, a life aligned with God, Goddess, higher power, Divinity.

I personally love ho’oponopono. It is the perfect combination of self-help and spirituality, with its roots in Hawaii. I’ve been practicing it over five years. Its premise is: all the negative self talk is memory replaying. We share these memories. We are all One, after all.

Therefore, when you have a problem, I ask “What is in me to have this arise in my life right now?” So as I heal myself, I heal you. Simple–but old habits of blaming and playing victim are hard to break. But break them anyway.

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How has Pope Francis changed so far?

A comparison Skilled Empath Merge

Pope Francis - Newly Installed (March) and Current (December) 2013
Pope Francis – Newly Installed (March) and Current (December) 2013

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Pope Francis Newly Installed

4 inches. Even amid the marriage-style sacramental bliss he’s experiencing in  some of his other chakra databanks, Pope Francis remains a deeply secretive man, expertly guarded as a communicator. Cunning, watchful, he feels no connection to “Telling the truth” as others would. He says what serves his purposes. Human-style scruples are as absent as spontaneity.

Pope Francis Now

Fills the room plus three inches. The same kind of Divine presence shows through as usual, purity incarnate.Pope Francis has merged his human identity with the Divine in a very renunciate way. There is no him there, nothing left save for the habits of speaking, the knowledge he has, the storehouse of impressions from every lifetime so far, informing this selfless way of being. Renunciate Enlightenment at its finest.

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Interview: John Edward and the Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life | Blogcritics

Interview: John Edward and the Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life

By Mindy Peterman    |   Friday, October 15, 2010

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I discovered John Edward when his TV show Crossing Over With John Edward aired on the Sci Fi channel from 1999 through 2004. I enjoyed the show and tuned in almost every night. For some reason it resonated with me. I took some comfort in thinking maybe there was some truth behind what the guy was doing, which was communicating with souls of people no longer with us.

Many who watched were skeptical of his abilities, assuming he was either an excellent cold reader or had gained knowledge of his audience through devious means. Neither rationale seemed plausible. He’d been around too long, and had traveled the world doing readings for many hundreds of people. Surely in all that time he would have been defrauded.

Let’s face it. It’s easier to dismiss someone like John Edward than it is to take the time, read his writings and listen to people he’s read to find out if what they experienced rang true. An educated opinion means more than one culled from a mean spirited episode of South Park.

But I digress…

In his most recent book, Infinite Quest Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life, John Edward proves that despite his lofty calling he is down-to-earth and a realist. In his his writings he is ethical and moral, and shows great respect for his abilities (he refuses to call them gifts) and the process of mediumship.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Edward by phone. During the course of our conversation, we discussed his new book, his efforts to demystify mediumship and spirituality, and what it takes to hone one’s psychic abilities.

“If you had seen me twenty-five years ago, you wouldn’t have believed it,” he laughs. Over the years, he has worked hard to strengthen his abilities and become more adept at the ‘process’. Still, he considers himself a ‘student of the universe’ and is as enthralled by the process as those who share his beliefs. Infinite Quest is his way of making the subject of intuitiveness more accessible to those who are interested but know little about it. The subject matter might be intimidating but Mr. Edward’s writing eases you into it. “I wanted it to read like I was chatting with you in your living room.” He definitely succeeds.

Intuitiveness, Mr. Edward says, is something everyone is born with. And though not everyone can become a medium (“Mediums are born, not made”), anyone can learn to raise their intuitiveness to a higher level. It’s not easy. Mr. Edward maintains that work is involved, hard, life changing work which could possibly cause you to lose friends and alienate loved ones. Like I said, he is a realist. But, he maintains, if you are diligent and apply yourself, you will most likely succeed.

If you are interested in bettering yourself or, as he says, “becoming a better YOU” there are many ways you can go about it. He writes about developing your psychic energy, understanding psychic potential, using divination tools, and, if you want to eventually do readings, how to go about preparing for it. You can’t be lazy and you need to watch for pitfalls such as ego, which he also refers to as the Inner Monster. “The Inner Monster is the downfall of many metaphysical practitioners, professional psychics, and people with these intuitive abilities. These individuals believe they are the music when they are simply the instrument. The Monster is a creature within that will never allow its host to “see, hear, feel or experience anything that doesn’t stroke, encourage or worship its ego.” Obviously, humility is key.

He speaks of God, not as a religious figure but as a concept. When I asked how people react to this idea he replied, “With great warmth,” and thinks that these days people are more open to a spiritual, universal definition of a higher power.

He writes at length of spirit guides (or the Team), and how everyone has them, even those who don’t believe. “It’s like elements and molecules. You might not know what they’re called or understand them. But they’re still there. Your Team can’t do things completely for you, but if you listen and learn how it communicates with you, you will gain incredible insights.”

Obviously this sort of metaphysical thinking is not for everyone. But if you have the least bit of interest in the psychic realm, you’ll find delving into John Edward’s Infinite Quest an excellent way of learning more about it.

Visit John Edward’s Infinite Quest website at

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