Ready, Set, Done! | The Daily Post

Ready - Set - Done! from The Daily Post As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time. Then, publish what you have (it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over). via Ready, Set, Done! The … Continue reading Ready, Set, Done! | The Daily Post


Dreaming and Reviving Bricks

My horoscope for July 10, 2014 Dreams of a new career, particularly one that pays well, could fill your mind today - perhaps because of too many stresses in your current one. You might even be thinking in terms of becoming a movie star! Go for your dreams if you feel that this is what you … Continue reading Dreaming and Reviving Bricks

Long time ago in a spaceport far away

Terminal Time In my corner to the Universe, if all the electronic devices had stopped working, we would have been as dead as a Dagobah swamp rat. That being said, there were many times when my PERSONAL devices either malfunctioned or were just plain missing-in-action. On those rare occasions, sitting in some strange outer rim … Continue reading Long time ago in a spaceport far away