My COVID Story, Part 1

After working a full day on Friday from home, I crashed. Not unusual for the end of the week, but I fell fast asleep and only got up because I hadn't even eaten dinner. I wasn't particularly hungry but grabbed something easy and watch The Rachel Maddow Show. After that I crashed again, not waking up until midday on Saturday. By that time, I was running a temp and had a deep cough.

Reverie: All That We Can Hold

It’s complex…yet simple, truth.

Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts Blog

What the Silence Says

I know that you think you already know but –


Longer than that.

even longer than that.

​​Marie Howe, Magdalene: Poems

Now there really are many spaces in between. 

Between the memories of not-that-long-ago missing family that hastransitioned.

Between theremembrance ofwalking into a room and what isforgotten in a moment’s sliceof time. The sought for object gone.

Between the smallanxietyof trying to remember last night’s dream image andbeing startled(again)into realizing that the death numbers of those who have died from the pandemic has not waited.

It keepsgrowingeach day.Somewhere.

There is a silence in which Iwalk feeling my way along. Masked. Covered.Bubbled.


I sometimes think that I’m waiting. Not like at 42ndStreet, hot July day, for the 4train. Knowing it will come. More like watching cloudsfloat acrossCaribbean waters.

Theymove likesomethingunexpected.


This is the word we use now. Uncertain. All the conversations about what…

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Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost

We are each other's keepers. First a final conversation, in Spanish, between two beautiful souls. The English translation will follow... ¿Puedes sentir esto? "¿A dónde vamos, papá?" "¡A América, Niña!" "¿Y por qué, papá ?! ¿Por qué vamos a América? "Para una vida mejor, Baby Girl! ¡En un lugar mejor! ¡Donde te prometo que nunca volverás a … Continue reading Into the Light – A Story of Hope, Lost