Eye of the Storm: Sandy and Social Media

NOTE: Read the value of physical versus digital neighbors…

Psyche's Circuitry

As a resident of downtown Manhattan, my family and I were affected by Hurricane Sandy. But the worst that happened to us was losing power and water, and having to walk up and down 28 flights of stairs to get ourselves and our stuff out of our apartment so we could move to our dear friend’s apartment on the Upper East Side (where we are now totally safe and comfortable). Our kids feel displaced and are missing their routines and friends, and my husband and I are inconvenienced and feel, strangely, like tourists in our own city. But that’s the worst of it. This is obviously NOT a poor me story.

But this experience has opened my eyes to a few things. In addition to teaching me about the enduring kindness of strangers in this supposedly rude and impersonal digital age, this experience has taught me a few new things…

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Green Laced Lavender Field

Look close and you will see nature’s exquisite paintbrush at work. Amazing colors and symmetry! Read “Discover the World Within” blog for some great insights about our interior life as well. Highly recommended by DeMysticWay.

Discover The World Within


“We can try to reduce the other to a knowable entity, or we can embrace her persistent mystery.  When we resist the urge to control, when we keep ourselves open, we preserve the possibility of discovery.”

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