LOST & FOUND Book Homepage

This is the current homepage for my first ebook publication, Lost & Found: Finding the “Lost” I AM…Within YOU! Stay tuned for my print book tour and marketing campaign roll out.

Lost & Found book cover
Initial promotional image for the upcoming book, Lost & Found, by Debra E. Brady

Announcing eBook Release on Kindle

It’s officially published and available for purchase on Amazon/Kindle! I’ve imbedded a link on the cover, but you can find it here as well:

Both paperback book or Kindle edition are available on Amazon.


In the process of creating ourselves, we get lost. Lost not only in the confusion that fills this modern, busy world in which we work, live, and love, but also lost as to how to make sense of it all. How can you find yourself when you don’t even know what you’re looking for? The ANSWER is right under our very noses, in fact, it is hidden within each of us, hidden in plain sight, yet hidden just the same.

This BOOK will take you through a personal journey of discovery, from awakening to your inner connection to finally becoming clear about who you really are and why you’ve awakened to find yourself here, at this time and place. Along the way, prepare yourself for some surprises, soul searching and adjustments to a knowingness that arises from deep within to emerge into the light that only you can see. Like choosing the red pill, there is no turning back once the choice has been made; you may choose to fall back asleep, but you can never return to the place that you first began.

This is a process of unification, of soul, mind, body and spirit. You are about to discover for yourself what truth means to you, and you alone. For while we venture down this road together, each journey is as unique as you are. You were put here to be uniquely, perfectly you.

What has been lost will be found—and it’s you!

Intro to Lost & Found: Discovering What has been Lost

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