I Didn’t Dream This, Did I? | Richard Bach

“Of course you can follow,” they said, “you will when you learn to do it. You’re a young culture, and if you don’t blow your beautiful planet into tiny little pieces, you’ll learn to do a lot more than fifth dimension travel.


So before I went to sleep, I relaxed my body, relaxed my mind, felt free of the chains of this world. Body asleep, mind alert, I imagined moving to where she had said to be.

There they were. I don’t remember their faces, just the same as a Near Death Experience – we see others, but most often not clearly.   Instead of thinking that they would be doing something with me, I asked them a few questions: “Why are you all here on our planet? What do you want from us?”

They didn’t use words, which is common through all the books about them I’ve read, and about spirits. They use telepathy which I hear as ideas in good English. “We’re here because we’re your family!”

I have a small recognition of family, as we’re a kind of family, here on this website. But the family includes angels and guides and ETs from light-years away? That was a startlement, and it made perfect sense the second I heard it. It still makes sense to me now. I love the idea of an exoplanetary family.

“If you’re spiritual beings, though,” I said, “why do the ETs use spaceships and UFOs, to reach us? Why do you appear and disappear in some fifth dimension, where we can’t follow?”

“Of course you can follow,” they said, “you will when you learn to do it. You’re a young culture, and if you don’t blow your beautiful planet into tiny little pieces, you’ll learn to do a lot more than fifth dimension travel.

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Nexus of 3D and 5D Relationships

There is no easy answer. Those in the fifth dimension are self-directed with their own moral compass. We answer to a higher purpose, a higher calling, our divine selves.

Chapter Seventeen: Guidance for Living in the New 5d World

Excerpt from “Lost & Found” by Debra E. Brady

Forget everything you thought you know
Forget everything you thought you know

Forget everything you thought you know—then a void will be opened into which the universe will fill to provide you more than you could ever dream of for yourself. ~Kailley

We have entered a time in human evolutionary history when two types of humans now exist side by side. The human being that has walked the face of the earth for millennia is now a dying breed. Now they are sharing their space with the new human being in an uneasy alliance between old and new. This new entry is those who have or are fast becoming part of the fifth dimension.

For the purpose of this article, I will distinguish between the two by calling the old human 3DHb and the new one 5DhB—perhaps an inelegant label, and I’m sure that we’ll need to figure out a new term eventually. In this code you may notice that “3D/5D” represents third and fifth dimension; the “h/H” stands for human; the “b/B” stands for being. The reason I choose to use small letters and capitals is to represent the primary focus; third-dimensional humans focus on the human/physical aspects, while fifth-dimensional humans focus on the beingness/metaphysical aspects.

Never before in recorded history has such a thing happened though I’m certain that it has to some degree. It’s possible that small, relatively isolated groups of 5DhBs have emerged. It’s very likely that these beings were not able to survive due to the dimensionally hostile environment they would have been in through no fault of their own; they just couldn’t exist to perpetuate more 5DhBs. In many cases, I suspect that 3DHbs came along and because of their differences, have felt that these other humans—the emergent 5DhBs—were a threat and therefore, had to be eliminated.

Now we coexist together though it continues to be an uneasy alliance. Certainly, there is enough of the 3D world that remains physically here in the 5D one to maintain both in familiar ways; however, this is quickly changing. Although these physical structures will not vanish or become unusable, even the vibratory rates of these structures are being modified by the influx of 5D energy. So while the world around us does not appear to be substantially changed, the underlying structural matrix is being rewritten. There will come a time that these structures will become hostile to those 3DHbs who still cling to the fantasy that they can continue to survive these changes. And it is a fantasy. We all know how good humans are at maintaining their personal reality through fantasy; this is no different.

When considering how you personally fit into this new 5D reality, you should examine your personal comfort level and emotional state. Those still clinging to the fantasy of the old 3D world are confused, angry, resentful, or just plain scared. From the 5D perspective, this is to be expected and sympathized, but the difficulty arises mostly out of the intersection between the two. Simply put, there are still far more 3DHbs than 5DhBs on this planet and the majority has a lot of collective weight to throw around. The majority rules are changing faster than the majority can deal with the new dimensional reality. There are no rules, per se, to follow. This is the most disorienting of all—what do we do, how do we behave, how do we expect others to obey, when there are no rules to follow to provide guidance?

There is no easy answer. Those in the fifth dimension are self-directed with their own moral compass. We answer to a higher purpose, a higher calling, our divine selves. The “little me” that Eckhart Tolle spoke of is about ego; the “I Am,” which is our divine self, is not. Justice in the 5D world will not look anything like that in the 3D world, and that makes many people on both sides feel somewhat uncomfortable. This is fully understandable for many reasons. Traditional criminals will not disappear overnight; those in jail will eventually get out. What do we do with these individuals who are clearly still part of the 3D world? The larger question is how to reintegrate these crumbs back into society; a question long overdue for an answer.

Many of these and other societal questions will continue to come up for examination in the coming years. The important thing to remember is that we have no precedents for this shift, and therefore, historical experience and remedies will not be substantive or, in some cases, relevant. It’s like entering our infancy again, only this time with a whole set of adult expectations and preconceived notions about how things should look and function. But these are erroneous or at least lack the power to affect the results we have come to expect.

In the new 5D world, personal responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions is the hallmark of the newly formed society. Once individuals start seeing that there is a much closer relationship between their behavior and the resulting feedback, they will no longer feel that they can get away with things as they had in the past. This will not be overnight and much distress will be apparent from forays into this new territory over the coming years. Filling the already overcrowded jails with criminals is no longer a viable option for keeping us safe and secure. Programs may need to be instituted in its place to help to retrain these criminals to better understand the direct effects of their thoughts and behaviors to themselves and to that of society as a whole.

However, we need not focus on these negatives—what issues can and probably will arise due to these changes. It’s more productive, and therefore serves us better, to focus our energies on self-improvement and adjustments to our personal environments. We must let go of the need of wanting to make these for anyone other than ourselves. This is the impossible task that many of us have been attempting and, of course, getting us more frustrated in the process.

Your books, your way—with Blurb

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Pricing Your Work on Amazon

How to Price Your Work on Amazon

Writer’s Circle

Think about your motive. This is a great tip from Publishers Weekly, which advises writers to think about the purpose of their book: readership or revenue? Ideally, of course, you could get both, but a lower price will likely earn more readers (e.g. people will be more willing to try a new e-book author when the price tag is only a buck or two) while a higher price could earn you more revenue. The latter is true, of course, especially if you already have an established fan base – but many new authors prefer to price on the lower side to attract new readers.

Consider paperback vs. e-book. E-books should not cost as much as paperback books, for two reasons: Firstly because fewer resources are needed to publish the work, and secondly because research shows that expensive e-books don’t sell well, according to Mill City Press. While paperbacks can easily find success priced above $10, e-books do best when priced between $2.99 and $9.99 – in fact, PBS says $3.99 seems to do really well.

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Independent Publishing on Amazon

Take Control with Independent Publishing

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Portrait of a Writer

NOTE: Makes sense, I guess that Amazon doesn’t want writers to grab some other book and re-publish it under their own name! That would be so easy to do when self-publishing…no one else is vetting your work!

Cristian Mihai

Remember that collection of essays I published a few weeks ago? Well, Amazon finally accepted it. After three weeks or so of constant e-mailing with the folks there. It took so long simply because they saw that most of the content is available for free here, so they wanted to make sure I wasn’t plagiarizing anyone. Or something like that.

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E-book customers will get refunds [News]

via MSN Money

If you purchased e-books from Amazon or other vendors in the past few years, you may see a little extra money in your store account — thanks to a $69 million settlement of a price-fixing case brought against major book publishers by state attorneys general.

Amazon has emailed customers about the refunds, which will likely be 30 cents to $1.32 for each e-book purchased between April 1, 2010, and May 21, 2012.

Take note: Customers of other companies that sell e-books will also get refunds.

E-book customers will get refunds- MSN Money.

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