Your books, your way—with Blurb

Your books, your way—with Blurb

Blurb’s publishing platform gives anybody the ability to create, publish, distribute, and sell in both print and digital formats. Photo books, trade books, magazines—we do them all. Fixed-layout books for the iPad? Check. Reflowable ebooks for iPad or Kindle? No problem.

At the heart of the platform is BookWright, our powerful new layout tool that enables print book, ebook, and PDF output—all from the same project file. With professionally designed starter templates, RTF file import, and free ISBNs for every version of your project, BookWright makes it simpler than ever for anybody with a great idea to publish.

For design pros, we also have a plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®, providing an in-app solution for self-publishing through Blurb. Or if you need a little help, we’ll introduce you to a Dream Team of collaborators including expert editors, cover designers, and other publishing professionals.

When you’re ready to publish, we have sales and distribution options to match your objectives: sell directly to fans and friends, or go global with distribution to Amazon, the Ingram Content Group, Apple’s iBooks Store, or the Kindle Store. We even have offset printing, warehousing, and custom print options for high-volume projects.

via DigitalWorld article about Your books, your way—with Blurb.

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