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Despite a fairly favorable 72-hour time-span — offering humanity a lot of opportunities for forward progress during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just past — the last 48 hours of this month seem more stormy than calm. The Moon in Libra square to Venus in Capricorn (3:15AM) equates with a rise in emotional turmoil, and this 90-degree face-off is given extra intensity as it starts a void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 8:04PM.

During this 16+ hour lunar limbo time-span, moody behavior may be more rampant than usual as Juno in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio (5:25AM) while Mars forms a contra-parallel with Chiron (7:34AM). The Juno-Saturn clash is hard to sugar coat as it suggests a rise in temporary rude behavior — possibly affecting lovers as well as business associates and partners. The Mars-Chiron interaction is another forceful challenge that can heighten dis-empowerment — especially emotionally and mentally — in key relationships across the board.

One saving grace — happening several hours later — is an inspirational, 72-degree tie from the Sun to Mars (1:26PM). However, this lone, favorable aspect doesn’t have the gravitas to counteract the three discordant aspects already spreading discontent like a virus. A type of panacea arrives tonight when the Moon ceases to be void as it enters intense Scorpio (8:04PM) for the next 2+ days.

Watch your dreams overnight for clues about the future as the Moon trines Neptune in water signs at 12:40AM tomorrow. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]
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Super quick screenwriting update

In just a few words…Wow! I didn’t really know what to expect after writing all these years, but it wasn’t this!

Just 8 days and two teleclasses into this process and I feel my creative juices springing into action…six months, I can only imagine.

What class or classes have you taken that really lit you up?

Day 4: Apply Marketing Formats

Screenwriting isn’t as easy as it may sound like…or, maybe it does sound difficult. It’s not that it’s terribly difficult…to learn, but some of all learning as an adult means having to UN-learn something you may have already have been doing for awhile. For some of us [hand raised], that may have been a VERY long while indeed!

So, what are these “marketing formats” anyway? The short version is, the spin that is put on a story concept before anything is even written. Intriguing, no? Here’s one that you might recognize, “What if’s”. In this format, you ask a question, maybe a little kooky or strange or funny…or scary…that begs the audience to come for the ride and see the movie. Take something you might be familiar with or that you would expect and turn it on its proverbial ear!

As part of the class assignment (did I mention that there’s one EVERYDAY?), I have to take one of my “seed ideas” and rework it using one of these formats. Here’s the one I submitted today:

WHAT IF…a homeless teenager finds a priceless print only to find that he’s being tracked by the Russian mafia who wants it back?

Waddaya think? Could you imagine sitting through a movie based on that? Hope so, but this is only Day 4 of a six month class and I’ve got a whole lot more to learn!

Quickie Update: Screenwriting Class, Day 1

I’m off and running…an assignment per day for the next six months?!? What have I gotten myself into this time?

So, as many of you know, I’m also into the Tarot and astrology…today, I was shown one of my favorite cards:

Key 17: The Star
Archangel Jophiel
Happy times. Make positive, optimistic long-term plans. On the right path.

Happy Times; On the Right Path.
Happy Times; On the Right Path.

Great card for my “opening” day…and the beginning of the high concept section of class! More soon!

Host a WordCamp in Your Living Room with WordPress.tv

I LOVE the idea…why leave the comfortable of your own office chair and computer?!?

The WordPress.com Blog

Do you find yourself looking for more resources on making the most of your WordPress.com blog? Maybe you’ve always thought about going to a WordCamp, but don’t have one in your area (have you checked?) or are worried that the topics will be over your head. Maybe you’re more of a visual or auditory learner, and our online tutorials and support documents aren’t the kind of help you need. Or maybe you blog in Spanish and are looking for WordPress resources in your native language.

Enter WordPress.tv, a collection of presentations filmed at WordCamps and meetups all over the world. At WordCamps, WordPress community experts share their knowledge on everything from basic publishing to advanced customization and CSS. On WordPress.tv you can search the recorded presentations, watch the videos, and even download the presentation slides.

Since WordCamps happen everywhere there are a range of languages available…

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Judging and Others Changing…NOT

The Real Reason Judging Others Doesn’t Change a Thing About You

by Guy Finley (3/4/2013)

Key Lesson

One way to prevent yourself from going through a considerable amount of useless pain is to see the truth of the following, and then to act upon your discovery accordingly: judging others doesn’t change how much they disturb you; it serves only to distract you from seeing just how little it actually takes to set you off.

Stop Singing the Notes of Discord

We are all notes. We are all the notes of the kingdom. Each of us is able to resonate with things we would never dream could produce either such a soothing or scary resonance in us. What should be evident in this fact is that when the “sound,” or manifestation, of someone else sets us off and sends us into a fit, it is not their vibration that vexes us and makes us a “victim.” What really disturbs us is the internal vibrations of a few of our own unknown strings as they sound off (within us) in a natural sympathetic response to the dominating tones of the moment.

Book cover
Truths for Living

Our recurring resistance to these undesired moments, to such people and conditions as create in us this discord we mistakenly blame on them, keeps us from learning how to utilize these relationships in order to realize their true purpose for us. For instance, say there is someone at work who tends to irritate us. Our usual approach is to avoid this person, as our errant thinking tells us that being out of sight is out of mind. The only thing is, as we have all come to experience, we cannot escape the sound of our self; so if it isn’t that person we dodge at work, surely someone else will come along and strike a similar chord, “making” us hear those same sorry sounds of self again.

What is the answer? To realize deeply, personally, that we cannot outrun any one of these sounds of ourselves anymore than a piano can move out from under the strings by which it plays; and, as an integral part of this new self-understanding, that we need not, must not, resist some unpleasant note of our own, or that of someone else. These notes, whatever their tone, do not define us unless we make the mistake of identifying with their sounding. The false sense of self that each such sound produces within us is just that: a temporary self that is, itself, little more than a passing effect of the blending of these sounding notes.

To change our relationship with life, to realize its unlimited song, we must bravely learn what it means to hear all of ourselves. Here is the key to this new relationship: Our quiet awareness of any one sound of ourselves, regardless of its bright or dark tone, is the field of relationship and not its sole content. What does this mean? When we see a spring pasture, our pleasure is derived from seeing the whole of it — all of it colors, each of its shapes. Imagine judging a field of flowers by picking out one weed.

As we learn how to listen to the sounds of life within ourselves, as we open up to life’s endless relationships by becoming aware of them within ourselves without limiting their sounds simply because they don’t agree with our present five-note self, then we begin to realize our real life. We hear at last within ourselves the lost chord that has always been our true self.

This article is excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom (pages 149-151).

Go Ahead…Split that Infinitive, guilt-free!

A Facebook friend was fretting over a dangling modifier and decided to go search for exceptions to this and other English grammar rules we were taught as children. She posted this article, which I highly recommend for my writing friends:

7 bogus grammar ‘errors’ you don’t need to worry about

Dangle that modifier…and more…

You can start a sentence with a conjunction!

Here’s the Seven:

  1. Don’t split infinitives
  2. Don’t end a sentence with a preposition
  3. Don’t use “which” as a relative pronoun
  4. Don’t start a sentence with a conjunction
  5. Don’t use the passive voice
  6. Don’t neglect to use singular verbs
  7. Don’t use words to mean what they’ve been widely used to mean for 50 years or more

NOTE: for the complete article, you’ll want to read the referenced link above. Thanks to Ben Yagoda, who is the author of How to Not Write Bad: The Most Common Writing Errors and the Best Ways to Avoid Them (published last month by Riverhead) and nine other books. He is a Professor of English and Journalism at the University of Delaware. His website is http://www.benyagoda.com.