Brrr…Baby It’s C-c-cold Out There!

Correction: "arctic vortex" should be "Polar Vortex", it has even made Wikipedia: 2014 North American cold wave Well, this time last "night"...before I went to bed, it was about 45 degrees F. Tonight, it's FIVE (5)! That's a 40 degree drop in temp...and it may go down below zero. With winds whipping around (20-30 MPH), … Continue reading Brrr…Baby It’s C-c-cold Out There!

After the First Snow of 2014

Quick correction: It's dubbed the Polar Vortex (not new or evens news), rather than Arctic Vortex, although the meaning is not lost either way. Just glad we've returned to more normal winter temps, felt practically warm at lunchtime with 35 degrees (F) out! There's something special in the air. There's a certain crispness that wasn't … Continue reading After the First Snow of 2014