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Despite a fairly favorable 72-hour time-span — offering humanity a lot of opportunities for forward progress during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just past — the last 48 hours of this month seem more stormy than calm. The Moon in Libra square to Venus in Capricorn (3:15AM) equates with a rise in emotional turmoil, and this 90-degree face-off is given extra intensity as it starts a void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 8:04PM.

During this 16+ hour lunar limbo time-span, moody behavior may be more rampant than usual as Juno in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio (5:25AM) while Mars forms a contra-parallel with Chiron (7:34AM). The Juno-Saturn clash is hard to sugar coat as it suggests a rise in temporary rude behavior — possibly affecting lovers as well as business associates and partners. The Mars-Chiron interaction is another forceful challenge that can heighten dis-empowerment — especially emotionally and mentally — in key relationships across the board.

One saving grace — happening several hours later — is an inspirational, 72-degree tie from the Sun to Mars (1:26PM). However, this lone, favorable aspect doesn’t have the gravitas to counteract the three discordant aspects already spreading discontent like a virus. A type of panacea arrives tonight when the Moon ceases to be void as it enters intense Scorpio (8:04PM) for the next 2+ days.

Watch your dreams overnight for clues about the future as the Moon trines Neptune in water signs at 12:40AM tomorrow. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]
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Teddy and the tomb poem

Reminds me of the story about the threadbare stuffed toy that was loved-to-death…The Velveteen Rabbit.

Debauchery Soup

imageFinding myself on a hamster wheel.  I reached out tonight to a friend so I wouldn’t be morose in bed, hugging on to my teddy – my 40 year old touchstone.

I’m tired of listening to my own thoughts, so I can only imagine how you must feel reading them.

I know what it is important in life.  Love – family – serenity – service – enduring friendships.

I’m burned out on the wheel though.

If I had a magic wand, it would put me somewhere with a future.  A chance to spread my wings and not have them operated by ‘must’.  Must fly here – must fly there – must not touch the light.

I wrote this poem years ago, and it’s become a metaphor for what could have been.

“In memory of …” the tomb began,

I could not read much more.

My loss engraved in cold grey…

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Happy Heart Day!

Happy HEART Day to you too!

A Loving Pair to Blaze the Heart and Soul
A Loving Pair to Blaze the Heart and Soul

Cheeky Marketing

I Appreciate You

Just a quick post, simply to thank you for your support and taking the time to read my posts…

Since today’s the day of celebrating love and friendship, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank YOU, for taking the time to read my posts..and perhaps even re-posting my posts, if you have. I have a huge passion for social media and think it’s incredible. As you may have figured, I’m fairly new to the whole blogging thing, and yet to get my head around how to properly set up a professional WordPress site, although for now I am quite comfortable and happy with the look and feel of my site, but I am more than happy though, if you could possibly give me some advice on setting out a more professional looking site.

I’ve made some great friends and followers, through my posts and on Twitter (if you don’t…

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Caution: Foggy Days and Nights!

Winter…or not…can bring in the chills

A good friend reminded me that, although she enjoyed my reblogs plenty, she really would like to see more of my own writing! I’d have to agree with her, yes, I’ve been slacking of late. I can no longer blame a respite from my marathon of writing during November…it’s now January. And, another blogger pointed out, January was named for Janus, the two-faced god. Chills aplenty have greeted most of the northern hemisphere during this mid-winter season. Buckle in, there’s more…much more…where that came from and Groundhog’s Day is still weeks away!

Of fog and fogginess

Many of you may also be experiencing a different kind of “weather”…that is, the internal kind…which can blow with fierce winds on day, then fog over on others. Outside, the
“real” weather is truly foggy, but inside, it is too.

Mist over partial solar eclipse
Foggy day turned into night

Funny, but just a few days ago, that wasn’t true…I was flying high in the blue sky of someone else’s vision of me. As one friend warned, enjoy the fantasy. Yes, those blue skies are no more, the fog and mist has rolled in to surround not only my literal house, but my figurative one as well. Perhaps it’s a good thing, it gives you time to clean house and decide if those blue skies come with a price too high to pay. In my case, I believe the answer is yes.

Out of the fog and into clarity

The last three weeks have been wonderfully delicious and yet I still had the clarity of mind to ask questions, of myself and good friends. The answer to that probing wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, although nothing prepared me for the bank of fog that overcame me the last few days. The story is still unfolding as I write this, and for you, dear readers, I will expound upon that as the fog finally lifts and I become crystal clear inside.

Until then, just know this, I have always held to the notion that “too good to be true” is almost always the case. Perfection is a goal to be striven for and rarely attainable. I imagine that you’re sensing a mystery afoot, and that wouldn’t be far from the truth. But, as yet, too much is still in the midst of the murky fog for me to see it clearly myself. So, for now, I end this with the all-too-nebulous, stayed tuned for further developments.

Preview of 2013

Winter 2012-2013

Continue to learn and use Drupal CMS at my job, as well as on my own websites. Meet new friends and foster current relationships. Continue to develop writing projects for publication.

Spring 2013

Prepare to move again; yet to be determined, perhaps closer to my DC job. Begin publishing books on my own indie imprint, MetaRead360.

Summer 2013

Settle into my next, new digs…wherever that may be. Plan at least one vacation to the coast…ocean breezes and good friends to share them with! Begin looking for my next position, if the current contract comes to an end.

Fall 2013

Establish new personal and relationships. Consider building the physical headquarters for The Spiritual Spa and all the organization that will be necessary to go with that.

The retrospect of 2012 is in the works. Updates and modifications always expected along the way, so stay turned to my blog for details!

Waiting for the Clean Sweep

NOTE: Great pix of the Colorado mountains in the late fall! Hope your allergies allow you to explore them in the spring when things are new and green…but any time of year is gorgeous!

Peace With My Life

Fall is into full swing here; we’ve had three snows (the last one 2 inches deep) and nights are getting cold, 20 degrees (Fahrenhight) on a regular basis. But the snows melt pretty quickly ,and it gets warm still, during the day. Why am I obsessed with the weather? Because it makes me sick. Literally. Every year, fall is my Achilles heel. I’m allergic to the mold that grows in decaying vegetation, and I’ve been sick almost non-stop for the past month.  As soon as one “cold” leaves, a week later, another one begins. As a child, I was sick every Christmas, due to the mold living in the Christmas tree we kept.

What is this really about? I think part of it is a deep, subconscious rebellion against the inevitable death and decay that fall brings. I’m all about evolution of myself, my soul, and my outlook. Fall is…

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Love Wisdom from “Elena Undone”

10 day old dolphin says hi to a baby penguin
Young love is forever.

After watching a small independent movie recently, Elena Undone, I was struck by the underlying theme that spoke to me on a very intimate level and I felt moved to copy down some of the “love wisdom” it contained.  Starting with, “In love, one and one are one!” It’s this all-encompassing love that we all hope and pray to appear in our lives…but are rarely prepared for it when it happens, and, it does happen.

I’ve written about the concept of Twin Flames; this movie languaged it in a way that was profound and dead-on…

Here are the Ten Signs to look for in what the movie calls the “Ultimate Love Connection”:

  1. It may come in an unusual, unexpected package –not what we think we’re looking for or even believe we want.
  2. These people may meet “randomly”.
  3. Everything seems brand new, but absolutely familiar.
  4. While your worlds seem utterly disconnected, the paths that you’ve individually taken bring you together at freakish randomness.
  5. This person makes you see the world through a different filter.
  6. As hard as you try, this person is living in  every corner of your mind.
  7. When you kiss, it’s like you live inside that kiss forever, but yet it feel brand new.
  8. You are desperate to be with them and you will move heaven and earth to do so.
  9.  Even with challenges seemingly insurmountable, true love will find a way.
  10. This connection has changed you, significantly altered you–to the core!

Another great quote: “The definition of a miracle is when God gives you a choice and you make the right one.”

There’s much more to be gained from watching this movie and I really hope you’ll give it a chance. More importantly, give yourself a chance, take off the old filters and open yourself up to the possibility of find love!