Caution: Foggy Days and Nights!

Winter…or not…can bring in the chills

A good friend reminded me that, although she enjoyed my reblogs plenty, she really would like to see more of my own writing! I’d have to agree with her, yes, I’ve been slacking of late. I can no longer blame a respite from my marathon of writing during November…it’s now January. And, another blogger pointed out, January was named for Janus, the two-faced god. Chills aplenty have greeted most of the northern hemisphere during this mid-winter season. Buckle in, there’s more…much more…where that came from and Groundhog’s Day is still weeks away!

Of fog and fogginess

Many of you may also be experiencing a different kind of “weather”…that is, the internal kind…which can blow with fierce winds on day, then fog over on others. Outside, the
“real” weather is truly foggy, but inside, it is too.

Mist over partial solar eclipse
Foggy day turned into night

Funny, but just a few days ago, that wasn’t true…I was flying high in the blue sky of someone else’s vision of me. As one friend warned, enjoy the fantasy. Yes, those blue skies are no more, the fog and mist has rolled in to surround not only my literal house, but my figurative one as well. Perhaps it’s a good thing, it gives you time to clean house and decide if those blue skies come with a price too high to pay. In my case, I believe the answer is yes.

Out of the fog and into clarity

The last three weeks have been wonderfully delicious and yet I still had the clarity of mind to ask questions, of myself and good friends. The answer to that probing wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, although nothing prepared me for the bank of fog that overcame me the last few days. The story is still unfolding as I write this, and for you, dear readers, I will expound upon that as the fog finally lifts and I become crystal clear inside.

Until then, just know this, I have always held to the notion that “too good to be true” is almost always the case. Perfection is a goal to be striven for and rarely attainable. I imagine that you’re sensing a mystery afoot, and that wouldn’t be far from the truth. But, as yet, too much is still in the midst of the murky fog for me to see it clearly myself. So, for now, I end this with the all-too-nebulous, stayed tuned for further developments.

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