Affirmation for Miracle Workers

I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.


ACIM, pg. 24

I am here

only to be truly helpful.

I am here

to represent Him Who sent me.

I do not have to worry

about what to say or what to do,

because He Who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes,

knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed

as I let Him teach me to heal.

To all of those who are lightworkers, healer, ministers and seeker.

  • A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

© 2017

Escape the Rut of Feeling Stuck in Life

book cover

by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Regardless of appearance in any given unwanted moment, you are never “stuck” in a situation; rather, you are only a temporary captive of what you’ve yet to understand about your own consciousness.

Learn to Be New and Live in the Now

It is never the unwanted condition itself that has us stuck; it is that we are unknowingly hung up in habitual thoughts and feelings about our situation. To be new and live in the Now we must learn to see our lives from the part of us that knows our True Nature is not created to be a captive of anything!

Our awareness of the troubled thoughts and feelings roaming through us is the power that keeps their harmful and self-limiting influences from having control over us. Their aim is to get us to define ourselves by identifying with their dark and defiling energies. Our aim is to remember that who we really are cannot be confined by dark thoughts or feelings any more than the light from a bulb can be contained in its glass!

As with all true spiritual exercises, we must approach them with great intention and persistence. The habitual dark states that have been misguiding us up to now will not give up their place at the steering wheel of our soul without struggle.

Never mind any setbacks that you may experience as you put forth these new inner efforts. Let go of any dark definition of yourself about to be draped over you. Just stand there, in the Now, within the light of your awareness and allow your newly awakened state to give you its identity. Then be still; just watch. Be the new you that sees the moment as it is — instead of being deceived into seeing what that false I wants you to see so that it can go on stealing your life!

Your part is to drop whatever would define and limit you by bringing yourself back into the great and unconditioned Now where all is one. The Truth will handle the rest.

Activation Code 12-21-12

Human Activation Code

Just posted this awhile ago…‎12 minutes after 12 on 12/21/12…I should be in bed, but I’m not tired! Strangely energized!?! Anyone else feeling this vibe?

Standby for the Ride of Your Life!

Now, it’s 12:21 on 12/21/12 … just numbers, right? But, it’s more than that. It’s our activation code. If you’re reading this, you’re feeling it too!

moon and numbers
Your Activation Code 12:21 12-21-12

Blessings and good fortune to you!
Debi Brady
Publisher, MetaRead360 Small Press

Wish, Want, Need — The Three Levels of Desire

The 3 Levels of Desire

Wish, Want, Need — The 3 Levels of Desire


We like to use words freely, such as wish, want, and need. We wish we had more money. We want a new car. We need more time. But, how often do we really think about what those words mean, to us and the rest of the universe?

Let’s start with the word “wish.” It’s such a simple word, somewhere between the realms of prayer and magic. As kids, we wished upon a star. As adults, we wish that driver ahead of us would get out of our way. But who are we asking and what do we hope to achieve by these requests? Have you given it any though at all?

In its childlike form, a wish has a dreamy, magical intent, usually self-serving, though in an innocent way. Then we “grow-up” and realize that the physical world doesn’t revolve around us like we once imagined it, we become a bit jaded and a wish becomes more like a frustrated request to the world to get what we think we desire at that moment. It is an admission of our perceived powerlessness against forces beyond our control. But are they?


And what about “want?” This has to be one of the most over-used words in the vocabulary. It is a step-up from merely wishing for something, although the two words are related. We may wish something was true, but we want something now. When we were younger, we wanted a lot of things-a skateboard, a doll, or an ice cream cone.

Now, we want a better-paying job, a bigger house, or a new car. The basic desire is the same, the objects of that desire is still seemingly beyond our current grasp without some outside assistance. If only our boss could see just how much more we were worth, they’d pay us more. If only we had more time, we’d get all those chores done. We want it all and we want it now! So, what’s so wrong about wanting these things? Don’t we have to want something first before we can get it?


Then, all of a sudden we need it. We can’t live without it. Recently, I heard a child pleading with his mother for a comic book, he said, “But Mom, I really need this! If you love me, you’ll buy it for me!” Of course, the mother had been through this before and said no. The young boy switched tactics to tearful begging and as a last resort, threw himself down in the middle of the busy store and wept pitifully. The mother simply said, no you don’t need it and that’s final. We hopefully have not resorted recently to temper-tantrums, but we are all most, likely, guilty of using this word “need” in a free-and-easy manner. If want is a step above wish, then need is wanting threefold.

There are few things we need in life, we have come to think of these things as the “bare necessities.” Think about the all-so-innocent phrase, “I need a haircut.” So, what would happen if you didn’t get a haircut-ever? We would have very long hair. An annoyance maybe, a threat to your security perhaps, and end to our life doubtful. We can justify our so-called needs, we do this quite regularly-either out loud or to ourselves. “If I don’t get a new car, I won’t be able to get to work,” you may justify.

And, that could be a very true statement, if you lived twenty miles away with no public transportation. It is still a justification of desire. Of course, if we’re going to spend all that money for a new car anyway, shouldn’t it be just the one we were drooling over in the showroom window? As the saying goes, justify or die. But would we really die if we didn’t get that $80,000 Lexus with keyless locks, air-conditioning, cruise-control, leather seats and push-button global positioning in it? Doubtful at best.

The ante has been raised; we need something. Our desire for an anticipated result has increased to the point of expectation. We are still putting ourselves at the mercy of uncertainty. Not because we couldn’t afford that car of our dreams necessarily, and there are certainly enough of them being driven around DC proving that to so, however, it isn’t desire that makes something real, it’s action.

Justifying Desire

It’s not how much we need a thing that will produce or manifest it into our lives. No matter how many times we drive by that showroom and dream of exchanging last year’s model for this years, we will never get what we want-because the very act of wanting is a statement of lack in the physical world. We will manifest that which we give energy to , in this case, we expect our desires to go unfulfilled from outside of us, that’s what shows up–the condition of wanting it. We should be grateful for that which we know is already ours-give thanks to the Creator for giving us free will and absolute love.

If we offer only prayers of lack, indeed, that is what we will get. If we begin a prayer with, “Oh Father I beseech thee, help me in my hour of greatest need…” what are we really asking for? Where’s the action on our part in that plea? It’s not that “Our Father” hasn’t already answered your prayer, it was answered before it was even asked. Instead, we should begin our prayer with, “Oh all-loving Creator, that you for that which I already have.” By the time we have vocalized a prayer, it has already passed through many layers of unconsciousness into conscious awareness and finally processed by our higher brain functions to produce the spoken word.

Divine Prayer

God doesn’t need us to voice our desires and all too often the original content is drastically altered before it is voiced. Correcting our language for our children may be common practice but even they usually know on an instinctive level what we really mean. Instead of this cycle of desire for things outside of ourselves, we can help ourselves best by relying upon the one thing that is absolutely, positively guaranteed: God’s Love. It is this realization which breaks the cycle. Here is the simplest, most effective prayer you can offer to the Divine: “Thank you for all that I have, all that I am, and all that is mine for the asking.”

It is just that easy. The Universe is yours for the asking. The secret is to let the Universe provide in its own time and in its own way. You are a co-creator with the Universe; there is no wish, want, or need which goes unanswered which comes from the level of positive intentions. And, so it is.

Green Laced Lavender Field

Look close and you will see nature’s exquisite paintbrush at work. Amazing colors and symmetry! Read “Discover the World Within” blog for some great insights about our interior life as well. Highly recommended by DeMysticWay.

Discover The World Within


“We can try to reduce the other to a knowable entity, or we can embrace her persistent mystery.  When we resist the urge to control, when we keep ourselves open, we preserve the possibility of discovery.”

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About Human Relationships (excerpt)

Seaside surf with man and dogs
Everything is in perfect alignment with your soul’s purpose

Relationship—of all kinds—are now coming to the forefront of your collective consciousnesses. How you relate to each other—at all levels—has undergone a mass change, or as some have called it, an upgrade. These changes or upgrades are not evenly accepted across human consciousness. As such, not everyone is, as you say, “on board” with each other.

At these times, we recommend that you realize that no one can be forced or coerced into accepting these changes. Each soul has its own progression; there is no point in trying to coerce a soul to become something it has no desire for—or sooner than it’s ready. When in intimate relationship with another, this can be difficult—in all levels of your being. When you love someone, it’s difficult for you to see a gap growing between your loved one and yourself. The natural urge is to reach out and pull them to you, sometimes without asking. If you ask, especially on a soul-level, if that person is ready to take that leap of faith—to “catch up” with you—then, and only then, you may extend your hand, and heart, to the beloved.

You call to you certain experiences, in the form of people and events, which your soul requires for growth. These experiences may not be pleasant, so your tendency is to call that experience “bad” or unwanted. It is true that in an immediate sense, you would not “consciously” choose…or desire…to bring these kinds of experiences to you; however, it is important for you to understand that they are necessary. To the extent that you learn the “lesson” of the experience, you will be able to re-process it as “good” and beneficial. To the extent that you resist the lesson of the experience, you will continue to draw to you similar people and events for the growth of your soul in this lifetime.

There is a common misunderstanding about experiences, even from the point of view of more advanced souls, that you are shaped or molded by these people or events. We wish you to reframe this understanding in terms of your beingness. All perception revolves around the individual perceiver.