Amazon Author Insights—The three versions of your book By Honorée (article repost)

I know it’s tempting to just put out eBooks. In fact, I initially put out a few of the books in The Successful Single Mom series only as eBooks. Eventually I realized the read-through rate was low for those who purchased the paperback because they simply didn’t know any more books in the series existed. It didn’t take many requests for paper versions of the other books in the series before I decided to produce them. Wouldn’t you know they immediately started selling, and I was cash-flow positive on each of the paperback versions within a month for each version. Go figure!

The same is true for the audiobook versions of my book. On more than a few occasions, I’ve been told, “I’ll wait for the audiobook. When is it going to be released?” I believe audiobooks have a bright future. Audible (Amazon’s audiobook division) makes it easy for authors to find professional voice talent and have their books produced. They even offer a no-upfront-investment option. I’m selling more audiobooks month-over-month because more people are discovering Audible and listening to their books in addition to, or instead of, reading them.

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Amazon Author Insights — The three versions of your book By Honorée…


Announcing: Lost & Found Book website

New Website for my book is now available!

Lost & Found book cover
From the back:
In the process of creating ourselves, we get lost. Lost not only in the confusion that fills this modern, busy world in which we work, live, and love, but also lost as to how to make sense of it all. How can you find yourself when you don’t even know what you’re looking for? The answer is right under our very noses, in fact, it is hidden within each of us, hidden in plain sight, yet hidden just the same.

This book will take you through a personal journey of discovery, from awakening to your inner connection to finally becoming clear about who you really are and why you’ve awakened to find yourself here, at this time and place. Along the way, prepare yourself for some surprises, soul searching and adjustments to a knowingness that arises from deep within to emerge into the light that only you can see. Like choosing the red pill, there is no turning back once the choice has been made; you may choose to fall back asleep, but you can never return to the place that you first began.

This is a process of unification, of soul, mind, body and spirit. You are about to discover for yourself what truth means to you, and you alone. For while we venture down this road together, each journey is as unique as you are. You were put here to be uniquely, perfectly you.

What has been lost will be found—and it’s you!

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Debra E. Brady, Publisher of MetaRead360 Small Press

Debra E. Brady, Publisher of MetaRead360 Small Press

MetaRead360 Small Press is looking for new authors to publish

Whether you have an idea for a new book or searching for a way to complete and publish one you already have, we are actively seeking both promising and already-published authors and multimedia producers. “MetaRead360” is all about delivering compelling books and videos that do not fit among the re-packaged fluff that flood the marketplace. 

Contact us with a description of yourself and your publication to see if we are a match.

Google Book Project And “Fair Use”

The Google Library Project allows users to search and read books online. Google display 20 percent of the text in a search and allows consumers to purchase the entire book through its online storefront, Google Play. Authors, publishers and artists allege that the project amounts to massive copyright infringement, while Google maintains that its efforts are protected by fair use.

Google has faced several copyright infringement lawsuits challenging its digital book project. Last year, Google reached a settlement with the Association of American Publishers. Under the terms of the agreement, publishers can decide whether to grant permission for Google to digitize their copyrighted yet out-of-print books. If they assent, Google can add the books to its growing online library. Meanwhile, publishers will receive their own digital copy, which can then be sold online as an e-book.

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8 Ways to Test Market Your Book Idea

8 Ways to Test Market Your Book Idea

March 13, 2014 By Nina Amir Leave a Comment

In both How to Blog a Book and my new book, The Author Training Manual: Develop Marketable Ideas, Craft Books That Sell, Become the Author Publishers Want, and Self-Publish Effectively, I suggest you evaluate your book idea before you begin blogging or writing it. Even if you spend time doing so, you may still lack certainty about its ability to sell once released in the marketplace. If you approach your book as an entrepreneur would approach any new product under consideration and development, you can gain additional information. That means employing test marking techniques.

Prior to blogging your book, conduct strategic tests to determine market interest. Do this before you begin to ensure you target content to market needs and interests. If test marketing shows your original angle or subject needs tweaking, you’ll want to do that before you get too far into the blogging, or writing, process. Plus, if you find no market exists for your book, you don’t want to have wasted your time blogging the whole book.

Here are 4 ways you can test market your blogged book idea right on a blog before you post even one blogged-book installment.

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SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Pt. 2

SEO Basics For Self-Published Authors – Part 2

Posted on August 2, 2013 by admin Posted in eBook Publishing, SEO Writing

Part 1 of this article looked generally at the elements of search engine optimisation (SEO) and why it is so important for authors (or any web developer) to understand. In the second part of the article I will discuss some of the tools available to you that will improve your web page rankings.

Blog Themes

For the purpose of this article I will focus on the WordPress platform for blogging. This is the most commonly used and has an endless choice of themes and tools to improve the SEO of your website or blog.

Once you have installed WordPress you will begin by selecting a theme. The theme is essentially the format of your blog and is critical in defining how your web pages look to visitors as well as the choice of tools it provides behind the platform. Selecting the right theme by itself will not necessarily improve your SEO, but certain themes to have more SEO functions than others.

Some premium WordPress themes (these are the themes that you will have to pay for) have built in SEO capabilities and do much of the hard work for you. Most of these are available as plugin tools that can be activated behind the platform of any of the free themes. It may require some extra manual work on your part to make them efficient though. Spending a little additional time and money when setting up may reduce your time spent later managing your blog or web pages.


If the theme you choose doesn’t have any built in SEO capabilities such as access to the title tag or manual entry of the meta tags, you can always activate one of the hundreds of plugins available. Plugins are simple software programs that add functionality to your WordPress themes. There are several “all-in-one” SEO packs available that require a certain amount of manual work but they do work and are well worth the time you will spend optimising your pages.

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