Why you should always ‘Like’ your own Facebook posts (article repost)

Facebook has made numerous changes to their user interface of late, and one of the most reviled changes of them all were changes to the news feed and the introduction of the Ticker.
Facebook logo

Now, instead of seeing all of your friends’ posts, you only see a selected few (selected by Facebook of course) showing up in your news feed. Under the new “Edge Rank” system, friends that don’t “Like” and comment on your posts usually stop seeing them altogether before too long.

In order to compensate for not showing your posts in some of your friends’ news feeds, Facebook added the ticker – a box in the right-hand column that lists the activities of your friends as they happen. This is where “Liking” your own posts comes into play.

When you “Like” a post, that action is noted in your friends’ ticker boxes, giving them a chance to at least be made aware that you have posted something even if it doesn’t show up in their news feeds.

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Open Source Education project started

I have established a hashtag for this pursuit, so if you add #OpenED to your post on almost any of the social media sites, including WordPress, you will associate that content with this community project.

There comes a time when you are drawn to starting a new project and the next thing you know is that you’re transported to calling. That’s how this feels.

Open ED - Learning just wants to be free
Open ED – Learning just wants to be free

Tweet it out loud

First, it was just an idea for a new Facebook community page to share educational resources that are open sourced (no copyright) and mostly free. Then I started feeling inspired to use my skills and background in social media to grow a movement.

Twitter is the second social media site (that it still in existence at least) that I joined, the first and longest-running is LinkedIn. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, but have a LinkedIn, Google or Facebook one, reach out and connect with me. They are tied together to share most of my content.


Regardless of your account status, you can always cross-connect using what is known as a “hashtag”. I have established a hashtag for this pursuit, so if you add #OpenED to your post on almost any of the social media sites, including WordPress, you will associate that content with this community project. Easy? Yup!

Making a motto

Learning just want to be free

Free to you and me, and anyone who can access a plethora of free or nearly free, content for self-education, general learning and all educational levels; that’s the way I roll.

After a brief brainstorming sessions…with myself…I came up with the group name, motto, community rules and started up the Facebook community page. The page needs a cover and profile pic, so I created them in Adobe Illustrator using some of the free clip art files I found about a week ago hanging out on my OneDrive. Funny how things comes together that are meant to be.

Great things to come…soon

This is just one day, not even a whole day, and ideas are congealing into a viable project that I feel excited to get into the world. Expect a crowdfunding request to go out, as well as an online storefront (haven’t decided which platform yet for either).

As I like to say, stay tuned for upcoming developments…but no need to wait, just jump in on one of the many social media sites that I have already started. More, so much more, to come!

The Paradox of Awakening – Deb Ozarko

I’m feeling increasingly weary with—and disconnected from—the desecrated world created by homo sapiens. From the rapid demise of iconic animals such as orcas, elephants and giraffes, to the extinction of hundreds (perhaps thousands that we’re unaware of) species every single day, to unfathomable numbers of birds, fish and mammals being slaughtered, hunted and eaten into oblivion as they simultaneously lose habitat from human encroachment and climate disruption; polar bear cubs poisoned by their mothers milk from ubiquitous human pollutants; escalating mental illness expressed through xenophobia, misogyny, speciesism, hate, and violence; the accelerating breakdown of the ocean, the hyperactive Ring of Fire, and most troubling of all, the unprecedented meltdown of the Arctic—the now terminally ill regulator of our global climate. It’s all so dizzying, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

Today is the web’s 25th birthday. On March 12, 1989, I distributed a proposal to improve information flows: “a ‘web’ of notes with links between them.”

Though CERN, as a physics lab, couldn’t justify such a general software project, my boss Mike Sendall allowed me to work on it on the side. In 1990, I wrote the first browser and editor. In 1993, after much urging, CERN declared that WWW technology would be available to all, without paying royalties, forever.

The first web server, used by Tim Berners-Lee. Photo via Wikipedia

This decision enabled tens of thousands to start working together to build the web. Now, about 40 percent of us are connected and creating online. The web has generated trillions of dollars of economic value, transformed education and healthcare and activated many new movements for democracy around the world. And we’re just getting started.

How has this happened? By design, the underlying Internet and the WWW are non-hierarchical, decentralized and radically open. The web can be made to work with any type of information, on any device, with any software, in any language. You can link to any piece of information. You don’t need to ask for permission. What you create is limited only by your imagination.

So today is a day to celebrate. But it’s also an occasion to think, discuss—and do. Key decisions on the governance and future of the Internet are looming, and it’s vital for all of us to speak up for the web’s future. How can we ensure that the other 60 percent around the world who are not connected get online fast? How can we make sure that the web supports all languages and cultures, not just the dominant ones? How do we build consensus around open standards to link the coming Internet of Things? Will we allow others to package and restrict our online experience, or will we protect the magic of the open web and the power it gives us to say, discover, and create anything? How can we build systems of checks and balances to hold the groups that can spy on the net accountable to the public? These are some of my questions—what are yours?

On the 25th birthday of the web, I ask you to join in—to help us imagine and build the future standards for the web, and to press for every country to develop a digital bill of rights to advance a free and open web for everyone. Learn more at webat25.org and speak up for the sort of web we really want with #web25.

Posted by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

via Official Google Blog: On the 25th anniversary of the web, let’s keep it free and open.

Earth Changes and Human Choices

ancient stone circle taken from the air
Seasons pass by and slowly we change until we won't even recognize ourselves.

Earth changes, the environment and ecology, in general, are coming to the forefront of your collective awareness. In the “past,” you had the concept that you were making minor, if any, impacts on the world you live in; however, you have gotten “warnings” and other crises that should have provided the motivation for making the necessary adjustments in how you view your physical environments. The other factor, which is not a direct result of your environment, is the changes which are impacting the earth.

When considering how this will affect your life in the near future, there seems to be a considerable amount of fear. You will be guided, with sufficient notice, of the locations which will be able to sustain life during this critical timeframe. Those of you who are to remain “in-place,” as it were, have been given the guidance you need to get through the coming upheavals. Localities of protection, pockets of “safe zones” will remain so that the lightworkers who have chosen to hold this space for those who will need spiritual support.

As changes increase in intensity and magnitude, the general population will reflect these changes in terms of increased fear, anger and hostility. Others will choose, instead to step off the wheel of life—leave physical form—sometimes in violent and surprising ways. Still others will choose exit plans which will appear to be through disease processes which are diagnosed as terminal and inoperable. You will begin to notice that some of these people have a sense of “giving up” and not fighting these “fates.” They will have the viewpoint of inevitability. Remember that you always respond to these changes at your own level of understanding. When these things appear overwhelming, the response you may have is to give up this perceived “fight.” It is equally important that you resist making judgments on another’s path or choices.

In your current physical form, you are unable to “see” how the path of this other is leading to the conclusion that the soul has predetermined before incarnation. It is in the pre-birth state, that you were given choices in how you were to experience and grow on the soul level…and how that may appear to others who will not understand your purpose or path. This is as it should be. The best use of your perceptive abilities is in being more clear about how you are manifesting your own path and how that may require adjustments through the lessons that you provided for yourself. It sometimes appears that the other affects your path in ways you would not choose for yourself; this is not the case. You have chosen your path; they, theirs.

One goes through life on this sole and very individual path of the soul. Once you step off the wheel of life, you will have the opportunity to review that which you have done and how that affected those who were with you in your lifetime. You may be surprised to see just how interwoven your paths really are…and how perfect each on was to put you in the position to begin the next leg of your soul’s journey. Bless, then, the path of the other, as you do your own. Know that the Universe provides ample opportunity for each of you, as is its design and purpose. And, know that you are loved, in ways to obscure for you to understand with your current, limited viewpoint.

The Songwriter & Social Media Tour–Matthew Moran

Workshops will be co-branded, co-marketed, and co-sponsored by colleges, business organizations, and private companies and will be provided a venues ranging from university campuses, coffeehouses, and private homes. The workshops are designed to provide case-study style information and will involve a high-degree of interaction and audience participation; providing an opportunity for the attendees to brainstorm and apply the strategies and tools to their own businesses.

Matthew Moran presents workshops nationally on technology, business, creativity, and social media content. He continues to perform as a songwriter in multiple venues, including in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Now, he is combining the two to create, The Songwriter & Social Media Tour –a combination musical tour supporting his new CD, “Girls, Songs, and Other Delusions“, and a series of social media & business technology related workshops co-branded or sponsored by chamber of commerce groups, colleges, and other professional organizations.

In addition to his new CD, songwriter Matthew Moran has a background as a blogger, podcaster, and business consultant. While planning a show, he was asked to provide a workshop on how to effectively use Facebook. From this request an idea was born.
Drawing on his experience as a workshop presenter, technology consultant, and as a performer.

“There is a lot of confusion about social media and technology for businesses and individuals,” Matt said recently, “and a lot of people feel they are going to miss the bandwagon if they don’t act quickly.”
But Matt cautions against the often knee-jerk, jump into social media, reaction that many businesses and individuals take.

“Social media is a tool and a potentially powerful tool but if it is not part of an integrated marketing strategy, it can be a huge time-waster,” he continued. “It is certainly not a panacea and will not make up for bad product, inefficient business practices, or the lack of a sales & marketing plan.”

That is why two of the workshops focus on directly social media as part of a broader marketing plan. “Don’t Waste Your Time: The Ugly Truth About Social Media” and “Online Presence Roadmap: A Top-Down Strategy for Exposure & Efficiency“.

Other workshops include: “Creating Your First Blog or Podcast Using WordPress”, “Creating Audio or Video for Nothing or Next-To-Nothing”“Online Collaborative Technologies: Using Google Applications To Share and Collaborate”, and “Technology, Social Media, and Strategy for Performers, Artist, and Similar Creative Personalities”.

Each is provided in a case-study and example format and include interactive question and answers to help businesses and individuals see where they can apply the tools and strategies in their own business.

About Matthew Moran
Matthew Moran is the author of, The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit: Your Complete Guide To Building Your Technology Career In Any Economy (published by Cisco Press) and numerous articles on business, technology, and professional development. He is a keynote and workshop speaker–having presented for Prentice Hall, McDonald’s Corporation, and numerous other companies, colleges & universities, and business organizations.

About The Songwriter & Social Media Tour
The Songwriter & Social Media Tour is a series of interactive business workshops put together by songwriter Matthew Moran as he tours in support of his current CD.

Workshops will be co-branded, co-marketed, and co-sponsored by colleges, business organizations, and private companies and will be provided a venues ranging from university campuses, coffeehouses, and private homes.

The workshops are designed to provide case-study style information and will involve a high-degree of interaction and audience participation; providing an opportunity for the attendees to brainstorm and apply the strategies and tools to their own businesses.

For additional information, go to Matt’s website: http://www.MatthewMoranOnline.com