Disrupt Your Career Path Course Pre-Launch Announcement

​Figuring out your current career path and then how to "disrupt" it with all the new information you will acquire.  Multiple exercises and worksheets are included to help you to navigate through the often complex and confusing path when considering a career change or starting one from the beginning.


Why you should always ‘Like’ your own Facebook posts (article repost)

Facebook has made numerous changes to their user interface of late, and one of the most reviled changes of them all were changes to the news feed and the introduction of the Ticker. Now, instead of seeing all of your friends’ posts, you only see a selected few (selected by Facebook of course) showing up in … Continue reading Why you should always ‘Like’ your own Facebook posts (article repost)

The Paradox of Awakening – Deb Ozarko

I’m feeling increasingly weary with—and disconnected from—the desecrated world created by homo sapiens. From the rapid demise of iconic animals such as orcas, elephants and giraffes, to the extinction of hundreds (perhaps thousands that we’re unaware of) species every single day, to unfathomable numbers of birds, fish and mammals being slaughtered, hunted and eaten into … Continue reading The Paradox of Awakening – Deb Ozarko