Of Hope and Action

Early writing, circa 1995, not originally titled

(found in a box of old papers and photos, 8/20/2015)

Scott's Cove, MD
Scott’s Cove, MD

Imagine an one-lush green world falling in around its inhabitants, an ecological payback on a grand scale, if you will. Some say that we have already lost the race, that we have raped the land and it cannot be undone. For those of us that believe that the future is something which must be planned for regardless of the present, no matter how apparently bleak and unyielding a picture has been painted, there is hope.

There must always be hope.

Without hope, we might as well crawl under rock and wait to die. The first step the only step, is to develop a long-range plan which encourages big business as well as the individual to do his or her part in following through with a master plan. Given the chance to make a difference, people will make the effort But the vision, the plan, is up to all to contribute to and implement as we are able.

Action is always better than inaction.

Better that we try something now, then wit until all the pieces fall into place and everything is know. As long as we are alive, we will never know everything. It is the delay of action that will invariably spell disaster.

Let’s find a way–and do it!

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