In the Hearts of Men

Immanuel Kant wrote:

We can judge the heart of a man

by his treatment of animals.


Man has been given a marvelous thing: nature. We are its guardians, caregivers…and, all too often…its destroyers.

Free will

It is also true that we have been given free will; the ability, through thought and action, to choose how we proceed in this life on Earth. She is a living, breathing thing; this Earth we live on. She is our Mother and our responsibility. How do you treat your Mother? What responsibility to you take in her future…our home?

Animals and Men

This is especially true for the animals that we depend on and who depend on us. Unless you are a vegan, they are our food. We must be concerned with how they are raised and brought to our table, their treatment will affect us as well. On the other hand, we have domesticated animals that we call pets. From birds we keep in cages to the horses we keep in barns, but especially the cats and dogs that have become a member of the family.

These animals that we have taken out of their natural environment and brought into our homes. Fido and Fluffy should be treated with the utmost respect, kindness and love. All too often, we see stories of abuse and abandonment. This is a reflection of the heart of their owner. For, as an abuser can do this to an innocent animal, so can it be done to anyone.

Have a Heart

There is a current admonition, “If you see something, say something.”

This applies not only to strange or suspicious behavior in public, but also to those things you may see or be aware of through personal contact. We are each others’ keepers. That goes not only for humans, but for animals…as well as nature.

© 2017

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