Riding tigers on redrawn maps

NOTE: Reminds of a dark, but funny, skit on Monty Python where the stoic British officer wakes up to find one of his legs bitten off by a tiger…ROFL…you would have to know their humor to get it!?!

An electric journal of a castaway

My eyes are adapting to the darkness, or so I’ve been telling myself.  Out of my own peculiar placement of priorities only one of my four kaza lights is working.  I learned to walk from the lodge, open my door, make coffee, pee, brush my teeth and I’ve almost mastered shaving in pure black darkness.

Living rural is pretty much the same.  You adapt.  The process of adaption is not easy but the end result is.  You scalp yourself and grow sea legs, sun skin, dedication and a guard for loneliness.  I got so used to this style of living that it became normality, a real and pretty slice of life.  The sun is my light, the sea my grocery store and the lagoon my bath.

I managed to get a reason to travel three hundred kilometers to Pemba in working hours the end of the month, and I’ll be staying a few days.  It will…

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Moon and clouds

NOTE: Sometimes great photographs don’t need to be clear…as this shows!


Tonight the moon and clouds are putting on their nightly recital.  They move elegantly together while the stars play their symphony.  As they move back and forth to the music they tell a tale that has been told since the beginning of time.  The story is intended to put you in a trance. A trance that will carry you to a peaceful sleep to wake restful and relaxed for the day to come.

To get a better view, click on the photo.  To purchase prints or see more of my work, please visit my galleries.

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A New World

NOTE: There are so many interesting things on the Web, but staying healthy and happy is always a priority!

Best Of Everything

Hello everyone.

First of all I would like to thank you for your warm comments. I promise to try and check as many blogs as I can and hopefully bring some of your very beautiful blogs to my pages. I admire each and every one of you for taking the time to write your blogs, giving your contents and sharing your ideas. That makes me very happy. Thank you.

In this post I would like to share a very beautiful blog that I’ve found, which is called Organic Soul. It is reach with content, they have a great free newsletter, lots of beautiful healthy content, as well as many guides for a better life (Yoga, wellness, healthy foods, meditation…) giving by some great coaches. Personally, I believe that in our day to day life we are not dedicated enough to the wealth of a very important being – Me. I…

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Read This If You Really, Really, Really Want to Change the World (3 Easy Steps)

P3 Coaching & Training You are a catalyst for major and ever-lasting change in the world. Yes, YOU! Right now you are changing the world, hopefully for the better. During your time on earth you are making your mark on the planet and the lives around you daily. Although our impact seems relatively small, it … Continue reading Read This If You Really, Really, Really Want to Change the World (3 Easy Steps)