Daily Tarot Reading for 10 June 2014


Today, your love life is characterized by encounters and by relationships!

The Magician, The World, Dath
June 10, 2014 Tarot Spread

The World and the Magician will conjure up some new faces for you, and who knows, some of them might become new friends. Have lunch with old friends, go out to supper with new ones, dance away the night–you could have a full schedule today. Decide for yourself whether you want to be whisked away by this whirlwind.

In your career, the World and the card of Death are likely to breathe new life into you. It’s as if your wingspan was suddenly expanding. Concretely, you might go for a trip abroad. You may get an unexpected and very tempting proposal which will quench your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity for new things. If this happens, do not procrastinate, go for it and you won’t regret it.

Courtesy of astrocenter.com

My Interpretation

You’d think that when the Death card comes up in a reading, horrible things are about to happen, especially since it’s in the career slot…and you would usually be wrong. Key 1 The Magician in the relationship slot might mean any number of things, but can almost always portend a new outlook even on a current one. Now, put Key 21 The World in the midst of these two…heaven and earth are conspiring to make great things happen in both arenas!

Not sure if there is/will be a new relationship to highlight, but things have really started to heat up on the career front. Thursday I have an in-person interview…wish me well!

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