Happy Summer Solstice

Time to Go to the Beach!

Summer's here, time to relax at the beach...Happy Solstice!
Summer’s here, time to relax at the beach…Happy Solstice!

I don’t know about you, but I live in the Northern (well, northeastern) part of the US and summer is really the only time you can do anything but walk next to the open water. Such a shame that we must wait for “warmer weather” here to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes.

The background for the picture I included here is from a beach front at Chesapeake Bay while spending a weekend with a friend of mine. It’s a quaint beach house that isn’t heated or plumbed, but it’s a great place to hang out in the warmer seasons. There’s nothing quite like waking up and stepping into the cool sand just a few paces from the waterline. The downside is that the house is barely above “sea-level” and has almost been washed away on a number of occasions over the many years.

Solstice is traditionally the beginning of summer and, around here at least, the official start of enjoying venturing into the never-too-warm waters. I have swam off the coast of Maine over Labor Day (early September) when there might’ve been three other people in the water (it was about 70 degrees with air temp near 80). I have also swam off the coast of Florida on two occasions during the “winter”. One was off of Daytona Beach after flying there from an icestorm in Virginia. The other was just before Christmas at the tip of South Beach (Miami) on the same morning that an ice dam broke through a large water main in Maryland. I know since it made national news showing a couple of cars with occupants who needed an airlift to remove them from the icy waters. What a contrast!

Summer may seem particularly short if you consider that most of us have to manage our love a sun and surf with earning a living or going to school. I’ve always been “afraid” of actually living too close to the ocean…afraid that I’d never get any work done. Perhaps that’s just another fear to free myself of, but so far, my mettle hasn’t been tested on that front.

Wishing all of you a wonderful time on this the official start of beach season, Happy Solstice!


A Cool August Start

In many ways, this has been an unusual summer. 2013 has been an unusual year in a string of unusual years. But August is usually the hottest month of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and so far it’s been unusually cool.

A change of direction is in the air

June and July were both very hot, and even May was warmer than usual…now that we’re in the “Dog Days of Summer”, it’s not even warm enough to want to go swimming. Which, for those who know me, is saying a lot! Makes for nice sleeping night though…:)

What’s all this mean in the grand scheme of things? Who knows…certainly not enough to determine a trend, as such, but noteworthy. I’m going to commit to writing a couple posts a day, so this seemed to be a “cool” way to start…thus it begin! Enjoy, reflect and respond…if the mood strikes!

Summer’s Coming and Screenwriting Update

ImageNothing reminds me more of the impending summer than sunflowers. It was almost freezing at the beginning of the week, now it’s borderline hot…at least, to me.

I had my first one-on-one with my screenwriting teacher. He liked both of my ideas, but felt that my updated Adam and Eve with a sci-fi twist was the more marketable. He also gave me a few invaluable pointers…including, don’t start writing the screenplay quite yet. There’s still a few sections of material to get through before he wants us digging into the details.

That’s the hardest part for me…I love creating characters, backstory and other rich details that rarely make it into the final writing. All of that is like the bag full of whole spices that you steep with the broth…only to yank it out and throw away before finishing the dish.

This time next month I will be living in my new place…possibly starting to write the actual script. Summer is also a month away and a lot can happen between now and then. In the meantime, packing and studying will be high on my non-work priority list.

Love to hear from my readers…please feel free to chime in!


The Beach fixes Everything!

Found this picture on Facebook, tweaked it in PhotoShop to brighten and adjust the perspective…but loved it, so I felt moved to post it!

pillow on a beach chair with starfish
The Beach fixes Everything

Spring is in the air, but not there yet

We’ve got a couple more weeks until the official start of Spring and Passover, closely followed by an earlier-than-normal Easter. Not exactly beach weather…yet…but time to get out of the winter doldrums…:)

I totally missed going to the beach last year and plan on catching up, in spades, this coming season. What’s your favorite beach activity? In or out of water?

August Update

August has already begun to feel considerably different that the first half of this year, including July; I have a sense that great things are yet to come as I feel gratitude for this moment of clarity and Sunday morning serenity in my new home.

Summer…it is visible in the air today with its warm humidity; the overcast sky says that rain is not long away. It was a record-breakingly cool and dry July, so perhaps we catch up now that it’s August. Personally, it’s been an interesting summer…especially July; I got a job, but have not been able to start it, due to a government form that been waiting to be signed. In two days, it will have been six months exactly from the end of my last job…a record for me in terms of not being employed.

Bell in a Forest Glade
Bell in a Forest Glade

I also moved, late in June, from the apartment I had in Bethesda. I have no regrets, but fulfilling a lease without a job was done, though at times required created methods. A friend offered me a vacant house in the southern part of Maryland…almost exactly on the opposite side of DC, but still commutable to my new job and a nice piece of property on three acres…quite a change from a one-bedroom apartment in the city. It’s also been a time for re-evaluation of all that I’ve been doing.

With every physical move, I clean out some of the accumulation of the past and make decisions that only a move seems to motivate. Having spent the better part of July in this new home, I come to realize that I prefer a house to an apartment and enjoy the relative quiet of the “country life”…though I’m on the flight path to Andrews AFB, so there are very definite breaks in that silence, though not like being close to a regular airport.

If I have any regrets, it would be that it’s taken me far too long to do some of the heavy-duty kind of self-evaluations that comes with entering this stage of mortal life. But, even then, I’m grateful that I’ve had the friends and family that I have to ease the way. No man…or woman…is an island; I am no exception.

I look forward to starting my new job and getting back into the flow of life again…after this erstwhile hiatus. I’ve started a garden, some plants from seeds are popping their little heads out of the moist soil; I’m planning a meditation garden. It will have a water feature, a bench to sit on and some screening for a bit more privacy (the street and neighbors on one side are still visible from the backyard). I’m contemplating creating a labyrinth as well; perhaps informal, but perhaps I will create something truly special…time and money will certainly play their parts.

Otherwise, August has already begun to feel considerably different that the first half of this year, including July; I have a sense that great things are yet to come as I feel gratitude for this moment of clarity and Sunday morning serenity in my new home.