Amazon Author Insights—The three versions of your book By Honorée (article repost)

I know it’s tempting to just put out eBooks. In fact, I initially put out a few of the books in The Successful Single Mom series only as eBooks. Eventually I realized the read-through rate was low for those who purchased the paperback because they simply didn’t know any more books in the series existed. It didn’t take many requests for paper versions of the other books in the series before I decided to produce them. Wouldn’t you know they immediately started selling, and I was cash-flow positive on each of the paperback versions within a month for each version. Go figure!

The same is true for the audiobook versions of my book. On more than a few occasions, I’ve been told, “I’ll wait for the audiobook. When is it going to be released?” I believe audiobooks have a bright future. Audible (Amazon’s audiobook division) makes it easy for authors to find professional voice talent and have their books produced. They even offer a no-upfront-investment option. I’m selling more audiobooks month-over-month because more people are discovering Audible and listening to their books in addition to, or instead of, reading them.

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Amazon Author Insights — The three versions of your book By Honorée…


9 Strategies to Save Your Relationship Using the Tarot | Biddy Tarot Blog

9 Strategies to Save Your Relationship Using the Tarot

I heart relationships


Is your relationship keeping you up at night… for all the wrong reasons? Do you feel like you and your partner are constantly in crisis mode? Do you crave that deep connection you felt when you first met?

The Tarot cards can be incredibly powerful in helping you to save your relationship, bringing love, compassion and happiness back into your lives. A Tarot reading can focus you on what most needs your attention and empower you to make the changes you need as a couple to move forward. Of course, saving a relationship also requires the commitment and effort of both parties – the Tarot is simply a facilitator in the process.

Here are 9 practical strategies to use the Tarot cards to save your relationship.

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How to develop a rational content strategy

A rational approach to online presence

Content Strategy Overview

The graphic above – shown again below – demonstrates a very basic overview of what I consider to be a rational and effective content strategy.

Blog and Mailing List is Key

Yeah yeah.. everyone is saying email is dead and the social stream is how people connect. Yes and no. The social stream is a reality but it is a noisy and often disengaged space. You need to be there for sure.. because “everyone” else is.

But, if you want to really get the best bang for your social media buck, your content should be driven from your blog and traffic back to your blog.

Social Engagement to True Engagement

Social media activities should engage people enough so that you are worth listening to. You must create high-value content that is ultimately housed and categorized on your blog. That is what gets people off the Facebook wall or twitter feed and to your site where you are no longer competing with cute kittens, political rants, and renewed high-school crushes.

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Three Things Publishers Should Be Doing Online (But Aren’t)

To succeed in the online publishing space, publishers need to think about what they offer from their readers’ perspective. What are their customers’ online and offline reading habits? How can they connect with readers where they are online?

New platforms make online publishing quick and easy today, but to truly make the most of the opportunity, publishers need to do more than just upload a PDF version of their print publication to a website. If they want to use the digital publishing medium to connect with readers and expand readership worldwide, publishers need to put some thought into the process and develop an effective online publishing strategy.

Online publishing offers exciting new opportunities to grow readership and generate customer loyalty. Here are three techniques that can help publishers hit the ground running in the digital publishing space or improve their existing online publishing strategy:

    1. Assess the opportunity and make the necessary investments
    2. Ensure that readers can access content across multiple devices and platforms
    3. Promote the digital edition

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