Come Sit with Me – Guest Post by Sharon Milliman

Dearest one, come and sit with me for a while. Rest your eyes and feel the out pouring of my Grace.


Come Sit with Me for Awhile


Oh, quiet now and rest, my beautiful little soul and be at peace, for you are on a journey of wonder and delight.

Come now and rest with me on a beautiful star this glorious velvet night.

Come learn, come share, come give of you and my love and light shall pull you through.

There will be no more endless days and painful choices, so turn a deaf ear to the subtlety in the voices.

You need only have ears to hear the truth. The truth is inside of you, and you know the way.

I love you my dearest little one. Just reach out and let me hold your gentle little hand and I will help you to understand.

Oh precious little soul, come sit with me for just a while, come laugh, come sing, and share a smile.

Dear sweet child of mine, listen carefully; hear my words, for they are set upon the wind.

Let Joy and happiness enter in, and you will hear the Angels sing.

Come out of the shadows, and be a part; this is not the end, it’s just the start.

Let my love and Joy come alive inside of your heart.

Stand up and uncover the light you try so hard to hide, for it sparkles like diamonds in the velvet sky.

Walk straight and tall with your head held high. For you know, you are precious in my eyes.

Let the truth conquer all. And the light of your soul will shine bright in the Heavens for all eternity. Do not be afraid for I will shelter you from the storm.

Dearest one, come and sit with me for a while. Rest your eyes and feel the out pouring of my Grace.

Come and sit with me for a while. Come laugh, come sing, come share a smile.

Come and rest with me on a star this glorious velvet night.

© 2016 Sharon Milliman
A Song In The Wind, A Near Death Experience, Chp. 8

Blessings of Peace from Quan Yin

You cannot look into yourself and not see the soul of truth is in others.

Blessings of Peace


It’s easy to look upon those peoples

and not see yourself.

You cannot look into yourself

and not see the soul of truth is in others.

You must look deep within yourself now and say,

I am at peace.

Know this as your truth.

Channeled message from Quan Yin after 9/11

Master-Teachers Circle 9-17-01
Rev. Steve Woods (by permission of the medium)

Sparkle – knowthesphere

Know the Sphere examines “Sparkle”

So the unwanting soul sees what’s hidden, and the ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants. ~ Lao Tzu

Some of us brave the world, others hide. Some get by with little effort, while their neighbors struggle to live. Despite this struggle…People affect the changes they wish to see in the world, yet they cannot affect a change within; in the delicate spaces where it should begin.. In the space where struggle may forever be abolished.

This sphere is bold. It is the desire of the mind, without consent from the heart. It is why the world is a place of material wealth instead of soul. It is born in the glimmer of a diamond, and rests in the hand of a thief.

These are the truths of living as imparted by social contract. We are born into these various contracts without consent, without knowledge of them. Yet we abide. And though we do abide them, we go along with them, we accept them… why do we allow struggle? Why do we shun the spirit in the face of the material world? Why do we live for the harvest, but have no time to learn of its planting?These questions beg an answer from all souls.. Shall we remain sheep, corralled in the fence by the shepherd of the world? Or shall we break the gate…

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