Go Ahead…Split that Infinitive, guilt-free!

A Facebook friend was fretting over a dangling modifier and decided to go search for exceptions to this and other English grammar rules we were taught as children. She posted this article, which I highly recommend for my writing friends: 7 bogus grammar 'errors' you don't need to worry about Dangle that modifier...and more... You … Continue reading Go Ahead…Split that Infinitive, guilt-free!

Wild Mind

Blog writing is one of the ways I keep myself active too!

It Started with a Quote

How does one successfully blog while participating fully in the life around them?

I pick up Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind. Now I have read and worked through this book several times, but not recently. I want to take my writing deeper. Blogging has been a writing practice for me, like morning pages, a discipline to keep my hand moving. But it’s not enough.

I also teach, both children and teachers. I want to write a book of my experiences, but the forty years of my experiences are more than “cute” stories. I want authenticity, honesty. I want to be able to say the uncomfortable things, in a way that can be heard.

So I will continue my writing practice, my teaching commitments, and working through Wild Mind again. And if I don’t self-destruct (although that might be a book for someone) I’m trusting that what I want will unfold.

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Top Ten Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

The self-publishing revolution is in full swing by Guy Kawasaki ...because we’re at a great time when tablets have reached critical mass, connectivity is ubiquitous, and people want to spread, not horde, their knowledge. Thus, the time for every author to consider self-publishing is upon us. I’ve written a book called to explain the process. … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book